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Nordic Style Decoration Tips

After reading this post, you will have a clearer idea about the elegance that comes from Nordic interpretation of interior design. Designated mainly as a movement characterized in the center of simplicity, minimalism and functionalism, Nordic themes are an utterly beautiful formation of clean lines and natural elements.

It is difficult to bring a certain style into action if you do not know what makes it work or its origin. Blending old and new styles from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, Scandinavian inspired design commenced in the early 20th century. It is an overall style that touches fresh ways with precious old times or vintage artistry. Allowing its users to access functionalism through affordable prices, this era is certainly practical and eye pleasing. To gain and benefit from this theme, you do not need to be Nordic nor own Scandinavian ancestors. All you need is to know the do’s and don’ts which we have included here in this post.

Modern and beautiful living room


Open Spaces.

It is vital to know that Nordic style equals to no clutter. Make sure that your room includes white spaces with minimal objects. Show of white space freshens the soul giving the user a tranquil experience. When we say less objects, more space, we do not mean to empty your whole room leaving blank walls or floors. It mainly differs and can be shaped with your taste or capacity of the room. If you have a wide area to work on, adding an extra accessory or two will not be an issue if it fits the theme. However, if you are working in a cramped space then you will need to get rid of some and leave room for the eye.

room with white spaces and minimal objects

Opt for quality rather than quantity.

Lay out a budget and pick items and materials that are high in quality but also loaded in impact within your budget limits. Sometimes ordinary elements can be turned into decorative pieces that can change the atmosphere of the whole room. Craftsmanship is a very focal point and can be taken advantage of when it comes to unique appearances. You can make use of a well cut and designed wooden bookshelf or a shoe rack if you are not willing to spend money on it. Paint it, shape it, rearrange it and there! You already have some fine changes within your inspired design.

Imitate Nature.

An excellently structured Nordic theme should carry nature related elements. Nature palette, earth tones and wood are all properties that a Nordic themed room can portray. Within tones of nature or pastel shades make sure to add one or two pop up bright colors. On a white backdrop, these pop up colors will stand off bringing forward a mesmerizing interior scene. Here is an image of a living example from Eva and Col’s Townsville Home in Copenhagen.

Eva and Col’s Townsville Home in Copenhagen

The scene reflects soul and character. Long gone are the days of nostalgia clinging interior design. Nordic tones and settings are the new in and looks like will stay that way for quite some time as practical life and convenience over shiny clutters are preferred mostly. Our minds and lives are already filled with necessary and unnecessary chaos, so why drag that into your sacred space when you can end it and relax in your soothing & spacey homes?

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