tips on getting wrinkles out of an area rug

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Area Rug?

Rugs are precious items in our homes to protect our floors, heat and sound insulation, and home improvement. Rugs come in all sizes and shapes and can fit any house. But being used in every space, they sometimes get pushed against hard surfaces such as furniture, or they get folded, and as a result, even new area rugs get wrinkled. Therefore, you need to use the correct methods to get wrinkles and creases out of your rugs. In this article, we provide tips and techniques for flattening a rug after it gets wrinkled.  

Why Are Rug Wrinkles a Problem?

Blue Crinkle Rug
Blue Crinkle Rug​​

Rugs are eye-pleasing items that are used in homes. They put in a cozy vibe in your room, and they are usually picked to fit in with the furniture.  

 New area rugs are always exciting. They are picked to reflect your style and sense of aesthetics in the room. So for them to do their job, they need to be flawless.

They get wrinkled when folded either for storage, accidents, or heavy objects.  

When they get wrinkled, their kinks come out even more; they get uneasy on the eyes, do not fit spaces properly, do not lie flat as well before, and pose a tripping hazard.  

With specific methods, it is easy to remove creases from your rugs and make rugs flat as the day they were bought.  

How To Clean Area Rug?

Swept Colored Antique Rug
Swept Colored Antique Rug​​

If you are storing a rug, it is always best to clean it beforehand. And by cleaning, we do not mean vacuuming; we suggest a proper cleaning.  

There are many methods for cleaning rugs. It is perfectly possible to clean your rugs at home. However, it is always best to check the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning your rugs. 

If detailed explanations and signs are not given on the label, you can always ask the manufacturer how to clean the rugs


If the cleaning is done by water, you will need some open ground and concrete floor to lay your rugs, wash them, shampoo them, and scrub them.  

You can also clean them partially with water and a towel. However, if you are going to soak them, you will need a bathtub. 

It is always best to predetermine the facilities you will use when you are cleaning your rug and for the drying process.  

There are many methods to clean your rugs; you can find them in our prior blog article at this link 

Advice to Make Your Rug Wrinkle Free 

Washed Colorful Antique Rug
Washed Colorful Antique Rug​​

There are many methods you can try if you want to remove wrinkles and creases from your rugs: 

Reverse Rolling; this method sometimes works in light wrinkles and creases, especially if they are in rug corners. You can reverse roll rugs to remove the wrinkle from folded rug pads.  

Weights; if your rug was exposed to consequences such as furniture in a wrinkled pose, you can straighten it out and put weights on it to remove the wrinkle in time. 

It helps to flatten a rug. However, be careful not to put too much weight and damage piles.  

Carpet Tape can be used both to remove the wrinkles and prevent them from forming from the start. For example, as rug pads slip on hardwood  

As tapes will hold the rug in place, they also remove wrinkles and creases and are an excellent way to flatten a rug. You can easily buy carpet tapes from local stores!  

Ironing; is also an excellent method to remove wrinkles and creases; as iron’s heat will soften the fabric, it will return to its original shape in no time.  

Remember to put a towel between the rug and iron, not to iron directly to avoid burning the rug piles in high heat.  

A hairdryer might also work well in softening a rug instead of ironing to return it to its original shape even though it does not work as well as ironing. But, again, you should use the lowest setting of heat and a towel when doing this.  

Steam; the steaming process is better be done by a professional; if other methods do not work, you can consider getting professional help to remove the stubborn creases. If you have a steam cleaner, you can also apply it yourself.  

Pulling in Opposite Directions; pulling in opposite directions to stretch is an excellent way to remove bumps from rugs. You may need another person for this or clamp the rug down under some heavy objects to remove bumps. Also, do not let the rug fold on itself to prevent bumps.  

Safety Tips 

Brown Patterned Rug
Brown Patterned Rug​​

Always make sure that your rugs do not wrinkle, especially in places with high foot traffic. Tripping on carpets may result in serious injuries. Always check your rugs to see if they pose any hazards. Rug corners are the main culprits in tripping incidents.  

Slipping is another cause of injury. Even though rugs do not tend to fall, they cannot stay still on some hardwood floors. Rug tapes might be an excellent way to prevent such slipping.  

How To Make Rug Wrinkle Free For Long Period? 

Multicolored and Patterned Rug
Multicolored and Patterned Rug​​

The best way to remove rug wrinkles and creases is never to let them form from the start when you buy new rugs! It is always important to position your rug correctly. 

Furniture and any weight constantly on top of the rug should be placed carefully to prevent wrinkles and creases in your fluffy rug. 

The Best Way to Store Area Rug 

Brown Patterned Rug
Brown Patterned Rug​​

If you own a rug, you probably know that folding a carpet can cause rug wrinkles and creases. Therefore, the best way to roll a rug is to wrap it as a cylinder without bending it to stay smooth. Then, roll rug upside down not to get it stained when storing. This method is feasible whether it is a new carpet that is yet to be placed or an old one, as rolled rugs will not crease and wrinkle.  

Area rugs need to be as stable as possible when stored. Lay the rug flat and roll carefully! When it is rolled, cover it with a protective fabric and tie it so that the fabric won’t slip.  

Laundry Care and Special Care of Rug 

Argyle Rug
Argyle Rug ​​

Each rug is unique, and they all need different kinds of care when cleaning or maintaining; therefore, the care method is other for each rug type. 

Braided Rugs: Depending on rug material and braid size, they can be machine washable on gentle cycles. If they cannot be washed in machines, you can lay them on floors and use foam and a sponge to clean them. 

Handmade: Handmade rugs are incredibly delicate and high-quality carpets, so they need to be handled with care. Even when you vacuum them, it is best to use a nylon screen over them not to damage them as Sweeting motion might damage the rug when flattening it.  

Natural Fiber: Rugs made of natural carpet fibers such as wool collect dirt quite a lot. They need to be vacuumed frequently. You can scrub stains with a soft brush and soap water and wipe them with a towel. Also, vinegar and baking soda method work wonders. Apply baking soda to vinegar and wipe with a towel. You can also use a spray bottle to apply water.  

Synthetic Material: Synthetic rugs are usually endurable, so they can be washed, vacuumed, machine washed, steam cleaned, scrubbed most of the time.  

How To Prevent Future Wrinkles? 

Vintage Linen Cushion Rug
Vintage Linen Cushion Rug​​

It is essential to store rugs in a dry, cool environment when putting them in storage. Also, try not to put anything on top of them, if they get stuck in a position for prolonged periods, their shape will distort, and their kinks will come out. Watch out for rug corners because they are the most commonly wrinkled parts. It should be smooth at all times.  

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