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Why Washable Rugs are the Must Haves of All Homes

Washable rugs are like superheroes. There is no need to worry about coffee spills, dog paws, or small children spilling liquids or food on the carpet because all of that can be cleaned in a washing machine, and the rug will come out all clean and looking as good as new again. 
Stone Bohemian/Global Dark Blue Area Rug

Stone Bohemian/Global Dark Blue Area Rug  

Prices starts from $28.38  

Washable rugs are especially suitable for rooms that are used intensively on a regular basis, for instance, kitchens, bathrooms, and children's rooms. Nevertheless, many of them are so attractive that you can easily place them anywhere you like. 

Washable Rugs in light colors.

If you prefer light, pastel colors in your interior design, there is no need to hold back from light-colored rugs just because you are not sure whether they will keep clean because washable rugs are a great option and will ease your house chores. 

Palos Park Traditional Tan Area Rug 

Palos Park Traditional Tan Area Rug

Prices starts from $27.53

The scene of luxury in an unexpected place. 

You will be able to find traditional-looking washable rugs that blend oriental, vintage, and modern patterns. If you want to elevate the appearance of your balcony, terrace, veranda, or winter garden, then washable rugs are also ideal choices for you. You can make your spring and autumn nights outdoors more tranquil by just adding a soft washable rug under your feet, some good dim lighting, and cushions to combine garden furniture and voila, you've got yourself a wonderful place to relax! It goes without saying that decoration should begin with the walls, but if there are no walls, it is the floor that should be decorated first! Choosing the most eye-catching washable rug for you will allow for the rest of the pieces to follow in a combinable way. 

St Elmo Global Bright Orange Area Rug

St Elmo Global Bright Orange Area Rug

Prices starts from $28.31  

Let kids be kids.  

If you have children, you may want to strongly consider putting a washable rug in all the places that cover the front of the door all the way to the garden, after all within the whole year, there are probably only two to three months when children get the chance to play outdoors, and they should enjoy it without worrying about stains or dirt. Give them the space and the joy by placing your trust in these super brilliant accessories. 

Washable Rugs for Office. 

You don't have to set foot into drab and boring office floors every day. There are fruitful ways to decorate your office. Add color to the interior of your office by placing a washable rug of a different color under each desk. Rugs might get dirty in about a week, a wet vacuum cleaner will do the trick just fine. 

Pets and Rugs 

No need to worry about your furry friend, even in the peak season of their fur shedding. Thankfully, washable rugs will not be a problem for this reason. Simply wash or vacuum your washable rug and the colors will remain as vibrant as the day they were purchased from the store. 

At the parties and family gatherings 

You are so excited for an upcoming party, everything is settled. Now do one thing and please remove the one and only vintage, super-expensive rug you received from your grand grandmothers far family to keep it clean from beverage spills and ugly stains! It deserves more than that! It is possible to ask people to remove their shoes before entering your house, but in case they don't (or you are not okay with the idea), you at least have your precautions ready. Washable rugs are utterly advantageous when it comes to partying! Another upside is that these washable rugs are easy to clean and, in the long run, less expensive than other types of rugs. Due to this reason, you can freely change your rug every year jumping from theme to theme at your home parties or gatherings.  

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