Rug Guide




In the creation of tufted rugs, yarn is punched through a pre-woven textile with a specialized tufting gun. The process is not unlike putting a paint brush to canvas. The nature of the construction offers flexibility in design and allows for flowing, organic forms. Tufted rugs can have a looped or cut pile, or a combination of both. They have a durable cotton backing.



Hand woven rugs are crafted on a loom by hand. Weft yarns are woven into the foundational warp yarns creating an interlocked structure that is renowned for its durabillity and character. This technique can produce rugs of various pile heights - from flatweaves to shags. Resultant designs lean toward textural solids, stripes, grids, and geometrics.



Machine made rugs are produced on electrically powered looms and can feature a wide range of styles, colors and textures. They can mimic higher end constructions at a much sharper price, and while they can be made soft and sumptuous for a variety of indoor spaces, they are widely used in durable fibers like polyester, polypropylene, and recycled PET yarns for higher traffic and outdoor areas. All of our washable rugs are machine made.



ta natural crimp which is what makes it so wonderfully lofty and full.


Cotton is a soft plant-based natural fiber that is easy to care for. Cotton is often used in flat woven constructions and as the warp yarn in most types of hand weaves. While it’s less durable than wool, it emanates a similar natural texture.


Jute is a durable plant-based natural fiber with a beautiful rustic blonde luster. While it thrives in higher traffic areas, it’s not best suited for high moisture or areas prone to spills.

Polypropylene, Polyester + PET

Synthetic fibers were developed to mimic natural fibers with the added benefit of being durable and easy care. Their budget friendly prices make them a great choice for folks with kids and pets, or for first time rug buyers figuring out their stye.


Viscose is a manufactured fiber comprised of both synthetic and natural materials. It has a soft sheen that mimics that of silk, and feels smooth and luxurious underfoot. You’ll notice the lustrous movement inherent in viscose as you walk around the rug or as the light shifts over the course of the day.


Prolong the life of your rug with these simple tips:

Upon receiving your rug, unroll on top of your rug pad and let it breathe. The wrinkles from shipping will relax in a few days. For regular maintenance, vacuum with the beater bar off. Periodic professional cleaning is recommended. In the case of a spill, blot right away.


For single beds, a 6’ x 9’ should do the trick. For
doubles and queens, aim for an 8’ x 10’. For kings,
go for 10’ x 14” or larger.

Allow for at least 2 feet on all sides of dining
tables so that chairs can slide easily.

Soften up your cooking space with
a runner or 2’ x 3’ at the sink.

If you have a full living set and would like to have all
of your furniture placed on the rug, consider a
9’ x12’ or 10’ x 14’.

For a sectional sofa and accent chair set-up,
you shoud be set with 8’ x 10’.

Cozy up your office space with
a 4’ x 6’ or 5’ x 8’ .