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Easy DIY Ideas for Your Home Décor

Do you hate how even a subtle attempt on exhilarating your home’s interior decor feels like getting caught into a monster’s claw? Especially with the overpriced decoration pieces becoming even more overpriced each day, trying to sweeten your decor is like getting caught in a wildfire. Fortunately, we have listed the most practical and effortless DIY ideas from the no-brainers to the most unique ones.

Simple makes sublime!

It might sound cheesy or even a bit cliché, but it is true! With this mindset, breathing new life into our homes is as simple as ABC therefore, we focused on the easiest yet most effective ways for you to recreate your home.

It is all about using simple things in different places, which is piece of cake and just as much gainful.

A ladder does not mean chaos Lord Baelish!

The beloved fictional character from the TV series ‘’Game of Thrones’’ once said that ‘’…chaos is a ladder…’’. Well… sure that might be the case in a war centered magical universe but when it comes to DIY home decoration, a ladder can be a lot more useful than you think. (& you too Lord Baelish.)

A ladder does not mean chaos Lord Baelish!

Obtain a ladder from your basement, or craft one and set it on your wall to use as a rack for placing your decorative objects.

using ladders to make your home comfier

Art? Walls? Wall arts!

Implicating art related objects into homes can be an expensive thing. Especially with the oversaturation of cultural stigmas it can also be an indecisive process.

We all want to show off our art-loving sides and that is a wonderful thing, but the problem is that people think buying art pieces such as drawings and illustrations are the only way to give our homes a ‘’La La Land’’ musical vibe. Well, that is not true!

By repurposing unused objects and making your own pieces (creativity alert!) you no longer must feel like you are living in a plain white box!

Fabric Wall Hangings

Fabric Wall Hangings

The idea of hanging rugs on walls has been very popular for more than a decade now. Resting a rug or quilt that you have not been using and which fits the rooms theme will give the feeling that your home reflects a unique taste and an artistic outlook!

 idea of hanging rugs on walls

Time to dig into that basement and make good use of some untouched objects.

This is a scratchy one. You probably have seen many astonishing interior designs on the internet while envying the creativity people have. If you dive in and evaluate how objects are chosen and placed, you should get the idea that it is all about trial and error.

This means a simple object like a guitar, a skateboard or even a bag can add spice to your décor. What is important is that trying everything you think will fit in and then visualizing the picture in your head to decide whether you feel it click or not.

Metal Wall Art

Wall Art

What is most beneficial is the most feared!

Woman Painting

Let me take a wild guess. On many occasions you have fixed your eyes at the walls of your home and thought, ‘’how would it look if this dreary wall were painted in ‘x’ color?

Well, I for a long time dreaded the inevitable reality; the wall color of your rooms are the first things that hit the eye of someone entering your house. This makes walls the most important part when it comes to home decor. Doesn’t it? Think about it, the first glance as you burst in a room creates the overall impression in your heads. Your artistic eye decides if the walls bind well with the rest of the decor, or if it is just another home with no taste at all.

Sadly, painting walls and retexturing our homes frighten us and seem like the scariest thing. As if it is something impossible to undergo without going into a big renovation. Well, to be honest it may not be as easy as hanging a clock watch, however it is not as hard as you picture in your head – especially bearing in mind the price-performance rate and the outstanding difference it will make on your home.

Keep reading as we explain the simple steps on recreating your home by freshening the soul, which is done with the power of colors!


A few tips on choosing the right colors of paint for your home.

Create a Color Scheme which will match your home’s furniture.

A good way to find out what fits your home is choosing three different objects which exists in your home and which has a high meaning for you. Take these objects to the store and find the sample strips of the colors on the objects. Each sample strip is 6 colors therefore, you will have roughly 15-20 colors to pick from which can be matched with your walls.

· Pair Colors with the vibe you wish to create in the room.

Although the emotional effect that colors have can vary widely from person to person, it is proven that colors have emotional ties with the general human psychology. A research done shows that yellow stimulates the brain, which can be applied in rooms where homework is done. Red increases appetite and blood pressure whereas blues and greens are linked with natural vibes thus have a calming effect.

Paint Colors

If you have a desire on turning a room or a small area cozier, picking colors like hunter green or rust can create a welcoming effect. If you are still hesitant towards what your room will look in a certain color, here is a website where you can upload a photo and virtually test out the color you wish to paint your room in and see the outcome before you go ahead in action;


Comfy and Warm Office

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