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Earn M&D Coins for every dollar you spent and various actions you made to redeem them for discounts in your actual purchases and more!
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and start earning rewards and get 50 M&D Coins immediately!



Earn M&D coins for every dollar you spend and various actions you perform


Redeem your M&D COINS

for discounts in your actual purchases, free products and more!
*Can't combine rewards with other coupons

Vip Tiers


Bronz Vip

< $1000

$1 -> 1 Coin


Silver Vip

$1000 < * < $2500

$1 -> 1.5 Coin
Discount Code


Gold Vip

$2500 <

$1 -> 2 Coin
+1 time usage %20 off
Discount Code

Frequently Asked Questions

The M&D Club is Mark and Day’s *exclusive* rewards program that’ll give you ALL the good vibes. Earn M&D Coins to cash in for free products or discounts on your next order! Keep reading for more deets or check out our Terms of Use for full program details!
When you join the M&D Club, you earn M&D Coins when you purchase eligible products. The points you earn are based on your current membership tier:
Bronz Vip members earn 1 M&D Coin for every $1.00 spent on a Qualifying Purchase.
Silver Vip members earn 1.5 M&D Coin for every $1.00 spent on a Qualifying Purchase.
Gold Vip members earn 2 M&D Coin for every $1.00 spent on a Qualifying Purchase.
A few more things to note: M&D Coins are calculated based on the subtotal of a Qualifying Purchase after any discounts have been applied.
You don’t earn any M&D coins for dollars spent on applicable taxes, shipping or handling of the products. When products are returned for a refund to the original payment method, M&D coins will be deducted from your account for the amount of the return, net of taxes, shipping and handling.

You can redeem M&D Coins for eligible products and/or discounts on your next order! Offers include:
Redeeming Discounts:
200 M&D Coins = $10.00 off
400 M&D Coins = $20.00 off
600 M&D Coins = $30.00 off
800 M&D Coins = $40.00 off
1000 M&D Coins = $50.00 off
1500 M&D Coins = $75.00 off
2000 M&D Coins = $100.00 off

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