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Kids Room Organization

There are countless reasons to why a kid’s room is messy, out of control and frustrating. With the massive number of toys, books, accessories, and clothing, it is routinely almost impossible to keep your child’s room tidy for more than a minute. Read our blog and develop some skills on how to maximize functionality in your child’s room. These tips are budget-friendly, uncomplicated, and even fun to implement!


Kid hiding from her mother under the bed

Before anything, I want to draw attention to some underrated yet common reasons as to why it may be a tad more difficult for your child to keep his/her environment tidy and in order when compared to other kids. One or more of the reasons mentioned below could be his/her handicap towards completing this type of chores at home or at school.

  •  Your child may just be growing and developing. Every kid and his/her development vary from the rest. Children’s planning and organizing skills tend to develop at different ages and speeds. If this is the case, give your kid some time and space.
  • Sleep plays an important role in our daily lives and our functionality. Sleep routines and the quality of your child’s sleep should be maintained at a healthy level for her/him to focus and embrace his/her daily chores or responsibilities. If sleeps right, your kid will be less aggressive, less impulsive, and much more focused.  
  • Your child may be facing trouble in his/her executive functioning. Executive functioning is the set of skills including working memory, flexible thinking and self-control. We possess these skills to use them in our daily lives, at work, at learning or simply in managing our regular routine. For further hints on how to detect setbacks in your child’s executive functioning, please get in contact with a pediatrician for a healthier result.  
  •  Children of adequate ages, who find it difficult to cope with their daily chores or responsibilities are suspected to have ADHD. Children with ADHD usually tend to struggle with executive functioning skills and therefore once again, we suggest that you see a professional regarding these matters. We are here to create awareness only, not diagnose you or your child.


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If we have eliminated above factors as to why your child is being a lazy bum or why it is a hair-pulling chore for you to tidy up your kid’s room, we can now focus on organizational tips which will be a breath of fresh air in your mothership/fatherhood. 

Shoe organizers. 

If your girl is one who can’t get enough of those plastic human shaped objects called Barbie dolls, then it’s time for you to buy a shoe organizer if you haven’t got one already! It is simple and practical. Hang it on a wall or behind the door and set those dolls in their pockets! This can also work for other toys or stuffed animals as long as they fit in size.  

barbie organizer

Desperate times call for DIY measures.

Book shelves

Here is a storage idea to keep your child’s precious books in apple-pie order. Spend a few bucks and make a rain gutter bookshelf or ask for some unused crates from the supermarket next door and cut them to make a crate bookshelf on your wall. End your days of pain spending large numbers on shelves for kids room. You will also be adding a skillful look to your kids room wall décor so its two birds with one stone.  

Hair clips and headbands are a girl mom’s worst nightmare. They are small, plentiful and they tend to get lost easily. Get an old frame, some ribbons, some paint if you want it to look pretty and design a hair clip holder within minutes.


Diy Headband frame

 Magical bean bags…

Sick and tired of numerous stuffed animals laying around which are left to dust after a single play? Or toys that are not wanted but are also too precious to throw away? Bean bags are great helpers when it comes to stuffing away stuffed stuff! Fill these bags and win your space back.  


Stuffed animal chair

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