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Pet-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Have you ever found your mind cramping over finding a solution to the problems your pets cause? Or are you in peace with the difficulties of having pets but just curious about any simple tip that can ease your life?

You love and care for them more than anything (although they sometimes get out of control) which is why you should create the absolute best environment where both you and your pets can live in comfort. Today, we have listed some smooth decor ideas for all animal lovers who want to spice up their interior design mutually.

Say no to upscale rugs.

The general idea is that homes with pets shouldn’t have rugs. That idea is actually quite ignorant and old fashioned. Yes, you can have rugs, but just not the pricey ones. There are many rugs that can be picked up and cleaned easily. Buying extravagant rugs with pocket burning prices while having pets will only add worry to your system when they start decaying or turning bad after a significant amount of usage. Make sure to opt for affordable, pet-friendly and modern rugs that are lovely for both you and your cuddly pets.


Solid and reliable floors.

If you have one or more pets in your home, you know that typically bare floors in most areas of your home are the way to go. This does not mean bare floors have to be mundane. For example, Hardwood floors add a warm glow with style, plus they are easy to mop or vacuum.

The most utterly fine choice you can go with are tiles, ceramic tiles to be specific. Besides being toenail-proof and easy to clean, they fashion a room with their elegant and sleek look. Whereas porous materials like marble or natural stones don’t really count as pet-proof because of their acidic nature causing pet spit-up to stain them.

Say bye to bric-a-brac!

A big frustration for people with pets is decoration objects. Fragile items that easily get damaged should be avoided when decorating your home. A tiny swing from your dog’s tail or a swat of a cat’s paw will demolish your precious collection sitting on the console.

One useful tip is to put these frail objects on higher grounds, where animals can’t reach. A smarter idea is to decorate your home with framed prints, photos, and paintings. Hanging arts and displays are unreachable to your pets hence makes them safer.

Dog sitting in a couch

Pair the house with your pets.

If you are undecisive about picking colors for your walls, area rugs and pretty much every furniture; matching these pieces with your pet’s colors can be the appropriate approach. Pick a rug which has the same shades of your cat. Cherish your tablecloth with the tones of your golden retriever. Aside from the delicate taste these choices will give your home, it will be a practical choice since the hair your pets leave behind will blend in and stay unnoticed.

Dog sitting in a couch

Even though matching your decor specialties with your pet’s harmonic design will help you out, you will probably need to vacuum daily when your pet is shedding. Aside from the visual pollution, pet hair has an odor, and it contains oils that will attract dirt to the area. To minimize these unwanted results, daily vacuum is pretty much a must do.

Baby sitting in a couch

Barring the vacuum routine, bathing, and grooming your cat/dog will complement the overall cleaning. Keeping your pets clean will aid your house allowing it to stay hygienic for longer periods of time. Nails which are trimmed will not scratch the floors. Brushing and bathing removes unsought hair ready to fall. Hair which falls all over the place may fill your bed, pillows and curtains thus will shorten the life of your textile because of how often they will be washed and dried.

Dog is sitting right next to vacuum cleaner

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