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Practical Shelf Styling Tips

Stylishly decorating a shelf is usually a concern and an overwhelming, postponed operation for many who like to reflect their personal style and decorating skills upfront in their home or who is fatigued by the blank space staring at one’s eyes every time one passes by an empty shelf or an empty space screaming ‘I’m here, I have potential!’. Shelf styling sounds basic and simple; however, carries grand importance when it comes to showing off your artistic taste or creating an intimate space for yourself or your interests in your home. There are certain tips to follow when it comes to dressing up your shelf. Whether it be a bookshelf or a decorative shelving unit, you must not jump in without reading and training on the petite suggestions given on this topic. That is where we come in the picture! As always, we write and collect ideas to make your decorative soul rest easier and your home cuter!

Golden hint in shelf styling; ‘Less is more!’.

Even though we realize it sounds self-explanatory, we like to advert to decluttering, eliminating all the things you do not need or use. In shelf styling, one of major deceptions is piling everything small or big on the shelf, deceived by the idea that numerous objects will create a full, satisfying look. This is completely wrong. Always remember that the more the objects on the shelf, the less influence on the eye. Piling of items on your shelf will decrease the aesthetics of the overall picture, resulting in a scene that causes headaches to its observers. Pick out a few decorative elements which you admire and place them on your shelf with a respectful amount of space in between. Leaving space between objects will allow the item to breath and pour out its own show without having to be squished and faded out among others.


Behind the Scenes.

This topic requires some thinking outside the box. If you are finally done with clearing up your shelf and picking out what to place on your shelf, now it is time to add some action to your overall display. If you have a portable open rack or a bookshelf, consider painting the back of your shelf with a different color or you can cover the space on the back with fabric or wallpaper. Options are limitless and the choice depends on your personal taste and the feasibility you have. Here are some related looks we gathered for you.

Shelf in a child room




Choice of Color.

One other essential feature of shelf decorating is the right choice of color palette. Make sure to stay loyal to a single base color of your preference (pale, bright or neutral) and an accent color in contrast. Don’t be scared to play around and throw in a third or fourth complimenting tone if you must. Just keep in mind that we are not creating a china town but are rather creating the scene that blends in colors and textures in result. There is a difference between being and being smart with colors. These examples below will give you a clearer idea of what coordinated color planning in shelf styling looks like.





Use artwork or photo frames.

An eclectic touch to every space and décor is the use of art. A decorative abstract artwork, your personal photo or a skillful painting can all be dashing inclusions on your shelf.


Shelf in a living room

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