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Women's Day Rug Gift Ideas

International Women's day is celebrated on 8th of March Every year. On this precious day we celebrate Victory of Women in different ways. In essence it is to celebrate social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide A rug can be a thoughtful gift in celebrating Women's Day. With versatile shapes, colors, designs, material choices and many more, a rug can be a good fit for many women in this well-celebrated day.  

About Women's Day 

International Women's Day is a day that Unites Nations recognize and it is annually celebrated on 8th of March. It dates back to as early as 1909 where Socialist Party of America held a "Woman's Day". International Women's Day has gone through a few phases and in 1960s, Global Feminist Movement adopted it. It became a mainstream holiday after it was adopted in 1977 by United Nations. 

It is celebrated differently in different parts of the world. It is a day for celebrating women's social, financial, political, and cultural empowerment. In this day various events are held, while in some parts of the world it is loyal to its origins and protests and desire to be heard of for change is aimed, mainly in Western countries it is a day where celebration of womanhood is focus of the day. It is also celebrated as holiday in some countries.  

International Women's Day is celebrated with themes every year. 2022 Theme is #Breakthebias 

This movement targets a gender equal world.  It aims to eliminate bias, stereotypes and discrimination and its purpose is to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive world and thus forging equality for women. International Women's Day is also celebrated in companies, the aim is to create a gender equal workplace for all women. 


Women Breaking the Bias

Women Breaking the Bias

On this day, there are also many opportunities for shopping, and most retailers provide significant discounts to celebrate International Women's Day. In addition, you can find many deals in most online shops. There is a wide range of presents to gift the influential women in your life, and in this article, we will provide you with information regarding rugs as gifts.

Rug Gift Ideas 

If you are looking for a unique gift to give to the influential women in your life on International Women's Day, a rug might be the right choice for you. A rug can give your room and home character various colors, shapes, types, and materials. Since they have many styles, they can be fun, beautiful, class, or cozy. Rugs have many varieties, and you can use them outdoors or indoors, depending on the type. They can be for kids or adults, can be used in kitchen, bedroom, living room, halls or working room and it is highly likely to find one suitable to anyone's taste. You can also find one that will suit the furniture with various color options!  

They can be used for many purposes, a welcome mat might bring a smile to the guests' faces, or a more severe rug might reflect your character to the arriving people. If you are working on your feet for long hours and want to rest them when you get home, the soft touch of a shaggy rug might be the therapy you need. You may also buy some rugs specially designed for kids to play with their toys on. With pet-friendly options, choices become even wider! 

Because rugs come in all shapes and sizes, it is easier to fit them in any room. To give some examples, a traditional area rug with wool material and classic art can be an excellent addition to the eccentricity of your living room.  


Traditional Rug in Living Room

Traditional Rug in Living Room 

A rug with good design can entertain your kids for a long time. With their imagination and toys, it will be really easy for them to create a world for them to play in.  


A Kids Rug


Your choices for rugs do not end here, you can use a nice silk rug to cover an empty part of your bedroom or have a circular rug that will look splendid on your kitchen floor! It is also possible to get some rugs for your bathroom to lighten it up!

Rugs also have many material options that would suit your needs. If you want to feel softness under your feet when you walk on a rug or you like to sit down on the floor for reading or doing something? Then wool, silk or cotton rugs might be the right choices for you. They have many types such as shaggy rugs or traditional and they are soft, beautiful, fit greatly with furniture, and have a cozy vibe. They are also resistant to water and stains up to a degree.  

If you want something really unique and have a bold character, a hide or leather rug might be the good fit for you. They are good looking, they will be center of attention in any room they are in. They also reflect your bold and adventurous side in the room. They are great fits for reading and working rooms.  

It is easy to choose a rug to gift to the important women with these many options. Gifts may many purposes and gifting a lasting item is primarily a preferable choice. Rug is a gift that lasts for a long time. With such a gift, your loved ones will use and see it daily and your presence will be with them every day for years.  

Awesome Deals 

In a day as excellent as International Women's Day, we would also like to participate in celebrations with awesome deals!  

Deals up to %70 percent can be found in our website for this special day. Also, we are offering free shipping because rugs are big in volume and shipping fees are usually high for them.  

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