A modern, elegant master bedroom with a traditional area rug under the king size bed.

How to Position Area Rugs In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you aim to reach utmost peace after a long hard working day. To achieve this tranquil state of mind and create a cozy atmosphere, you must take the road of adding textiles to your bedroom décor like bedroom area rugs that make works of wonders. Outdoor spaces or offices may have space for error when it comes to positioning a rug, but you don't have that leisureliness for the rooms in your home since it's where you relax, rest and reboost. Keeping this in mind, an area rug is simply a basic carpet that mostly comes in smaller dimensions compared to the overall dimensions of the room it is placed in. It has a great impact on your bedroom’s aura hence its color, pattern, texture, and most importantly size play a great role which is our topic for this article! It is also crucial to know what sizes there are out there and how to use these to your advantage therefore let us first look at the sizing details of a rug in the bedroom. 

Bedroom Area Rug Size Guide According to Bed Sizes

Here in this visual, you can see that every bed size (twin, queen, and king) requires a different-sized area rug for the bedroom. A rug in your bedroom should match your bed for a clean and assorted look. By doing this, you will allow your space to work to its full potential and your rug will complete its task as both a decorative and a practical item.                                                                                                                                                                              

What is the Right Size Rug for a Queen Bed?

Because queen beds aren’t as large as king-sized beds, we opt to pick 8x10 rugs in general. If you would like a bit more of your rug to show underneath the bed, choosing a 9x12 rug might work out too. If we were to consider pricing too, 8x10 rugs are generally affordable and have many variations to pick from. However, don’t forget that your rug will mostly be covered up because of the bed so this means the design might not stand out as you wished it would.                                     

A bohemian modern bedroom with a 8X10 area rug.

What Size Of A Rug Does a King Bed Need?

It is paramount that you choose at least a 9x12 if not larger rug for your king-sized bed. This proportion will give you an area for a bench or stool at the corners of your rug if you wish to add one or two. There are instances where smaller rugs like the 8x10 options are placed under a king-sized bed, but it is often recommended if your bedroom is too small.                          

A modern bedroom with a modern decor, a king bed and a bedroom area rug under the bed

Rug Size for The Twin Bed

For your twin beds, you have three options in general. Numero uno, you can go for a 3’x5’ rug which is pleasing since you get the best of the design without needing to buy a more expensive, larger rug.

The second option is to anchor your rug to your bed. This is the more absurd of the scale because it might be hard to give a fully decorated feeling. Finally, the most pleasing option is to slide a 9’x12’ rug right between the two beds if you have two twin beds in your bedroom. This rug placement will elevate your bedroom decor and allow it to look full and the bed(s) in harmony.

It's safe to say that a bedroom without a rug is incomplete and dull and a bedroom with a wrongly sized rug is a complete mess! Let's continue to dig deep into giving an idea on positioning an area rug inside your beloved bedrooms. 

A twin bed and a bohemian modern area rug under the bed in a teen bedroom.

4 Life Saving Tips For Bedroom Rug Placement

Bedroom area rug placement is crucial in many ways. An area rug can be placed in certain areas like only underneath your bed, or it can be placed in a classical way such as at the foot of your bed. This might be the most cliche yet effective way to place your rug. With this method, you place your rug right next to your bed. You must consider these four important points though:

  1. If the rug you are placing is smaller or equal to the width of your bed, leave 12" to 18" of space around the sides of the rug.

  2. Let's say your rug is larger in width compared to your bed, simply place the top of the rug under the footboard and you will be fine.

  3. Another notion might be placing the rug at an oblique angle. This is done by placing a medium-sized area rug at an oblique angle right underneath the corner of your bed. I would suggest opting for this method if your bedroom is larger since it gives a modern, spacey interior feeling.

  4. Rug layering is a secret road to take if you are clueless about choosing a rug. It is done by placing a simple, solitary rug that contrasts the room and then picking another smaller rug that should be dissimilar to the main one. The rugs do not need to match in color, shape, or size.

A classic designed bedroom with an oversized shag area rug.

Last Words About Bedroom Rug Placement

Whether you decide to layer your rug or toss one beneath your bed, choosing an area rug for your bedroom is all about your own delicate taste. There are hundreds and thousands of gorgeous rugs available in the market with unique colors and styles. Don’t forget to tape off the size of your rug and use the visualizer tool to see a visual of your bedroom before you make a purchase from a store. At Mark & Day, you can benefit from this magnificent tool and check out hundreds of area rugs, all brilliantly designed for your delightful homes.                                     

A master bedroom with a king size bed and an oversized rug under the bed.
A queen bed in a modern bedroom with a blue oversized area rug.
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