Washable rugs for the holidays

Why Do You Need A Washable Rug This Holiday Season?

We are fully aware that the holiday season means freedom and relaxation for many people - Especially the time spent at home with the family during joyous dinners, Christmas time or reunions! And, of course, the holiday season begins not only for us but also for our kids. Many baby moms’, cat moms’, dog moms’ fearful dreams start with the hustle and bustle in the house and the mischief. What if the rug gets a stubborn stain while my little one plays on it? Because let's be honest; rugs are the most concerning when it comes to significant colors! 

Although a heart throbbing (not in a good way!) event, such as your pet's game ball being hit or your kid spilling cherry juice on those perfect white rugs, comes to mind, we now have a solution: 

Washable rugs! Before presenting our company's most gorgeous washable rugs, let's find out what it means when we say "washable rugs."  

What Are Washable Rugs?

These rugs are produced in standard sizes or rolls on mechanical looms. Thus, some models can be cut and made according to the desired size.  Usually, they are polyester, but they are also on a remarkable PVC base. This PVC sole or similar material also has the property of being washable and non-slip.

Among the advantages, we can highlight a few:

  • They are rugs that can be medium or long-haired, become soft when walked on, and are pleasant to touch.

  • Many of these models can be cut and made to size.

  • They have a wide range of colors and styles: gray tones, neutral tones, pink, blue… or Bohemian, Scandinavian, Neutral, Minimalist or Contemporary. For any interior style you can find your dream rug and match it to your taste. 

  • They can be washed in the washing machine in programs with a temperature of up to 30 °F and without squeezing. Finally, they are dried in the open air.

  • Their sole is non-slip, and they have a good grip on the floor, which makes them reasonably practical for everyday use.


The places where machine-washable rugs are used in our homes are as follows:

  • Outdoor rugs: Suitable for your garden, patio, etc., it gives a new look. They are made of breathable and fresh material.

  • Kitchen rugs: They are perfect for preventing dangerous slips. Sometimes we can spill oil, water, or any liquid when cooking. Having a rug in the kitchen will give us more security as it will absorb the liquid that falls on the floor, and of course, you can wash it. So now we don't have to be afraid of dripping on the floor when we make those perfect salads, moms! 

  • Living room rugs: You can place a rug in the room and wash both in the washing machine according to their size. Especially in an area where these rugs are in high-traffic areas, that is, in places where we constantly step on them, the fact that they can be washed is a feature that cannot be ignored.

Numerous materials, including synthetic and natural choices like cotton, polyester, olefin, and polypropylene, are available for washable rugs. If you are a working parent who also cares about the appearance of their home, having the choice to wash your rug is a very great perk. An easy-to-clean rug is something that more and more people desire to invest in.

3 Benefits of Having a Washable Rug

Rugs that can be washed are best for areas with a lot of foot traffic. (Meaning a kitchen, hallway, entryway, living room, dining area, or restrooms.) If you have a water leak, it will most likely happen in one of these sections of your home. Your rug will appear brand new if you simply throw it in the washing machine! A cleaning crew or calling the company is not even necessary at this point. 

How do you use washable rugs effectively during the holiday season?

It's time to wash your rug when it becomes unavoidably soiled from your kids, dogs, or even just from you! 

  • First, remove any larger spills, dirt, or debris from the rug using a piece of cloth before continuing. 

  • Avoid rubbing the mess because doing so will cause the stain to spread further. The rug should then be placed in the washing machine along with a light detergent and should be washed in cold water at a slow pace. It is also important to use liquid detergent instead of powder as powder detergent may not diffuse fully in low temperatures and therefore may cause stains. 

  • Although it might be challenging to imagine, your washing machine can fit rugs, and they are spotless and undamaged when they come out. Make sure to add another piece of clothing or a towel to your rug when washing. 


For further instruction or detail on how to wash your rug, you can check out our previous articles like How To Clean a Large Area Rug? or Why Washable Rugs are the Must Haves of All Homes 

PVC is a very water-resistant and non-slip material. It is recommended to use a delicate cycle of up to 30° and a little detergent. PP can be washed in a washing machine, but you need to use soap, not detergent. It is recommended to use it with a delicate loop and cold water. When putting it in the washing machine, ensure it is not too tight; otherwise, it will not wash well.

How do you stop Ruggable from sliding?

A high-quality non-slip rug pad is the best place to start when you want to keep your rug in one place—even on the rug!

Ruggables differ in thickness and durability and can be cut to fit rugs of any size. They help reduce noise and absorb shock. Ruggable comes in two pieces. The first is the top layer, and it is a non-slip pad. This black, non-slip back pad is made of the same latex-free material used for yoga mats. You can choose a standard mat or a padded mat, which is thick and soft. 

The second piece is the bottom layer, which is a rug cover. It is a stain- and water-resistant cover with a little down that extends over the non-slip pad. This cover comes off easily and fits easily into the household washing machine.

Ruggable rugs are available in various patterns and dimensions to accommodate various rug kinds. The rug band does not, however, cushion the rug like a rug pad (ruggable) does preserve your upholstery, or increase the lifespan of your rug.

It is also as important that its non-slip as it is washable for your rug. After all, we don’t want our movie nights ruined because of uncalled rugging issues do we?

How can you tell if a rug is washable?

There are many different materials, artificial and natural, available for washable rugs. In general, your rug should be complete if all the components that made it are machine-washable. Popular materials for washable rugs include:

Cotton: Natural cotton is a material that requires little maintenance. The majority of area rugs made of cotton, as well as eco-friendly cotton rugs, are machine washable (assuming they are small enough to fit). Just keep in mind whether or not your cotton rug has been dyed because colors can bleed if it gets wet.

Polyester & Olefin/Polypropylene: This material type is non-absorbent and is known for its fast-drying feature. This also means that it is less sensitive to mould or mildew. Its dye structure makes this material resistant to fading or outer chemical interactions. Due to these reasons Polyester is a convenient alternative if you are looking for a rug that will accompany you far and steady in your life! 

Before you wash your rug, make sure to look over the materials used. As an illustration, the backing of many rugs created by machines is jute. Because of its propensity to absorb water, jute is not suitable for washing machines. Therefore, be careful to search for the materials mentioned above. What a rug is made of has a significant impact on how long it will last. 

A well-made cotton rug is a good illustration of a long-lasting, machine-washable rug. Fraying, however, can happen if the cotton rug is less resilient. Machine-washable rugs are undeniably very practical and handy, especially if your household is a busy one with a lot of family and pets.

Since we have thoroughly seen what washable rugs are, let's take a look at our unique design rugs as Mark & Day, how about it? 

Pingree Grove Traditional Burnt Orange Washable Area Rug


Pingree Grove Traditional Burnt Orange Washable Area Rug


Who said traditional rugs can't be washed? The Pingree Grove Traditional Burnt Orange Washable Area Rug is fully washable and gives a warm atmosphere to your home with its orange patterns.


William Modern Black Washable Area Rug


William Modern Black Washable Area Rug

William Modern Black Washable Area Rug is fully washable thanks to its polyester structure. It offers you all the modernity with its black color.

St Leon Bohemian/Global Sky Blue Washable Area Rug


St Leon Bohemian/Global Sky Blue Washable Area Rug

St Leon Bohemian/Global Sky Blue Washable Area Rug welcomes you with the most beautiful shades of blue. It adds ethnicity to your home with its bohemian-style motifs. It is washable with a polyester structure.

Don't forget to visit our website for hundreds more washable rug models! 

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