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Best Ways to Style Your Bookshelf

Bookshelves are a lot more than just a place to toss your books. They're tiny houses for stories. They serve as homes for pieces of literature that transcend generations. They're a place where you can get ideas, inspiration and information. They're anything and everything we want them to be; it's quite amazing that we can have all that in our homes! 

Bookshelves are also great for generating a unique and artistic appearance in the home. It's a great way for you to express your tastes and preferences. So, pay careful attention to how you style your shelves because they can say a lot about who you are. Also, a well-styled shelf can help elevate a room to make it look more put-together and polished. Follow these tips to help make your shelf as beautiful as possible. 

#1: Try your hand at color-blocking 

Coordinate your bookcase in the same way you would your closet. Arrange them in such a way that you create prominent color patches. Block your books according to the color of their spine. This helps create visual order. Some people might organize their books by author or genre, which is fine and functional. However, it can look messy from afar. Color-blocking your books can be more visually pleasing. It is not hard to have approximate knowledge of what the colors of your books are, so it would not be too hard to locate titles.  

#2: Don’t be afraid to stack books 

Arranging your book collection in both flat and upright patterns accomplishes two goals. The first is that it looks a lot more interesting and breaks up the monotony. Books lined up all in a row can get boring to look at. Having them alternate between stacks and vertically stored books creates more of a pattern and provides more texture. The second thing it accomplishes is that it also allows you to fit more of your favorite titles into the available space. This is important if you have a small space or bookshelf or if you have a collection that is growing fast. 

Stacked books horizontally and vertically

#3: Bookcases can house things other than books 

Despite their name, bookshelves are perfect for displaying other significant or decorative items, such as international travel souvenirs, blown glass sculptures, wooden carvings, bonsai trees, or miniature clocks, to name a few. Shelves that solely house books can be boring to look at and quite monotonous. Bring in items that contrast the rectangular shape of books.  

Organized bookshelf with accessories

Another unique and creative method to present style your shelf is to add pieces of artwork. If your shelf’s height is adjustable and you can create a large open area in the center, you can place a large piece of art to serve as a focal point. It helps tie together all the elements of your shelf and it anchors everything.  

#4: Add some lights for a dramatic effect 

Booklights can be used for more than just reading in bed at night. Adding gallery lighting to your bookshelf adds a classy touch not just to the shelf, but also to the whole room it is in. Adjustable wall sconces can achieve a similar effect. You can use a small ornamental lamp with a stained-glass shade to create a craftier aesthetic with a warm, colorful glow among the stacks of books. 

#5: Be aware of the composition of your display 

If not properly constructed, too much open space might appear awkward and make small objects appear out of place. Consider adding some storage with design appeal. These are things such as wicker baskets or canvas drawers. They help break up some of the space. This is also a terrific way to add texture to your home while also storing tiny items that are taking up space and aren't pretty enough to put on display. 

#6: Add some personality to the back of your bookshelf 

Adding wallpaper to the inside of your bookshelf is a simple interior designer trick. This, like the paint colors on your walls, gives the impression that the area is quirky or eccentric, depending on your personal taste. It can also add an element of elegance to your shelves. Depending on the pattern, wallpaper can completely change the look of the room. It can make it look more elegant, whimsical, youthful, and many other things. If you want to give your shelf a specific theme or interior design style, wallpaper is a good way to do it.  


Decorative wallpaper and accessories on a white bookshelf


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