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Reveal the designer inside you with simple but effective touches.
The magnificently decorated interiors we see in magazines and on the internet make the decoration process seem quite easy, right? It's as if someone touched a magic wand and the room suddenly became stylish, modern and spacious. Although there is no such wand, we can guarantee you the same magical result if you follow these rules in decoration.

Select a Hero

 Purbach Modern Floor Lamp
Purbach Modern Floor Lamp - Every decoration must have a hero. This could be a huge wooden table, an exotic wallpaper, or a small but surprising lamp that you fall in love with the moment you see it. The important thing is that your hero draws attention and adds a striking quality to the overall decoration. But you should be more than one hero.

Play with Shapes

 Most rooms contain many squares and rectangles. Items such as sofas, tables and armchairs also reinforce these sharp lines. If your room has too many lines and angles, try to soften it by adding round objects. In this way, you create a comfortable environment that does not tire the eyes. Play with Shapes

Hang The Right Way

 Hang your artwork in the Right Wayartwork A beautiful painting or artwork looks much better when hung at the right height. Also, having a consistent centerline throughout your home helps create a sense of harmony. As a general rule, the center of the artwork you hang should be at eye level, which is 145 centimeters above the ground for the average person.

Make Your Ceiling Look High

Is your ceiling low? Choose low sofas and coffee tables to create the illusion of height in your room.
Enhance this with tall, slim bookshelves that raise the eye and make windows appear taller. Mixing different heights in this way will also help create a comfortable environment in your home.
create the illusion of height in your room.

Mirrors are Magic

 Deelen Modern Wall Mirror Deelen Modern Wall Mirror - The closest decoration piece to the magic wand we were talking about may be the mirrors. Mirrors not only add light and depth to the room, but they can also reflect views, visually expanding the space.

Create Balance

 Although bold colors and large pieces are fun, make sure that there are empty and natural areas in the room where your eyes can rest. Soften bright colors with pastel colors or leave space between large pieces. This balanced layout will make the room look comfortable and spacious. balanced layout to make your room look comfortable and spacious


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