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What Should You Know About Outdoor Rugs?

We use many outdoor furniture products to make it feel like home. Outdoor rugs are one of these pieces of furniture. The outdoor rug you choose may differ entirely according to your decor preferences. So, you should first know about outdoor rugs; let’s look.

Outdoor patio setting with an oriental rug on a sunny day

What makes a rug suitable for outdoor use?

First, what makes a rug suitable for outdoor use is the materials used in the production of that rug. This material is generally synthetic and is resistant to water, humidity, and other weather conditions.

These features make them durable outdoor space products that you can use for a long time. So now, let's view what these outdoor rug materials are and their features.


Polypropylene is one of the synthetic materials used in producing outdoor rugs. These synthetic fibers are petroleum products, and their usage areas wide. They are used for many products, from pet bottles to clothing products.

Another critical feature of polypropylene rugs is that they are stain resistant and do not fade. When all these features come together, we can say that outdoor rugs made of polypropylene are entirely resistant to weather conditions. As a result, most outdoor rugs and even the best outdoor rugs are produced from this material.

Many outdoor rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas.

Other synthetic materials that can be used to manufacture an outdoor area rug are nylon, polyester, and acrylic. However, we cannot discuss the same durability level for all of them in terms of durability.

For example, a synthetic outdoor rug is more flexible than an outdoor indoor-outdoor rug made from natural materials such as wool rugs.

If natural fibers such as cotton and jute are used in the production of a patio rug, this rug will be suitable for indoor use only, not indoor.

But, natural fibers can cause bacteria and fungus growth. Therefore, using these fibers in outdoor spaces should not be preferred. In addition, they can only be durable in dry climates.

It would be a great idea to use outdoor area rugs, which are produced from a 100% synthetic material, outdoors, such as patio, front porch, or back porch. Moreover, with this type of rug, you can find a good match for outdoor furniture.

Natural Fibers

 As we mentioned above, we all want to have warmth and comfort indoors and outdoors, so we may want to buy one of the outdoor rugs made of natural fibers.

Natural fibers such as seagrass and jute are softer than synthetic ones. However, if you are persistent in owning one of these, you should choose one that is resistant to moisture and water. Rugs with these durability features are featured with a rubber pad.

This feature allows rugs made of natural fibers to breathe. Therefore, it should be preferred with rugs that are covered with rug pads on the back.

However, these rugs should be dried daily in sunny areas to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth.

Can you leave an outdoor rug outside?

Outdoor rugs are already produced to be outside in the summer season. But when the temperatures drop and fall and winter comes, the question arises: can I leave my outdoor rug outside?

When the temperatures drop and, most notably, when the rains start, if you want to leave your outdoor rug outside, you must first make your patio or patio resistant to this cold, humid, and rainy weather.

These outdoor spaces should be protected with a roof, so they are not directly exposed to snow and precipitation. Sometimes, you can turn them into a winter garden by opening and closing windows.

Outdoor rugs are produced to be outdoors in summer and winter. They must be made of synthetic materials. Rugs containing natural fibers in a ratio should not be left out.

If we look at natural fibers in general, they significantly contribute to interior spaces in terms of softness, aesthetics, and comfort.

They are not resistant to external factors. They should not get wet; if they do get wet, they should be dried in the sun.

On the other hand, outdoor rugs are made from breathable synthetic fibers to ensure they are durable and do not grow mold or fungus. In addition, synthetic rugs, which absorb humidity, can preserve their colors and the vividness of their colors.   

What’s the best type of outdoor rug?

First, the best outdoor rug for you is one that meets your expectations, suits your preferences, and stays within your budget. We can list these expectations and intentions as size, color, pattern, material, and style.

In terms of size, for example, you may prefer a rug that covers the entire floor of your patio. You should ensure a 6-inch gap between your patio’s and your rug’s edges.

If a rug that will be a focal point in the middle of your patio will meet your expectations, then you should choose a rug that can fit under the middle coffee table and the front legs of the sofas and armchairs around it.  

The best outdoor rug in color, pattern, and style is entirely up to you. For example, if you have an intense and dark outdoor decoration, then you can choose a solid rug in light tones.

Of course, it wouldn't be right not to be saying that a low-maintenance outdoor rug is also one of the best outdoor rugs.

Do outdoor rugs hold up?

Outdoor rugs are produced as resistant to high-traffic areas, humid, rainy, snowy weather conditions, and heat. These features allow them to be used comfortably for many years. In addition, they are so durable because they are produced from synthetic materials such as one hundred percent polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and acrylic by-products of petroleum.

Indoor and outdoor rugs are produced with a ratio of natural fiber mixture. However, their durability and long-term use depend entirely on their protection from humidity, rain, bad weather conditions, extreme heat, and direct sunlight. In addition, natural fiber-synthetic fiber mixed rugs require careful maintenance, which can be tiring for outdoor areas exposed to intense dirt. 

What type of outdoor rug is the most durable?

If you choose one of the outdoor rugs made of synthetic fibers such as 100% nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, and polyester, you will have decided on the most durable one.

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