Blue Area Rugs

If you’re searching for a rug that does more than just adorn your floor, you’ve come to the right place. Our blue area rugs come in all styles and shapes, ranging from modern to traditional, round to square. 

Whether you’re looking for teal or navy, mid-century modern or farmhouse chic, we have blue rugs that suit every aesthetic and price point.

Designed with you in mind, our selection of blue area rugs are not only timeless statement pieces, but also reflections of modern life. Made with washing-machine safe materials, our blue area rugs go from dirty to clean in the length of a spin cycle. 

History of Blue Area Rugs 

First to create blue pigment, the ancient Egyptians heated a mixture of ground limestone, sand, and copper materials at high temperatures to create a glaze. While the color was once reserved exclusively for royalty, it saw universal adoption as its creation became less labor intensive. 

As the color’s popularity grew, it became increasingly prevalent in decor. Blue area rugs and other household items in the same hue are desirable due to their universal nature. 

 Blue Area Rugs in Your Home

Regardless of your home’s style, you can use blue color in bedrooms, children's rooms, and anywhere you want to feel peaceful. Reminiscent of the sea and the sky, the color blue represents calmness, peace, and serenity. To create a relaxing effect, you can complement any shade of blue with white, tan, beige, or gray, creating an experience that is vaguely nautical in nature.If your design style is more old and assertive, you can take advantage of the striking effect of blue and orange. 

Regardless of which blue area rug you choose, the color itself is infinitely pairable, allowing you to match it with any other color, as well as a different blue shade. In addition to our wide array of blue area rugs, we also have a vast selection of blue products from various categories including blue pillows, blue poufs, blue throw pillows, and many more blue decor options.