Product Care

Here are some simple steps to prolong the life of your rugs:

  • Using a vacuum (without a beater bar) regularly will help prevent dust and dirt build-up. 
  • Small spills can be spot cleaned with clean dye-free cloth. Press firmly to absorb the liquid. 
  • Avoid uneven fading and wear by rotating your rug occasionally. 
  • The material and construction will determine whether you should trim or tuck a pull.

How to Set-Up Machine Woven Rug

When you remove the packaging and unfurl the rug, it is normal for the corners to be curled. 

To fix this;

  • Place an object like a book or a piece of furniture on each corner to weigh it down.
  • You can also flip the rug upside down for a few days. Then your rug will be ready to go. 
With high quality and low maintenance, our machine woven rugs provide you the best of both worlds. These stains, fade, and fray resistant rugs with allow you to get the look you want while maintaining the practicality you need.