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Things You Should Know About Shag Rugs

Shag rugs usually have a fluffy pile that is long, uneven, and sometimes bulky. The pile is made of synthetic yarns attached to the back with long, uneven fibers. The back of the rug can also be made with natural fibers like wool, leather, and cotton.

Rugs or carpets used in homes are significant for many individuals. There are two main reasons for this. The first of these is appearance. Eye-pleasing models are always preferred. The second reason is the sensitivity to cold and heat. Carpets with the feature of keeping cold in summer or keeping warm in winter are preferred. The product in which both reasons for preference are combined is Shag Rugby style. 

The carpet industry has shown great growth. And this growth continues. Therefore, many types of carpets or rugs have great sales potential. One of the most preferred among these carpets or rugs is Shag Rugs. 

What is a Shag Rug?  

It is a kind of a rug. In short, it means feathered carpet/rug. As the name given to it suggests, it is a kind of rug that looks textured and scattered. Their elegant appearance is one of the features that make a difference. In addition, it has a deep structure. The most important difference from other rugs is that its body is quite thick. It is produced from long strips of fabric. In order to achieve its appearance, these strips are cut very little. As a result, the current feathered structure emerges. 

The tape length of the Shag Rug type usually ranges from 20 mm to 50 mm. For this reason, it often feels much looser. That's why the name "feathered" is used. These carpets/rugs, which were very popular in the 70s, are accepted as cultural symbols. However, nowadays, it has started to become a modern carpet again. 

What are the Features of Shag Rugs? 

The product has many unique features. The first thing that can be said is that it is durable. Another important part is that it is quite easy to clean. In addition to these features, its soft texture, cushioning feeling on the sole, and comfort are among its other important features. For this reason, it is one of the sought-after carpets of the winter months. Especially in winter, you will never get cold while enjoying a movie or series. 

From this point of view, this type of carpet has the following advantages. 

  • Thanks to its soft and comfortable structure, it ensures that your feet and, therefore you are comfortable. 
  • It is designed to be used for many years. 
  • It is manufactured with high-quality materials. 
  • It appeals to the eye with a stylish and aesthetic appearance.

What Are Shag Rugs Made Of? 

It is made from many products. When all materials are examined, it is possible to see a variety of materials. However, some of them are much more preferred. These materials are as follows; 

  • Wool, 
  • Artificial or real fur, 
  • Leather, 
  • Archaic. 

These are the most preferred ones. But the materials used are not limited to them. Some popular materials are also preferred for Shag Rugs. These can be expressed as; 

  • Polyester, 
  • Polypropylene. 

Types of Shag Rugs 

There are many varieties according to different preferences. Among them are the following; 

  • Flokati Rugs 
  • Wool Shag Rugs 
  • Synthetic Shag Rug 
  • Leather Shag Rugby 
  • Mixed Texture Shag Rug 

Why Are They Called Shag Rugs? 

Although it is one of the curious questions, the answer is quite simple. The word "shag" comes from the old English word sceacga. The word sceacga, on the other hand, is based on Scandinavian culture. In Scandinavian working life, Skegg is used to mean beard. Therefore, it is understood that the term "Shag Rug" used today is closely related to Skegg, that is, beard. 

Is a Shag Rug Good for the Living Room?

Is a Shag Rug Good for the Living Room? In each house, there are the most used areas. These are usually the kitchen and living room. However, the designs of these areas are generally in the background compared to the designs of other rooms. Considering the time spent, the situation is the opposite. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the living room design.

The pace of work or daily life is a tiring process. Finishing all the work and trying to get comfortable as soon as possible is perhaps the only thing we think about during the day. We work hard to go home and watch a series or a movie in front of the TV. However, when we enter the living room, we can't have a good time if we encounter the carpet that does not create a good feeling. A shag rug should be preferred, which will welcome you warmly in the living room where we spend a lot of time.

In addition, we welcome guests in our houses, although sometimes a lot, sometimes a few. The comfort of our guests is one of our most important wishes as a host. In addition, another goal of ours is to offer a pleasant environment to our guests. Shag rug allows you to both warmly welcome your guests and host them with a magnificent design. Shag Rug is the most important product that will complete the home design you created with great effort. 

The Best Shag Rug Styles of 2022

Some models have become a trend for 2022 according to users' preferences. Of course, it should not be forgotten that each style has its own characteristics. Notable among them are the following; 

  • Safavieh RAR121C Shag Carpet: According to user reviews it is the best among all styles. 
  • Safavieh SG180-1414 Shag Carpet: It is one of the comfortable and soft ones in the type called plush. In addition, it has a contemporary style. 
  • 3028 Gray Moroccan Trellis Shag Carpet is among the best sellers. According to customers, the product best reflects the eastern style. 
  • Safavieh SG455-1111: It has a style that makes a difference with its performance. It is described as best in a crowded environment with a lot of traffic 
  • Safavieh NF114A Shag Carpet: It has a quality style that will support the summer mood you will experience in your home on a summer day. 
  • Ottomanson Ottohome Shag Carpet: The style comes to mind when it comes to durability. It is possible to use it for many years with its solid structure as it was on the first day. 
  • ACTCUT Ultra Soft Shag Carpet: Cleaning is the biggest problem. This problem can be eliminated with this style. 
  • LOCHAS Ultra Soft Shag Carpet Thanks to its multi-functionality, it is among the styles of 2022. 
  • Unique Loom Sofia Collection Shag Carpet appeals to those who prefer "vintage" style. 
  • Safavieh Madison Collection Shag Carpet: Many users refer to this style as the best design. 
  • AmazonBasics Modern Plush Shag Carpet: The first thing to expect from a carpet is: Comfort. This style gives users the most comfortable carpet experience. 
  • Unique Loom Solo Shag Carpet: Despite its simple design, it has found a place in the list of the best of 2022 due to its water resistance. 

The 2022 ranking can be made according to colors or shapes. When such a list is made, the list is formed as follows; 

  • Green Shag Area Rugby: It creates a warm environment. 


Geron Shag Lime Area Rug

 Geron Shag Lime Area Rug

  •  Red Shag Area Rugby: You can choose to make your room fun and lively. Geron Shag Red Area Rug


Geron Shag Red Area Rug
  • Grey Shag Area Rugby: It is preferred because of its compatibility with all designs. 


Geron Shag Grey Area Rug


  • Black Shag Area Rugby: It offers a dazzling and elegant contrast. 


Vasilia Shag Black Area Rug


  • Teal Shag Area Rugby: It is one of the styles that can be included in the list due to its affordable cost. 


Theodoros Shag Dark Teal Area Rug


  • Beige Shag Area Rugby: It is preferred because it makes a gloomy and lifeless room look livelier and more active.


Selby Shag and Texture Beige Area Rug


The list goes on and on. Tastes, colors, and budget are important criteria that will determine your preferences. 

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