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Presidents Day Sale Area Rugs

With presidents day closing in, various shops are giving out good discount deals online or retailers. In this article, we wanted to tell you both about President's Day and about the advantageous Mark & Day rug opportunities for this special day. Let's take a look together.


What is Presidents Day?

It is a holiday that was originally celebrated the birthday of George Washington but currently it is seen as a day to celebrate all American Presidents. It is celebrated on the third Monday of February and It falls on the 21st of February in 2022.

On this day many retailers put various items on sale and these sales can start from a weekend before. Most retailers also offer free shipping! Many opportunities from mattresses to area rugs in all styles and categories from many brands come upon these awesome deals. You can find out about our latest deals in this article. Feel free to check out our online store and web page for great deals with free shipping!


Appelscha Traditional Taupe Area Rug

Area Rugs

With different colors to choose from, an area rug can lighten up your room and home. They are fun, pretty, classy, and can reflect your character in your room and help you personalize your home. Area rugs mean to cover a part of the floor of a room, thus their sizes depend on your rooms and needs. They can be put in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, just about any room and space you may see fit!

While you can put a small rug in your bedroom at the end of your bed to match your bedding or in the kitchen near the counter, you can choose a big area rug in your living room to get that inspiration and cozy feeling in your home.

There are various materials and styles that cater to all members of your family. While traditional and solid-colored area rugs are preferred by adults, kids and teenagers love bright-colored rugs such as pinks and purples. Different shapes such as rounded shapes allow you to fit the area rug to just the right spot in your home.

You can find a rug for each of your design needs! With pet-friendly options, your pets will also love the rugs! The options are pretty wide when it comes to rugs. You are sure to find what you are looking for in the links.


Balgonie Indoor / Outdoor Sea Foam Area Rug


Why Should You Buy a Rug?

A bare floor is not a pretty sight to see in a home. You need to add some decors to empty spaces make you home seem lively. It will not only feel great under your feet, it will also be pleasant to look at. In Eastern culture, rugs are even hung on the walls to provide an aesthetical sight, so it is not too farfetched of an idea to get one for empty spaces in your home. 


Discover best designed rugs at Mark & Day


Rugs As Gifts 

Rug styles can vary from traditional to modern and rugs come in all shapes and styles. With such variations, it is pretty easy to fit one into any room. They also make great gifts for your loved ones for any occasion, they maybe offered as housewarming gift for a newly moved neighbor or a friend that recently moved.

Since they have many types such as shag rugs, leather rugs, wool rugs, you can choose a rug that would be a perfect fit for the person that the rug is going to be gifted.  

Awesome Mark & Day Deals 

There are not many things that can bring cheer to your home as a new rug. Being in the winter months in which retailers are overstocked and homebuyers are waiting for summer and fall for shopping, and being in times of president’s day weekend sales, with a ton of rugs to choose from, all signs align and this is the best time of year for shopping to buy an area rug.

In Presidents’ Day sales, you can find the best deals in our online shop on the web page. In sales up to %70 off with free shipping, you can buy a bunch of area rugs for your home and family. You can click on provided links to see prices of rugs on sale in our shop through the weekend with discounted prices! With Presidents’ Day, even the best rugs are on sale and can be purchased from the online shop.


 Free Shipping

Due to their sizes, rugs are expensive items to ship. As per our policy, we ship our rugs free of charge to locations under the jurisdiction of the United States of America.


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