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Oldies but Goldies for Decoration

People have been buying gold to invest in from past to present because gold is such a mineral that its value has increased over the years. Those who buy gold always win in the long run. When it comes to decoration, it is possible to encounter products whose value does not decrease over the years and always preserves their value just like gold. These decoration products are known as "oldies but goldies," as befits their name. People who love the old or the classic style and want to preserve their bond with the old feel an attraction towards products that create the "oldies but goldies" effect in their decoration preferences. Because a color, detail, and motif on the designs make the effect of oldies but goldies; brings the past to the present with its connotation. Our article "Oldies but Goldies for Decoration" is full of striking suggestions for those who want to invite the magic of the past into their lives but do not give up on enjoying the present. 


Simple and modern living room


Those Who Love Warmth and Nostalgia at Home: Vintage. 

To combine a certain past period with modern lines, vintage decorative products are very effective. They create a warm atmosphere at home. The vintage decoration is dominated by pastel tones so that the warm side of the history will be with you. You can use curtains, armchairs, lampshades and decorative pillows made of floral fabrics to complete your large furniture in pastel tones. Feel free to use the colors such as earth tones, pink and white too. If you use vintage products made of aged wood, you will see that the effect is doubled. Because of the serenity it evokes in people, vintage decorative products always maintain their popularity even after years. 

Traditional and Ethnic Side of History: Rugs & Unique Patterns

The rug is one of the first decoration products that come to mind for those who want to add a traditional atmosphere to their decoration and include ethnic details. There are various motifs on the rugs with ethnic elements. These motifs have a story and a meaning. For example, while the eye motif is believed to protect from evil, the eagle motif represents power. The hand motif describes efficiency and productivity. These meanings of motifs have been transferred between people for centuries and have survived until today. Traditional rugs are valuable. Because the motifs on the rugs carry on the traces of a culture formed over the centuries. An ethnic rug with a story always makes you feel the effect of oldies but goldies. If you want to include a piece in your room that will permanently preserve its value even after years have passed, you can buy a rug with a motif you like. 

On the other hand, you may have concerns about color, although you like ethnic motifs. But don't worry, you can decorate your room in any color you want with modernized rugs. In addition, rugs are easy to use with their light structure. 

 Here are some easy to clean rug picks you can choose from;


London Mills Modern Medium Gray Area Rug


St Elmo Global Bright Orange Area Rug



Waveland Modern Cream Area Rug


Nostalgic Connotations: Antique 

Mankind pushes the limits of creativity by bringing a different decoration style to life every period. We have experienced and continue to share many types, from industrial to rustic, from Scandinavian to minimalism. Despite such diversity, many people still enjoy seeing antiques in a corner of their homes. Antiques that carry all the weight and experience of history, and create nostalgic connotations in people with their unique smell, add value over the years like gold. Antique would be the right choice for those who want to see history in all its glory. You can decorate a corner of your house with antiques. You can put an old telephone handset, a gramophone to listen to music or an antique vase in this corner. You can complete your decoration corner with an armchair with classic lines. 

Although antiques are known for their high price, nowadays you can find them at affordable prices. Especially for those who want to buy second-hand, the costs will be more affordable. If you're going to make room for nostalgic connotations in your home, you can use the advantage of the effect of antiquity that will carry you back in time. 

To conclude, our overall feeling regarding old yet classics in home decoration, you should go with your gut and let the flow of historic details take you away.  

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