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The Best Rugs For Your Kitchen

We have compiled the most flashy information about Mark and Day Rugs that you can use in your kitchen for you in this article. If you are looking for rugs in the USA, please check out this article.  

Your Kitchen is Important 

The kitchen is one of the most important most in a house. Unfortunately, it is a high-traffic area. Be it a quick morning coffee on your kitchen table, a dinner you prefer to eat in the kitchen, or washing dishes. 

Your kitchen is a room that sees lots of foot traffic daily. It is a highly used room, it should be furnished for comfort.  

Kitchen Décor 


Modern kitchen design

The meeting of your kitchen with the rug 

A kitchen is not only a place where you make your food inside; it is so much different than a workshop. It is a place that should feed your soul as well.  

Importance of Kitchen Décor  


Everyday Power of Kitchen

Everyday Power of Kitchen

When you use your kitchen, you should be happy to be in it; you should be inspired. Only if it ignites your passion that you can make extraordinary dishes! In creating your perfect kitchen, décor holds great significance.  

The color of your kitchen sink, the wood of your dining table, how you fill your floor space, and the kitchen floor are all factors that contribute to the ambiance.  

Kitchen Rugs as Décor  


Kitchen Mat Rug Yellow Lime

Kitchen Mat Rug Yellow Lime 

Over the years, kitchen rugs have shown a great deal of development. Although they are helpful and easy to place, they have many abilities such as absorbing dampness and covering cold floors to give you a great deal of comfort, providing safety with non-slip backings, and many more advantages!  

When washing dishes, it is better to let the instant warmth that kitchen rugs provide embrace you than step on cold tiles.  

There are many different rug types in terms of materials, shapes, colors, and styles, and using them as décor is now easier than ever! If you make the proper selection, a kitchen rug can be a pleasing item to have under your feet!  

You can find them useful for various uses, such as area rugs, kitchen mats, and runner rugs. 

Is It Okay to Have a Rug in Kitchen?  


Red kitchen rug

Red kitchen rug

 The short answer is, “absolutely yes!”   

Many rugs are designed specifically for kitchens which are called kitchen rugs. They have many attributes that will provide comfort in your kitchen. 

Most of them are stain-resistant, have a non-slip backing, can be placed in front of the sink, and are water-resistant. So if you choose the suitable kitchen mats for your kitchen, they will not only make your kitchen pleasant to look at, they will also help you with the function and comfort they provide!  

The kitchen is one of the highest traffic areas of a house; it is better to have some comfort under your feet with its soft texture. You can even have an anti-fatigue rug with rug pads if you stand for long periods when washing the dishes! You can even have a memory foam rug for greater comfort! 

Kitchen Island 


Turquoise kitchen island

Turquoise kitchen island 

If you have a big kitchen, kitchen islands are good options. But it would help if you decorated them sufficiently not to look barren. Rugs can play important in this regard. You can put them under stools near your kitchen island to give your kitchen island a fresh look. You can also use an area rug to cover a particular area and have a more comfortable zone.  

Things to Consider When Buying a Rug for Your Kitchen


Size is the first thing you need to consider when buying kitchen rugs. As a first step, you need to think about how much of your floor you want to cover when choosing kitchen rugs. It can be only decorative, functional, fun, cozy, and anything you want, depending on your desire!  

Standard kitchen rugs are 2 feet by 3 feet by standard, but you can get them in different sizes according to your needs. For example, you can choose a runner rug to cover your kitchen space, in which case it would be better to leave a few inches of spaces between the counter and cabinets and the rug so that your runner rug does not touch them.  


If you want to get a kitchen carpet under your dining table, its size should be an area plus a few feet more to cover the chairs when they are pulled towards the table. This way, when you sit at the table, your feet will be perfectly comfortable on the area rug.  

If you are going with standard rugs, it is advisable to get two rugs to cover both in front of the kitchen sink and stove. You can get two smaller rugs to tend to your needs. Getting stain-resistant and rubber backing non-slip rug pads is better if you are going in this direction 

If you think about your comfort, you can also think about memory foam rugs.  


To give spirit to a kitchen color of the rug should be chosen carefully. Bright colors might provide positive energy, especially if children live in the house. On the other hand, solid colors might give out a relaxed vibe of serenity.  

When deciding on the color, the most important thing is to consider your furniture. For example, if your kitchen rugs match the color of kitchen cabinets and tables, they will look much better.  

You can even choose a multicolored rug to match multiple items in your kitchen.  

Flatweave Rugs 

One of the things that can be considered when buying a rug is its craft style. Traditionally, rugs are made knot by knot. Flatweave rugs are created without nots, and they are crafted by weaving vertical and horizontal fibers together to create a single piece. They are thin and lightweight rugs without any pile construction.  

Why Are Flatweave Rugs Popular? 

Flatweave rugs are popular because they are among the best kitchen rugs to clean easily. Whether they are used as area rugs or runner rugs, they are easy to use in high foot traffic areas.  

Are Flatweave Rugs Machine Washable?  

Some small flatweave rugs are even machine washable thus, they make it much easier to clean them.  

Flatweave rugs come in all sizes and shapes. You can find many patterns such as traditional, tribal, bright colors, stripes, and many more. Having this much versatility makes them one of the best kitchen rugs.  


The design also plays an important role when choosing kitchen rugs. First, select a pattern in harmony with your kitchen’s décor. Kitchen rugs are available in various designs, with different shapes, geometric prints, and even images! There are so many design choices that it is not hard for you to find your perfect rug! 

Geometric Prints 

Geometric prints are classic. They go along with everything, from rustic furniture to modern choices. They even go along well with traditional options! For example, they are suitable for kitchen runner rugs that can fill your kitchen space!  

Traditional Design 

Traditional designs tend to give out an Eastern Vibe to your kitchen. They are primarily used in halls and living rooms, but they can also be used in the kitchen, especially if you are fond of oriental design. 

Traditional patterns go along well with most design choices! For example, they go well under tables as area rugs.  

Non-Slip Feature 

One thing you can take for granted in a kitchen is it will somehow get wet. It can be a spill; it can be from the sink; it can even be from a leak. But, unfortunately, when it gets wet sometimes, it gets unsafe.  

Why Choose a Non-Slip Rug in Kitchen?  

If you also encounter such problems in the kitchen, non-slip rugs can be the right rug for you. Simply put, they prevent slipping! They are also water resistant and come with rug pads to be easier to step on.  

Anti-Fatigue Rugs 

Are you living in a crowded house and dishes are your responsibility? Are you standing for long periods in the kitchen to wash the dishes? Anti-fatigue rugs might be the correct choice for you in this case. 

Standing on a hard floor for several hours is exhausting and can strain your lower body. In addition, it puts constant pressure on your back, legs and feet.  

Anti-fatigue rugs are thick, multilayered rugs that come between your feet and hard floor with extra paddings underfoot.  

This rugs also act as a regular rug to reduce slipping and protect your floor from spills. With their rug pads they are easier to stand on for long periods.  

Rug Material 

Some rugs are better to be used in kitchen than others. In kitchens, it is more likely that spills occur so it is better to choose a water resistant, stain resistant, non-slip kitchen rug. Since it will see high foot traffic, it should also be made of durable materials.  

Jute Rugs 

If you like it natural, a jute rug may be the best rug for you. This type of rug is made of dried plant fibers as a beautiful and long lasting rug for any room in your house. If your kitchen has access to outside, a jute rug might have indoor and outdoor use.  

Jute is a plant found in Asia. Its fibers are known to be durable and used in making of many materials such as rope, burlap etc. As it is made from Jute plant, it is softer than other rugs that are made from natural fibers. This makes it ideal for barefoot use.  

Why Buy a Jute Rug for the Kitchen?  

Most people choose jute rugs because they add a natural exotic feeling to any room they are in. They have a natural tan color but they can be dyed to other colors and patterns. They can even be used as neutral rugs to go with neutral kitchens.  

Jute rugs are easy to maintain. You should vacuum them regularly to prevent dirt from building up in them. If you get any stain on it, you can wet a paper towel and put it on the stain gently. Try not to rub hard in order not to damage fibers and spread the stain even further.  

They can be used as kitchen mats, kitchen runners or small rugs in front of sink and stove.  

Wool Rugs for The Kitchen

Colorful cotton rug

Colorful cotton rug

  Wool rugs are hand woven rugs that are made from natural wool. They usually come in with beautiful design and patterns. They are great noise and heat insulators.   

Hand woven rugs take great effort to make but they are durable. Because they have natural fibers, they feel really soft and they give a relaxing feeling when you step on them barefoot. Low pile wool rugs are one of the best kitchen rugs due to kitchen being a high traffic area 

They are plushy so they can be used as runner rugs, area rugs or as smaller mats. They can help you décor your home perfectly! 

Polypropylene Rugs for The Kitchen


Colorful polypropylene rug

Colorful polypropylene rug

Polypropylene Rugs 

Polypropylene rugs are made from synthetic fibers. Polypropylene is a polymer created from monomer propylene, and it is used in many industries. Having a wide range of use, you probably have other items of this material at home.  

Being crafted by synthetic materials, it is also easier on your wallet! For example, when used in rugs, polypropylene fibers look like natural fibers such as wool.  

Why Buy a Polypropylene Rug for Your Kitchen? 

They are soft and are designed to provide comfort for the user. They are beautiful, feel good, and function in any space. One of their best quality is that they are durable.  

They are made to handle weather, spills, and scratches and easily wear and tear. Some of them are even machine washable! Due to their resilient nature, you can use them however you like when placing rugs. 


Bamboo Rugs for Your Kitchen


Bamboo rug in living room with a desk

Natural Bamboo Rugs

When you think of natural rug materials, one of the first ones to come to mind is bamboo rugs. The most loved attribute of bamboo rugs is that they are eco-friendly.  

Bamboo breaks down quickly when discarded. Thus, it does not affect the litter environment. It also helps deforestation as bamboo is quick to grow; it only takes a bamboo tree two years to mature. Also, pesticides and fertilizers are not needed when growing bamboo. Traditional bamboo rugs do not require heavy processing, so they do not contain a high yield of environmental waste.  

They have many practical advantages too. First, that can compete in design and beauty with traditional rugs. 

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