A bright and airy modern living room with modern home decor and a traditional area rug middle of the room.

4 Steps to Bring New Traditional Accessories and Rugs Into Your Modern Home Decor

The dictionary's simple definition of "traditional" is anything that has been practiced regularly or for a long time. However, when it comes to modern times, it is necessary to add a little mobility! Traditional design has always meant the celebration of styles and architecture from many different periods. If you too want to give your home a traditional vibe, what you can and should do is quite straightforward!                                                                                                                                                                                                              

These houses combined with modernity will take your breath away & having a stunningly traditional home décor will become a piece of cake after you are through with this article! Just follow our lead.

Traditional Homes - a Way to Appreciate Authenticity!

A traditional area rug in modern living room with modern home decor.
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Traditional Interior Design Does Not Get Old

Because it is influenced by traditional values and enduring, historical traditions and beliefs. In this way, you connect with the past by carrying the traces of the past centuries in your home! Classical and antique sculptures hung in suitable niches or alcoves throughout the house, as well as hand-embroidered needlework rugs, usually presented in huge, generously decorated frames with gold or bronze finishes, are important parts of classically themed interiors.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Showing off your traditional side in your window treatments

Impressive window treatments include curtains, drapes, fringes, and swags made of luxurious materials such as velvet, plush, damask, fine canvas, and linen, decked out with luxurious floral motifs or inviting checkered or striped patterns. Applying these items or styles to your home will enhance the upbeat energy in your home and will certainly carry your heritage to your everyday modern living space. The sum of all these pieces shows you that conventionality is a whole and similar to puzzle pieces.                                                                                                                                       

A classic victorian traditional curtain.
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In the Name Of Chandeliers!

It is never too much when it comes to Traditional Chandeliers or lighting elements. With only a single piece of accessory or item, you have the utmost power to take your decor game up a notch while adding a traditional nuance to the picture. You can do this by decorating your bedroom with oriental lamps, adorning your living room with a stunning chandelier or ornamenting your entryway with a classic piece of accessory. Traditional design has redefined lighting's purpose, transforming the numerous lamps, sconces, and chandeliers from "simple" lighting fixtures to "show-stopping" ornamental pieces.                                                                                                                           

Two traditional chandelier with gold details in a modern decorated living room.

Decorative and Embellishing Pillows!

Pillows seem like petite details or insignificant factors in home decoration but let us assure you that is massively misleading! A pillow or two in a room delicately designed will give that immaculate finale that your home deserves. Traditionally designed pillows are a great way and are certainly not a big hassle to implement - both financially and physically! They are easy-to-apply elements for a reasonable budget.

Two decorative pillows with traditional patterns in a modern living room decor.

A Home's Favorite Dressings: Oriental Rugs

Of all these short but useful tips of ours, in fact, perhaps the most common are rugs, which are a way to reflect conventionality.

Each rug's distinctive design, color scheme, and weave are tied to its indigenous culture, and its weaving style is specific to a particular geographic area or nomadic tribe. Generally speaking, the more urban the setting, the more flowery or formal the pattern! These characteristics are what distinguish each traditional rug, whether it be white for the wedding or white to signify famine, death, or hunting. Every piece is unique in its own traditional way and there is something exquisite for everyone or every taste out there. Applying traditional rugs with this unique background to your home will also add the perfect classicism to you. Let's look at how we can dress your home with traditional rugs.

Choose the Best Traditional Rugs

When buying traditional rugs, it is necessary to pay attention to the general color scale of the house. In addition, even the motifs in the patterns of the rug help us reflect the message we want to give in our home. While leaf and flower patterns give us a more sensible air, rugs with dense patterns are a more attention-grabbing point! It will give you the "traditional twist" you want by making the final chef touch yours! As Mark&Day, we offer you traditional rugs in hundreds of numbers and unique colors. 

A traditional oriental persian rug at a modern living room.

Visit our traditional collection and bring traditional accents and oriental rugs into your modern home decor! 

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