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As Mark&Day, in this article, we would like to give you general information about outdoor rugs, explain what you should pay attention to when buying an outdoor rug, give tips to help you choose the right outdoor rug, and introduce the best outdoor rugs of our brand. We offer you these outdoor rugs on sale with special deals, discounts and discount codes.

What is the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Rugs?

 Carpets or rugs are now products that we can easily use both indoors and outdoors. The rugs we use in our living rooms, bedroom or kitchen not only make our home more comfortable, but also add a warm atmosphere to the house. In addition, thanks to the rugs we use in any of our outdoor areas such as terraces, patios or front doors, we can capture the same ambiance as indoors in our outdoor spaces.

It is important to know the difference between rugs that can be used indoors or outdoors. Because a wrong choice means that the rug will be damaged and, as a result, it will become unusable. The most basic feature that distinguishes the rugs that you will use indoors or outdoors is the materials used in the production of these rugs, namely threads. In particular, you should never use your indoor rugs outdoors.

However, you can use your outdoor rugs indoors when you need them. Since they are produced to be resistant to outdoor weather conditions, your outdoor rugs can be used for many years without being damaged and easily cleaned inside your home.

In addition, it will be more accurate to use your outdoor rugs, which are more resistant to humidity, stains and fading, for your hallway, kitchen and bathroom. Because compared to the indoor rug you use in your living room, outdoor rugs can be cleaned much more easily.

Indoor rugs are generally produced in accordance with comfort and decoration. In other words, the rug you choose should be compatible with your other furniture, comfortable and useful. At the same time, it should be in patterns and style that will highlight the colors and elegance of other furniture or other home decoration elements.

The biggest feature of outdoor rugs is that they are made of materials that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. In extreme heat, the material should not loosen and break. Outdoor rugs are generally rugs made of synthetic material. Generally, acrylic, nylon, polyester materials are used in their production. There are also outdoor rug models made of bamboo. If you live in an area with a lot of rain, it's important that your outdoor rug doesn't get moldy. In order for your outdoor rug not to get moldy, it should have gaps or vents to allow air flow.

Rugs designed for interiors and produced in accordance with interior styles and usage, are flexible, soft and long pile. They are produced from natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo and wool. Unfortunately, these production materials cannot be used for outdoor rugs. Because they are exposed to moisture, dirt, dust too much and they are not resistant to the applications required to clean these dirt and their color will fade quickly. Also, in terms of comfort, they cannot provide you with the comfort of softness and flexibility like those used indoors. You can choose hand-woven rugs indoors. However, hand-woven rugs are also not suitable for outdoor use, as they are delicate and sometimes root dye is used for their yarns.

Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Rugs  

The most important feature to consider when purchasing an outdoor rug is whether the material used in the production of the product is produced in accordance with the outdoor weather conditions. You should definitely take this feature into account when purchasing the product. Otherwise, the service life of the product will gradually decrease. One of the most important features of outdoor rugs is that they are waterproof or water resistant. In other words, they do not get moldy due to humidity and are not affected by extreme heat and cold.

Mostly polypropylene synthetic material is used in the production of outdoor area rugs. This material is long-lasting and very durable compared to the material used in rugs produced for indoor use.

Since outdoor area rugs are made of plastic materials, you need to protect them from fire, especially when barbecuing. You should also know that you should keep this in mind. Outdoor spaces are places that are exposed to climate and weather conditions such as patios, balconies, front doors, gazebos, thus dirt, dust and hair. You should not expect comfort features such as softness and flexibility from the area rugs you will buy for these areas. 

Choosing Outdoors Rugs

Everyone would like to change and renew the look of their patio or entrance and Outdoor area rugs or accent rugs primarily provide style and protection. Therefore, when shopping, it is necessary to pay attention to whether they have these features or not.

Area rugs made of polypropylene, polyester, nylon jute and sisal materials should be preferred. Polypropylene for humid and rainy climates, polyester for dry climates, nylon for high traffic areas, jute and sisal materials for covered patios are ideal.

The size of the area rug you are considering purchasing for your outdoor space is also important. First of all, you should measure the size of the venue and decide which shape of rug will be appropriate. If you prefer a large size, then it should cover the entire main area. Maybe a little space should be left around the edges. If you have a seating group such as a sofa or armchair, it should be sized to fit under the front legs. Outdoor area rug's cleaning and care instructions are also important when choosing it. Types of area rugs that are easy to maintain and clean should be preferred.

Regardless of its material, it should be an area rug that is durable and suitable for many years of use. When winter comes, you don't have to worry if you don't have enough room or storage space in your indoors spaces to store your outdoor rugs or rugs. You can easily store your outdoor rug or rugs in your workshop by putting it in a plastic bag or wrapping it with a plastic wrap. 

Why Should You Prefer Mark & Day Outdoor Rugs?

Because, as Mark&Day, we offer you our area rugs with special deals and discounts. We also provide you with quality outdoor rugs in countless different colors, patterns and textures. You can have discounts of up to 70% on the rugs you choose for your outdoor spaces. In addition, you can benefit from an extra 20% discount on your
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  Top 5 Best Outdoors Rugs

In our online store, you can find our rugs with details suitable for the decoration, color and styles you want to create for your patio, front door, deck and balconies, and you can shop with pleasure. You can also take advantage of our free shipping offer in this discount campaign. All you have to do is to pick up one or a few of our rugs you like. We would like to list our top 5 best outdoor rugs that we have selected for you.

  1.   Alem Modern Navy Area Rug
    Alem Modern Navy Area Rug

  2. Wolfheze Modern Black Area Rug
    Wolfheze Modern Black Area Rug

  3. Marne Indoor / Outdoor Teal Area Rug
    Marne Indoor / Outdoor Teal Area Rug

  4. Selma Indoor / Outdoor Charcoal Area Rug
    Selma Indoor / Outdoor Charcoal Area Rug

  5. Elodie Bohemian/Global Dark Blue Area Rug
    Elodie Bohemian/Global Dark Blue Area Rug

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