Ways to Reduce Visual Clutter

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Visual Clutter

Having a clutter free home makes it easier to relax and helps you focus on the things that matter. There are two types of visual clutter. The first is visible clutter; these are things like stacks of papers on a table, dirty clothes thrown on a chair, or a sink full of unwashed dishes. The other type is invisible clutter. These are things that are messy but can’t always be seen. Some examples are messy cable, unorganized drawers or closets, or a pantry in disarray. We often ignore this second type simply because they are not in plain sight. The simplest way to achieve a clutter-free home is by having less. Certainly, it’s easier to clean surfaces with few to no things on them. However, it’s not so achievable in real life for everyone. We have to possess various things essential for our comfort and survival. But there are ways to reduce the appearance of how much clutter we have at home. 

Every item should have a permanent place  

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It is important to make sure that everything has a place. Putting things back in their right place takes the same amount of effort than putting them somewhere they do not belong. Doing this will help prevent misplacing items and having to stress over relocating them. This also helps establishing the habit of keeping a neat home. It becomes second nature to you instead of it just being a chore. Hidden places, like your refrigerator, pantry, and closet should be treated just like the visible parts of your home. Put things back where you originally assigned them. 

To reinforce the idea that these items belong where they do, you can use boxes and baskets to house them. In order to reduce visual clutter, opt for clear baskets for places where you need to see what items are inside. This works for your pantry and refrigerator. It also helps remind you when a certain item needs to be refilled. It can help you plan out your grocery list more efficiently. You can use opaque containers for items that you want to keep hidden. These are things like toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other things that you think will create a distraction from your home’s design. Natural looking containers are great for places where you need to put them on display. They add warmth to a space. It is the type of a container that can double as a decor piece. 

Keep Your Tables and Countertops Clear  

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This will instantly help you reduce clutter in your home. Store away things that you do not need to access instantly. Keeping things in drawers, instead of your surfaces doesn’t prevent you from being able to use them, but it does greatly help elevate the look of your home. Be mindful of your needs and your lifestyle. You will know which things to keep out and which things to keep hidden when you take notes of the things you use every day. There are also some convenient items you can use to help make your storage more accessible. For example, you can use turning containers for your spices and other ingredients in your pantry that you use frequently. Keep your tables and countertops tidy without sacrificing efficiency. 

Use trays to organize small items 

 kitchen counter with coffee pods and jars

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 Having dishes, bowls, and hooks are great ways to keep your small items together and not cluttered throughout your home. At the same time, they are still very accessible. Keys and wallets are great examples of everyday items you commonly place on a tray. Placing things on a tray makes it look less cluttered and like you were more intentional in placing those items in that specific spot. You can further expand this idea by using racks to display frequently used spices. Trays can also serve as a place to put your decor together. Use the rule of three when placing these items to make it look more appealing.  

Use uniform containers for your food items. 

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Food and snack packaging often comes in various shapes and colors, which can be really distracting to look at. Pouring them into a container will help reduce visual clutter by giving your food items a uniform look. A transparent container will also increase visibility and help reduce waste since things are no longer hidden out of sight. You can do the same thing for your dressings and sauces by placing them in squeeze bottles. Don’t forget to label them, and try to stick to a minimalist design.  

Limit your color palette 

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Stick to a maximum of 3 to 5 colors within a room. This does not mean it has to be boring. Playful colors can also look clean and minimal. If you have trouble putting together a color palette or if you just doubt that certain colors work together, you can stick to the neutrals. You can simply add pops of accent colors throughout your home to add more personality. Greenery and colors from natural and organic materials are a great way to make a calm environment. One thing to watch out for is loud prints and patterns. This can make a place look too busy, so it’s better to pick simple prints.  

Having a clutter free home may be hard to achieve at the start but it is not impossible. Once you’ve reduced the unnecessary items and put everything to its place, it’s all just about maintenance. Make keeping your home clean a habit instead of a chore, so it does not get tiring and too cumbersome.  

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