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Unique Girl Nursery Ideas

One of the most thrilling things about parenting or being an expectant parent is the preparation of a cute little room designed precisely for your little one’s warmth and leisure, and the next most exuberant thing is decorating a girl nursery! When you are designing a room for your newborn, you are creating her first space to endure and take in this world. Why let it be dull and ordinary when you can give her a space that is heartwarming and surely full of character? The nursery you create will be where you hold dear countless snuggles and bedtime stories along with an admiration for the adorable space you prepared every time you set foot in it. 

Start off with a canopy

Canopy play area in the nursery

The presence of a canopy in a nursery will bind your affectionate atmosphere with a cozy and spacey feel. You can arrange a canopy as a play area or around the bed of your baby girl. A bed canopy is a delicate detail that your girl deserves in her nursery. What is more princess-like than a bed canopy after all?  

Whimsical lights or accent accessories

Underwater night light effect and little girl sleeping


Nothing says fun and joyous than inspiring lightning or merrily shaped accessories adding spark to the room. There are endless alternatives to provide for your nursery when it comes to lightning. Illuminate your room with some playful and unexpected embellishment.  

Cloud shaped lightning in a nautical nursery


If you have nothing, you ought to have led string lights left from a previous birthday laying around somewhere at home. Grab them and scatter them around your girl’s bed or crib. This smooth touch will be a dreamy implementation and requires almost no effort. 

lights around a nursery bed

Carnival Mode On 

Carnival wallpaper


Carnival theme’s first and most important rule is that it includes either a carousel or red and white stripes. Both of those elements represent a carnival-like ambiance and are impressive ways to boost your girl’s nursery game! A practical way to add a certain theme to a room is to do it with your curtains or drapes. Another theme that can be obtained easily through navy blue and white striped curtains is nautical theme. Nautical or carnival, what difference does it make when both of those represent adventure so gleefully?  

 Red and white striped curtains

Blossoms and Florals Are a Girl’s Best Friends! 

A girl is always a girl so whether she is 20 or 2 months old, she will have an inevitable admiration for flowers and will be swept off her feet in the sight of a flower bouquet or florals decorated around her. You can accessorize your girl nursery with floral wallpaper, flower patterned bedding, a mat or a wall art including flowers or an area rug designed in large petals or leafy buds. Your road to floral decoration is eternal and surely there is a triumph guaranteed at the end of each. Nothing can go wrong when flourishing blossoms, roses or blooms are in action.  

rose wallpaper in a nursery
Monogrammed nursery mat with flowers
Roses and lettering on the wall under a crib

The Perfect Duo: Pink and Gray

The electrifying charm of gray and soft pink may be a classic but is surely an oldie that is goldie! A girl’s nursery cannot be complete without any pinks thrown in. Pair soft grays with soft pinks and let the super girly energy radiate throughout the room. A unique and brave way to do this would be painting one wall pink and another one gray. Make sure the colors are not too bold and dramatic but rather light and soft. Dramatic colors are not intelligent choices when it comes to decorating a nursery. They will affect your baby’s sleep routine, distract her attention span, and may cause irritation or agitation.  

Gray and pink toys and room accessories in a girl nursery

We hope that you like these ideas and think they may be put to good use when planning your baby’s nursery. Make sure that the nursery you design is spacey, full of life (but not too chaotic) and is undoubtedly playful! Don’t decorate your nursery by holding back on the little whimsical details you come up with or have always dreamt of. Those silly little additions may turn up brilliantly adorable and even if not, a nursery should represent you and your baby not what the rule book says! 


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