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Are Outdoor Rugs Washable?

In this article, we will talk about whether outdoor rugs are washable or not and give detailed information about them.

Theoretically, all outdoor rugs should be washed by hand or machine, just like indoor rugs.

If you have an outdoor space in your house, such as a patio or deck, you may think that cleaning your outdoor rug will not be as easy as cleaning your indoor rugs because it is challenging.

As cleaning an outdoor floor requires more effort than cleaning indoor floors, this concern causes you to ask the question rightly: are outdoor rugs washable?

Suppose you want to purchase a machine washable rug for your outdoor space. In that case, you need to find out what materials this outdoor rug is made of and whether these production materials are suitable for machine and hand washing.

When you shop for an outdoor rug, the information given to you by the seller can be misleading. But, as you know, sometimes being able to sell is more important than anything else.

So, in this article, we would like to prepare you for washable outdoor rug shopping suggestions and provide some facts on this topic.

 1. Can You Wash Outdoor Rugs In The Washing Machine?

Top view photo of green shoes on a rug

YES! You can clean your outdoor rugs by machine washing them.

We all would like to create a clean environment in the space we live in at home and for this, we make an effort and care for this.

Even if we go for rug shopping for the style, or integrity of the styles we create at our houses, in fact, if the rug we buy has only a good and even elegant style, on the other hand, when we take into account cleanliness, if it only tires us, then the style of that rug doesn't matter.

Also, if our rugs are not as clean as our room furniture or outdoor furniture, we say style is nothing, cleanability is everything, and we are right about that.

Now let's compare the getting dirty frequency, intensity, and cleaning requirements of indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Dirt and stains occur at the highest level in the dining room and kitchen.

The food is prepared in the kitchen; on the other hand; it is eaten in the dining room. In other words, the most significant cause of dirt and stains in indoor areas is food.

Tough stains like oil, coffee, chocolate, and tomatoes are nothing but a nuisance. To clean these stains in a satisfactory, clean, and hygienic way, we prefer rugs that can be cleaned by machine, by hand, or with the unique cleaning materials and equipment of cleaning companies in our indoor living spaces.

In indoor areas, let's finally take a bath and then give information about cleaning and dirty outdoor areas.

There are two factors that cause the dirt in the bath. The first of these is water, that is, dirty water spots). If the rugs used in the bathroom are not cleaned frequently, dust sticks to these damp rugs training.

Also, perhaps more importantly, if the dampness and wetness are not eliminated immediately, which can only be cleaned by washing and drying, mold will form on your rugs. It is complicated to clean mold, and it causes harmful bacteria to grow.

The second factor that causes baths to become dirty is the dripping of personal cleaning materials such as soap and shampoo onto the bathroom floor. While they are easy-to-clean stains, they cause a dirty appearance and, like water stains, need to be cleaned frequently.

Wiping with a cloth is not effective in cleaning these bathroom rugs.

While these cleaning and getting dirty issues for indoor rugs are also valid for outdoor rugs, outdoor rugs are also exposed to much more dirt, dust, and stains than indoor rugs. Food is also consumed in these areas, and these areas are also exposed to weather conditions. So, your job becomes doubtfully difficult.

Now, let's answer the question of what the solution to all this could be to put you at ease.

Find out if your outdoor rugs and rug pad to prevent slipping are made of suitable material for machine washability. But, of course, we first need to know what these materials are.

Of all the reasons for dirtiness, if you have kids, they are the most significant reason for a hassle at home.

  • Bedding or bedding sets under outdoor rugs must be a water-resistant polyurethane barrier.

  • Your rugs must be manufactured as a polyester weave.

  • They must be made of materials which withstand water, machine washing, and cleaning chemicals.

  • The size of your rug must be suitable for machine washing.

  • You should prefer rugs made of materials resistant to cleaning, such as polyester, that dry quickly in summer and winter.

2. How do you clean outdoor rugs?

If your outdoor rugs have all features we mentioned above, they can be cleaned by machine washing and by hand washing.

3. Can Outdoor Rugs Be Hosed Off?

Your outdoor rugs can be hosed off because outdoor rugs are produced concerning hosing off.

4. How Do I Know If A Rug Is Machine Washable?

Knowing whether a rug is machine washable or not is to find out its production materials and method.

5. Can You Pressure Wash An Indoor- Outdoor Rug?

When it comes to pressure washing your indoor or outdoor rug, we recommend you be careful not to damage your rug.

If you can do that, you can pressure wash an indoor-outdoor rug. But you should remember: You shouldn’t apply pressure washing for an extended period.

6. Mark & Day Outdoor Rugs

With all this information about cleaning and washing your outdoor rugs, we want you to use them for many years clean.

In this final section of our article, we would like to inform you with pleasure that you can shop our outdoor rugs, which are machine washable, and find our best deals for you.

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