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Nautical Bedroom Ideas That Will Bring a Breath of Fresh Air Into Your Homes

One perfect theme in home design is bringing the outdoor into your space. Whether you choose the greenery or in this case the blueness of nature, the outdoor environment creates an airy feel, which is inspiring and refreshing. Oceanic feels encourage a high spirit and calmness in your home with a sense of adventure too. Here are our Nautical Bedroom Ideas which should help you bring that utmost creativity into your private spaces. 

Navy tone bed and pillows

 To begin with, don't head off to grabbing a paint brush and a can of blue paint as you must first understand what makes a wonderful nautical design. Many people think of filling their home with nautical antiques and historical objects. Although this is mostly very common, it isn’t the part of the idea and we want to achieve something more than that here.

 The true hint is to smoothly create a bright and renewing area that gives the idea of a nautical background. When it comes to paint, blue and white are the obvious colors. If you are the adventurous type, you could consider colors lighter and catchier like pastel green or mustard tones. Don’t limit yourself to blues and whites when considering a nautical theme. Nautical can include beige, cream, or any other tone that can sum up to implement a coastal vibe in the room.

Wooden mirror on the wall

 Warden of the ocean…

There is nothing cooler than a boat modeling next to your bed. Going for even bigger boats next to your bed will fill the need of the theme and it will certainly look massively authentic. You can look for a boat sculpture, a handmade sailboat on sale online or at an antique shop near you. If you trust in your craftsmanship, you can even DIY your way around it. Making your own boat will be a fun experience and will give you the satisfaction of adding something from your own into the picture.  

Antique boat decoration 

 Kids bedroom.

A bedroom for children can have numerous funky implementations. These boat-themed beds are what every toddler would love to sail on during their bedtime stories. With a blue carpet and blue walls complementing it, it will be like living your best life in the middle of an ocean far far away.  

Colorful nature themed coastal bedroom

 Another route to take is creating a cozy spot with marine themed details like relevant wall art, striped drapes, or symbolic sea elements. Instead of changing the base of the whole room, you can allow a certain corner to speak the language of the sea in your kid’s room.

 Window side room photo with striped curtains

 Striped bed details in light blue tones

Pillows are important for bedroom décor; we all know that. However, do you know what makes a nautical themed scene fully complete? Stripes. Stripes in a marine themed space is what peanut is to jelly. These light ocean-colored pillows set the tone just right by giving you a smooth and easygoing look with minimum effort.  

 Nautical wall decoration above the bed on the wall

 Blue walls are one of the first picks in a nautical bedroom as I mentioned in the intro. Adding hardwood and inlay themed bed upholstery can harmonize the blue walls and your bed so mesmerizingly that it will look like a ship from the open Caribbean!

 If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom, a wonderful follow up could be to install a nostalgic nautical tile as a frame. These kinds of touches like the blue and white Dutch delft tiles take you back to the 18th century allowing you to relive history.

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