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Stylish Ways to Show Off Your Love for Music

It's completely true when people say that music is the universal language. We find it in every culture around the world and that is a beautiful thing. Music has the power to touch our minds and souls, and it's a big part of our everyday life. One way to integrate music into your everyday life is to add elements of it to your house's interior design. It will surely serve as inspiration for you and encourage creativity within your home.  

#1: Have a room or area dedicated to music 

 corner with two acoustic guitars, two electric guitars, and a keyboard

 Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash  

There’s nothing more luxurious for a music lover than to have his/her own space dedicated to the creation and the appreciation of music. All the instruments, mixers, speakers, and records that you own belong in this space. If you are simply a lover of music, a music room is a great place for you to be able to not just listen to songs but to experience them. You can listen to the classics and your favorites the way they were meant to be listened to.  

If you’re a musician, singer, or producer, what would be better than having a private studio at home? It’s not only a great way to show that you’re dedicated to your craft, but it also allows you to execute your ideas for music at the drop of a hat. You can get this room acoustically treated so that you have the best possible sound quality for recording. However, if creating music is more of a hobby, then a cheaper way of acoustically treating your room and lessening echoes can be achieved by adding rugs, curtains, and cushions.  

#2: Display the sheet music of your favorite songs 

 violin with many pieces of sheet music
 Photo by Stefany Andrade on Unsplash  

When you have songs that are very special to you, sometimes it’s not enough just to play them. A great way to commemorate your favorite pieces of music is to frame and display their sheet music. It is also a wonderful way to commemorate the most memorable moments of your life. They could be sheet music of the song from the first dance at your wedding, the favorite song of a deceased loved one, or simply a song that inspires you. It’s a subtle, simple, and stylish way to make music a part of your home. 

#3: Hang up posters of your favorite musicians 

wall full of posters of musicians 

 Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash  

Some artists and albums touch our soul deeply and they become part of who we are. It might not be enough to simply have those pieces of music in our record collection. Displaying album art, concert posters, or photographs of your favorite artists and albums is a fun way to show your appreciation for them. They add personality to your home’s interior design, and it is a great way to show your music taste to any visitors you might have. 

#4: Display Instruments 

black upright piano and two guitars hanging above

Photo by Beazy on Unsplash   

Whether you make music professionally or if you play as a hobby, instruments always fits well inyour decor. Instead of storing them in a corner of your room or hidden away in a closet somewhere, why not mount them on the wall? They make for beautiful decorative pieces that add loads of personality to a space. Also, it helps remind you to practice because you see your instruments more often.  

#5: Piped-In Music 

black speaker next to a potted plant

 Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash  

This item on our list is less about the visual aesthetic it provides, but the environment it creates. Nowadays, listening to music is often an individual activity. We put on our headphones and dream away. This is great, but it can do us well to bring back communal music appreciation. There were times when families and loved ones used to gather around their record players and radios to listen to their favorite songs together. This concept may seem outdated now, but having piped-in music or a good sound system can help multiple people listen to the same thing in different parts of their house while doing independent activities. It's something you can do together or separately. It also can dictate the overall mood of a home, which is always great to have control over.  

#6: Record Collection 

collection of vinyl records in a wooden cubby

 Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash  

Although we are now at an age when almost all music can be found on streaming services, there’s nothing quite like holding an album in your hands. What is even better is having them on vinyl records. CDs might be cheaper and more accessible, but they are much more fragile and don't have the longevity of records. Also, when you have the albums on record, the art is so much larger so you can appreciate it better. You can start your collection with your favorites and add to it little by little. You'll have your very own library of records before you know it! 

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