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Washable Kitchen Rugs That Make Cleanup a Breeze

In this article, we would like to give you general information about washable kitchen rugs that make cleanup a breeze and answer the most frequently asked questions. 

In homes, in an open concept, the kitchen can share the same space with the living room, or sometimes it can be independent of other living spaces as a separate room. Kitchens exist because of cooking. Cooking is an action that we perform with ease and pleasure, like a breeze for most of us.  

However, when you evaluate your kitchen in terms of cleanliness, it turns your kitchen into a complete danger zone. Because once you clean it, you can look back and see that it's dirty again, and it's frustrating. 

If the first reason for this quick getting dirty is cooking, the second is mostly eating in the kitchen or eating something standing in this area; this means dirt, stains, and dust in every corner of the kitchen. 

Kitchens, which are common meeting areas for everyone, are therefore high traffic areas. Regarding dirtiness, the kitchen rug gets its share of this increased traffic and the floor. The short life of the furniture we use in the kitchen is that they are cleaned too much and are heavily exposed to cleaning materials. 

It is also true for area rugs used in kitchens. In terms of visual interest, this situation of furniture and area rugs used in kitchens is annoying.  

  • So, what kind of area rugs should be used in this area that is so exposed to dirtiness? 

  • What is the significance of these being stain resistant? 

  • Why should you choose washable kitchen rugs? 

  • How does a machine washable rug make your life easier in terms of kitchen cleaning? 

  • How do washable kitchen rugs make cleanup a breeze?

We seem to hear all your questions. You can find all the answers you expect in this article. 

What Kind Of Rugs Are Best For Kitchens?

The best rugs for kitchens have certain specific features. Therefore, before we go shopping for a kitchen rug, we need to know exactly what these features are and what we should expect from a kitchen rug so that we will not be disappointed when using it later.

When choosing an area rug, we reflexively want it to be stylish. We search for a stylish rug all the time. Because the kitchen is also a part of our home, we should buy a piece that continues our home decor style in this area and creates a new concept. So no matter what decoration product we buy for our home, style match comes before any other product feature. 

The rug we use in kitchen space, no matter what features it has, must be cleaned regularly. But there are rugs available that make this cleaning job easier, and if they are on the market, why should cleaning be so tiring? 

Rugs that do not have the features to provide the ease of cleaning required for kitchen use wear out quickly and no one wants a worn rug in their home. Because, in this case, you have to spend money to buy a rug again.   

Kitchens become very dirty due to the spills of foodstuffs and their constant exposure to water - humidity, and if the rugs used in this area are not cleaned as soon as they get dirty and stained, it will be almost impossible to completely remove these dirt and stains. However, if cleaning your rug is not practical and easy, and takes time, this rug will be nothing but a burden for you in your busy life. 

Below we would like to explain the features of a rug that will make your cleaning job easier, save you time and get satisfactory cleaning results: 

  • First of all, a rug must have a washability feature. Rugs that cannot be washed by any method should not be used in the kitchen. 

  • A washable rug should also be machine washable because it is a great comfort and luxury that your rug can be cleaned and dried quickly as soon as any stains and dirt are formed. 

  • At the same time, you should make sure that the washable rugs you prefer are made of stain resistant fabric. Because if it does not have this feature, you may not be able to get rid of the stains even if you wash your rug in the machine. You must be so sure of this feature that even red wine stains must be cleaned. 

  • You should choose washable rugs with non slip backing. Because kitchen floors often get wet. This backing feature prevents the rug from slipping due to wet slip and home accidents. If your rug does not have non slip backing, then you should use a rug pad. 

  • You should make sure that the kitchen rug you are considering buying is water-resistant or not. 

  • Kitchen rugs must be produced as both low pile and nylon pile. 

If kitchen rugs have all these technical characteristics, then it's time to evaluate their style and shape.

You can choose an accent rug with gorgeous patterns. You can create an artistic style in your kitchen with an abstract washable kitchen rug. Geometric print rugs can add liveliness to your kitchen. You can easily use a small rectangular rug in front of the kitchen sink, or you can choose rectangular shapes to be the focal point of your kitchen.

Most importantly, whatever the shape and style of your kitchen rug, you should never forget that you deserve to feel the softness underfoot. 

What Is The Best Area Rug For A Kitchen? 

There are plenty of advantages to having an area rug in the kitchen. They are a great way to add color to a neutral-toned kitchen, and they add a little cushioning underfoot in a space where you spend most of your time on your feet.  

When you lay it on the floor, it should offer a great addition. It should combine with style and quality. The best area rugs for a kitchen are made of durable polupropylene or polyester. It should be cleaned from even red wine stains. A square or rectangular washable kitchen area rug will be the best kitchen rug for you. 

Are Kitchen Rugs Worth It?

If they provide all that we've discussed from the point of style, the material of manufacture, and easy-to-clean features, then kitchen rugs are worth the money because you can use a kitchen rug with all these features. 

Should You Put A Rug In Front Of The Kitchen Sink? 

The front of the kitchen sinks the area of the kitchen that is most exposed to water. Removing the wetness in this area is very important in staining, hygiene, and preventing home accidents. That's why you should use an accent rug or a door mat-sized area rug in front of the kitchen sink.  

Should You Put A Rug Under The Kitchen Table?

A kitchen is also a casual dining room. Therefore, there is a dining table in your kitchen, even if it is small. It might be wise not to put a rug under this dining table. However, if you care about your decoration and want it to be complete, then you can buy one of the washable rugs and use it in this area. Because, no matter how dirty the under of the dining table gets, the rug you use in this area will be easy to clean. 

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