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Practical and Low-Cost Mother’s Day Gifts During Quarantine

A mother is the backbone of a family and their place for us is irreplaceable at any age. For every child or adult, there comes the time of the year in which deciding on a gift most suitable for their mom is a hair pulling task. During the pandemic, we all learned the true value of our loved ones and the time we spend with them. We also got the opportunity to find peace with underrated things that are less in physical value but massive in spirituality. Little things like enjoying a cup of coffee with your mother by your side is a lot more extraordinary than expensive meals or buying high-value designer brands. From this angle, the best gift you can give your mother this year is something made with your bare hands and heart. Here are some tips on how you can make this Mother’s Day a stage show of your craftsmanship.  


Child hugging her mother with hearth shaped gift card

Homemade Bath Bombs

 With the pandemic leaving us nothing but our homes to beautify and cherish, it is vital to uplift our spirits by creating a calming and enjoyable atmosphere. For Mother’s Day, start by preparing a relaxing bath with essential oils and moisturizers in exhilarating aromas.


Bath bomb

Here are the ingredients you need for a refreshing bath bomb:

  • 1 cup baking soda

  • ½ cup citric acid

  • ½ cup Epsom salt

  • ½ cup cornstarch

  • ¾ tsp. water

  • 2 tsp essential oil (lavender, eucalyptus, rose, orange, or any other up to your preference.)

  • 2 tsp oil (jojoba, sweet almond, coconut, olive, or baby oil)

  • Few drops of food coloring

  • A mold of your choice, such as regular or mini-muffin tins, candy pans or round plastic molds specifically for bath bombs.

  • (Optional) Dried flowers or sugar cake decorations, like flowers or stars.


Step 1: Except for the citric acid, mix the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl.
Step 2: Pour all the liquid ingredients in a jar with a top. Close the jar and shake it vigorously.
Step 3: Pour the liquid mixture into the bowl of dry ingredients and use your hands to combine and meld together. At this point, add the citric acid. You will probably notice a slight fizzing reaction because of the citric acid. No need to panic, as this is normal.
Step 4: Mash the mixture into your chosen molds very tightly. You can overfill the molds slightly and use a spoon or glass to press the mixture in as tightly as possible. Immediately loosen the bombs from their molds onto wax paper and let them dry overnight.
Step 5: Give the bath bombs a day or two to completely dry before using them or wrapping them up as gifts.
Step 6: Pop one in the bathtub, enjoy the burst of colors and fizz and inhale the released aromas. 

String art kit/message. 

Nothing says ‘I adore you’ like a handmade artwork that is created with your heart and soul. Let your inner artist take the wheel and author a sweet message which will remind your mother how cherished and worthy she is. If your mother is fond of crafting, you can also give your mother a starter’s kit. This will give you something to share and work on together while releasing your daily stress or hammer out your frustrations. 


String art

Mom survival pack. 

Sometimes it is daunting to make up your mind on a single item gift. How common is it that we find ourselves stuck between more than one thing to prepare for our loved ones? Treat your mother to a lavish, self-care box filled with elements that will put a big fat smile on her face anytime and peace her hustling days. 


Gift box

Don’t hold back on cheeky ideas while filling up your gift box. Add in little handwritten notes pointing out what each item is for with a little humor.  


Mother's day gift box
Mother's day gift card

Here are some varied, easily accessible gift box fillers you can include in your Mother’s Day pack: 

• Sweet or salty pastry. Chocolates of various types if she is one with a sweet tooth. Junk food reminding her that being unhealthy once in a while is healthy.
• Wine and cheese with a note that says, ‘Nobody’s watching.’ or ‘Keep calm, you got wined.’
• A book you think she will love reading.
• Crunchy nuts.
• Revitalizing soaps, spa elements or deodorants.
• Nail polish or lipsticks in funky colors.
• A kitchenware she always wanted but never got around to buying like a mini hand mixer or a muffin pan.
• Cute socks.


Mother's day gift card

Indoor herbs. 

Every mother chooses freshly picked herbs over supermarket produces anytime. Whether your mother is a gardening novice or a superstar in growing greens, she will love the idea that comes with a mini-indoor greenhouse of her own. Indoor herb garden kits include the seeds, soil, pots and markers to help plant owners of every skill level to achieve healthful plants.  

Indoor home pots

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