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Best Easter Rugs For Your Home

Easter is a holiday that is celebrated happily in the USA. It is a festival and holiday to remember the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Easter 2022 is a few weeks away, but we are starting our Easter discounts to help our customers further. Our deals can save you a lot of money!  

 Our article will discuss our Easter sales, area rug sales, and incredible deals.

 About Easter Sale


Rugs NonSlip Floor Mat Doormats

Rugs NonSlip Floor Mat Doormats

Rugs are used for different purposes in every house, but one thing can be said about all of them, they are aesthetic pieces of furniture. There are even homes where they are used as decorative pieces framed on walls.  

Easter is widely celebrated; we also would like to contribute to the Easter Spirit with our discounts in our Online Shop! So if you are looking for a rug, it would be the best time to shop!  

With spring coming, it is also one of the best times to browse stores! With spring cleaning, you can add some fresh décor to your home in the Easter sale. They can make your home cozy and bring a new mood to your rooms.  

Area Rugs 


Easter Bunny Light Blue Accent Rug

Easter Bunny Light Blue Accent Rug

 Area Rugs are convenient items to have in your home. They have many benefits, such as heat and sound insulation, and they are comfortable!  

 They protect hard floors against spills and various damaging effects. There are many rug types, and they can fit any living space!

Rugs give character to a room; they reflect your sense of style and anchor your furniture. They can also be used inside or outside.  

Choosing an area rug might be a complex process because there are many options, but having many options means that you can find a perfect rug for any living space. When you find the perfect rug, you will see that it completes your room.  

There are many area rug types and styles you can choose from; some examples are: 

Shag Rugs: Shaggy area rugs have high piles that extend under your foot. Their plushy nature provides maximum comfort. The best part about having a shag rug is you can also use them as cushions when reading books or watching tv.  

 They are extremely good at living rooms and guest rooms. Their only wrong side is they hold dirt more than traditional rugs, and thus they need to be vacuumed frequently.

Natural Fibers: Natural fibers are a broad spectrum that includes fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, etc. Even though natural fibers are on the more expensive side, they are also higher quality area rugs, and they can be used for years. 

Bamboo Rugs: Bamboo rugs are fantastic! First of all, they are environmentally friendly, and when they are disposed of, they are easily destroyed. They are durable, easy to clean and can be used indoors or outdoors.  

Handmade: If you are after rugs on the artwork level and want them to be more than mere décor, you will love handmade rugs! They vary in quality depending on the location they are made, materials, and techniques used but what they are famous for is their duration.  

There are handmade rugs that can last for even Centuries, such as Iranian Rugs. You should check our handmade rugs section if you want a luxurious rug!  

Leather: If you want something exotic, leather will be perfect. They go well, especially with leather furniture.

Area rugs can be used in any room of your house! Below are some rug type and materials that can go in respective rooms!  

Kitchen: Let’s be honest. Spills often happen in the kitchen, so waterproof, anti-slip rugs are suitable for maintaining them for a long time, protecting your floors, and helping you balance. You can also find anti-fatigue rugs in our shop, which can help you stand for prolonged amounts of time.  

Bedroom: Large rugs are good in bedrooms since they see high traffic and contain fewer allergens than longer piles, short pile natural fiber area rugs such as silk, wool, or cotton are mostly recommended. Leather rugs are also good if you want something exotic as décor.  

Living Room: Living rooms can carry many types of rugs. Synthetic and natural fibers go pretty well since foot traffic is high. Layering rugs can be thought of if you have a coffee table in the middle of your room.  

Halls: Halls look great with runners. This will isolate heat and sound and provide a warm, comfortable ground to walk on.  

Kid Rooms: You can also find area rugs for children in our shop. Many designs and pictures on which they can play with their toys are available. Your kids will love them! 

Outside: Bamboo rugs and synthetic rugs are great outside since they are easy to clean. Since dust is naturally collected out, rugs that do not hold dust compared to other fabrics are recommended.  

Guest Room: Shag rugs with soft fabrics such as wool are pretty good in guest rooms. They provide a smooth, plushy ground for your guests. In guest rooms, if you want an aesthetic and something a little out of the ordinary, you can check out hide rugs!  

Awesome Deals 


Kinbrae Tufted Green/Pink Area Rug

Kinbrae Tufted Green/Pink Area Rug

 A new rug is always a good thing for bringing joy to your home. So it is a perfect time to buy new furniture with spring coming. With Easter sale deals and plenty of area rugs to choose from, you have an excellent chance to find what you are looking for!  

On our website you can use our discounts up to -%70 and purchase the best rugs with the perfect deal. With Easter sales, we are presenting great deals for our customers. So whether you look for a small or big rug, you can browse our website and find the perfect rug for your home. So please visit our website for eggcellent deals!  

We also provide free shipping to assist our customers.  

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