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Mark & Day is an online home décor platform concentrating on quality area rugs for affordable prices. While our ability to closely monitor trends and fashion helps us create modern, bohemian, and traditional designs suitable for indoor and outdoor, our direct ties with artisans and factories enable us to manufacture these new designs expeditiously with the lowest costs possible. In addition to these, we offer area rug sales continuously, providing you with all kinds of area rugs, including kitchen rugs, living room rugs, bathroom rugs, kids rugs, dining room rugs, and bedroom rugs.

Mark & Day’s philosophy is every interaction matters. We place great value on building and maintaining relationships of high quality with our customers. Committed to delighting our customers at every stage of their experience with Mark & Day, we will always prioritize customer satisfaction, no matter what. We firmly believe that together with high quality and affordable products that we offer for every budget, fast and free shipping, a 30-day hassle-free return policy, a dedicated customer service team, and most importantly, our deep respect to each and every single living soul will help us achieve our goal: 100% customer satisfaction.


Mark & Day offers a diverse range of lifestyles and aesthetics with an astounding array of colors, styles, materials, and sizes for every budget, taste, and need. You’ll be amazed at the thousands of selections we stock, from machine woven to hand-knotted rugs, traditional to modern, and living room rugs to outdoor rugs.

Mark & Day’s area rugs are excellent decoration elements that can bring many inspirational vibes to your space. You can throw your area rug on carpets, creating an eclectic look. Our modern area rugs are best for comforting effects. Boho rugs serve you an entirely fresh feeling with their unique texture! Mark & Day offers wool rugs, which are artworks themselves, crafted with the highest artistry. Our traditional rugs have exquisite motifs, with colorful patterns inspired by oriental cultures. Shaggy rugs and faux fur rugs highlight a farmhouse and cottage-like feel, including cream and teal rugs with animal and geometric prints.

Our rugs are rich in color and can transform any room. Blue rugs provide the most calming auras. Gray and white area rugs, on the other hand, are ideal for modern spaces. Our pink area rugs perfectly complement nursery rooms. Cream area rugs bring elegance to living rooms. Mark & Day’s coastal area rugs include turquoise and navy rugs with abstract designs and are suitable for bathrooms or any space with a nautical theme. Red area rugs radiate a sense of warmth, perfect for bedrooms and dining rooms.


Choosing the right size for your area can be confusing; for small to mid-size space, a 5x8 area rug is ideal. We, Mark & Day, recommend an 8x10 area rug or a 9x12 area rug for mid to large-size living rooms and bedrooms. Our 5x7 area rugs are for small spaces or perfect as entry rugs. Mark & Day large area rugs include 8x10 area rugs, 9x12 area rugs, 10x14 area rugs, or oversized area rugs. Mark & Day reminds; you must use rug pads as they provide cushioning, dampening the noises; and protection, helping hold your area rug in place and prevent slips.


  • Dedicated Customer Service Team
  • Top-notch quality at unmatchable prices
  • No intermediary – products are directly sourced from factories/artisans to customers
  • Diverse product selections for every budget and taste
  • Continuous new design offerings
  • Fast & Free Shipping
  • 60-day hassle-free return policy

Home is your personal space and what you put inside reflects you. Let Mark & Day become your primary source for home decorative pieces; you will not regret it!