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The Importance of Accent Accessories in Home Decoration

How Important are Accent Accessories in Home Decoration?

Everyone keeps rambling on and on about how to design a home according to a specific theme or which color to go for when re-doing your living room etc. We constantly read and hear about all this on blogs or magazines. However, nobody talks about the massive impact accent accessories or small pieces can have on your house’s overall aura. Do you ever think to yourself how a small piece can transform your home into a proud carrier of your dreams? Accent pieces are great when it comes to diversifying your color palette or your sense of style in the room. When we say ‘accent pieces’ we mean every little piece from living room rugs to drapes, from kitchen rugs to mirrors or vases. Here in this post, we gathered for you bits and pieces on how to make good use of accent accessories or which accent pieces to run to when designing or re-creating your home. Let us dig deep and see what else we got on this petit yet hot topic!

Entree furniture

Modify your color scheme.

First things first, get your colors in order. A commonly made mistake is staying so loyal to a single color which results in a bland overall look. Another, completely opposite yet similar mistake, is when too many color variations are used which leaves the room looking like a rainbow themed war zone. This is where décor accessories come in the picture. They will allow you to sort out the color dilemma through balance while adding that finesse that your personal space has been begging for. All you need to do is precisely pick out your main colors in the room and allow your accent pieces end the job by leaving their final signature.

Sophisticated symbols of history, drapes.

Elegant Living room

Drapes have the power to add immense personality to the atmosphere. With the right way of styling, these sophisticated elements can make or break your rooms style. Bringing wonderful waves of fabric folds into your room will add a dramatic statement to your scenes while giving you the flexibility to play around with color alternatives. Make sure to go for a shade lighter or a shade darker than your walls when choosing your drapes color. This will vary according to your preference and taste. You can also be bold and go for a tone which is completely in contrast with your wall color. Who can stop a brave soul after all?

Area rugs.


Radstock Bohemian/Global Denim Area Rug


Radstock Bohemian/Global Denim Area Rug

Price starts from: $41.46

Rugs deserve a big shoutout when it comes to efficient accent accessories in your home. Rugs are like the food and water for a home’s interior, or like the precisely selected matching shoes to a ravishing outfit. One will not make it without the other. You can either choose your living room rugs to match your overall theme or let it lay out a surprise with a completely different tone and design. If done with proper care, both can create wonders in your home. Whether it be kitchen rugs or living room rugs, all are fine and affordable tools to get rid of that unwelcoming, dead feeling in spaces.


Orleans Modern Navy Area Rug


Orleans Modern Navy Area Rug

Price starts from: $61.96

Mirror, Mirror…


Homoet Modern Wall Mirror


Homoet Modern Wall Mirror

Price starts from: $207.55

Known to be the source of brightness, energy and balance in home design, mirrors are elegant necessities especially if you aim to make your space look larger than it is. These elements will make your room feel a lot more spacey and pleasing to the eye. As much as accessories do, positioning of the items also carry importance in this matter. Align your accessories in a straight angle or if you are sick and tired of being so orderly all the time, go for a non-aesthetic look by scattering your mirrors or other accent pieces with no order or certain pattern. It is also recommended that you go for a shape which is parallel with other pieces that you possess. For instance, if you have a round coffee table, you may want to set your eye on round shaped mirrors.


Hoogbroek Modern Wall Mirror


Hoogbroek Modern Wall Mirror

Price starts from: $111.61

Lighten up!


Modern table lamp



Modern table lamp


If you have certain focal points which you want your guests to notice in your home, lightning accessories can be your saviors. It is vital to consider both function and design when choosing a lamp or a lighting element in your home décor. Don’t forget that your lighting accessories are architectural jewelry because of their capability to glam up your atmosphere stunningly. Whether a subtle look with a simple lamp, or a shimmering grand show with a dripping chandelier, lighting elements have a path for every soul and style.

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