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Carry your 2021 resolutions to your home décor.

It is acknowledged that color has a deep connection to the way we feel and our character. While some give into the swift strokes of cold, breezy colors, others may want to get trapped in warm hues, reminding them of the fire or the passion they embrace within themselves. Pastel tones or earth colors are also in the list of alternatives when it comes to picking your side in 2021 Dig deep in that soul searching and decide which colors to go for this year, mostly by relying on your instincts but do not forget to also give the internet a look because 2021 trendsetter colors might be the total opposite of what your soul is searching. After all, it's always best to find common ground! Carry your 2021 resolutions to your home décor

Spacey or Cluttered?

Spacey or Cluttered?  I will not impose that a room can 100% define your mental state or your character flaws, but I will say they aren’t completely unrelated! From OCD to depression, root of many psychological disruptions can be due to the lacking support or relaxation of the space which you spend your most time in. If your room is filled with unnecessary things suffocating you and bringing your mood down, it is time to get rid of a few things – maybe more than a few. Give to the needy, build an in-wall closet and tuck somethings away, or put the cellar downstairs to good use away from the eye. If none of these suits you, bring out your travel suitcases and tuck some things into those (unless you aren’t a constant traveler). A new year can mean a different thing for everyone but for most, it is the clearance of the mind, opening for new chances and adventures (good or bad). As metaphorical as this is, it is also physical. If you don’t have space in your home for what 2021 is about to bring, how do you plan on opening room for it in your heart and mind?


It’s time for some reflection!

 woman in a kitchenDon't dream your life, live your dreams
Have you always had that one purpose or passion that you promise to bring to life in the new year but then gradually watch it fade out as the year goes on? Let’s be honest, we all do. Have you ever thought of reflecting that one resolution on your home so it can stare right at you every day? Sounds pushy at first but I’ll unravel. For example, is your resolution to get more intimate with nature and appreciate what mother nature provides or maybe spend more time gardening? Throw in some nature related accessories with some earth tones in your room's decoration. Or try to use green vaguely in your home along with leaf shaped pieces or wooden elements. These pieces can be some useful ones to suit this theme:


This will freshen your space while lifting your mood. Another dreadful resolution that is always left unassisted is to work out more and eat healthy or even lose couple of pounds. Create a little gym space with some work out tools, a treadmill or maybe just a yoga mat, a mirror, and some light weights can be more than enough to get you in the mood for that workout you always dreamed of. You can ignore your ambitions for a few days or months, but you can’t ignore them sitting there in your home decoration for 365 days/ 12 months. Posters or frames with some inspirational phrases or quotes about hardwork or gymming can be a great addition to your walls in this concept. Here are some elements we thought you might like in this sense:
art wallChair with pillows
Design your room
Modern Living Room
Consistency and repetition build the road to permanent healthy habits and ambitions, and what is more consistent throughout the year than the place where we set foot into every day?

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