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Independence Day Rug Sale

In this article, we will talk about our rug campaign special for Independence Day. Independence Day is important for everyone, and we celebrate with our loved ones. This particular day is an opportunity to make them happy and feel special. The best way to make someone happy is to give them a gift. So, we will tell you about rugs and our Independence Day rug as a gift option.

1. What Is Independence Day?

Independence Day, in other words, the 4th of July is a special day that we celebrate being a free nation in our country. From this date on, the importance of a single, accessible, and whole American identity began to be emphasized. It is the day the Declaration of Independence, announced in 1776, is commemorated. Since then, 13 American colonies have declared their independence from Britain. They declared that they were a separate and free nation from them. In 1777, this declaration of independence began to be celebrated as a holiday, with picnics, shows, sports events, and other events all over the United States.

2. Why do we celebrate Independence Day?

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There are many different reasons why we celebrate this day as a nation. Two of them constitute the primary basis and reason. First, the 13 colonies declared their independence from Great Britain with the Declaration of Independence. In other words, with this declaration, the intention and purpose of Great Britain that we will no longer be under your rule and that we will govern ourselves freely has been declared. The other main reason for creating this declaration is the desire to emphasize being an American citizen. The citizens of America are an integral part of American culture, history, and traditions. In other words, this is the birth and establishment of a nation. The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson, presented to the King of Great Britain, and declared the birth of free American citizenship.

 The Declaration of Independence, announced in 1776, has been officially celebrated across the country on the 4th of July since 1777. 

3. Why should you consider our Independence Day Rug Sale campaign?

We celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July with the gifts we choose for ourselves and our beloved ones. However, as Mark&Day, we would like to offer you a different gift option. Because on Independence Day, we have prepared a unique sale collection which we choose among our best sellers. To check it out, you can visit our Independence Day campaign page because we want you to save money by shopping for our rugs on this memorable day.


Aaden Traditional Cream Area Rug


Aaden Traditional Cream Area Rug


Marne Indoor / Outdoor Teal Area Rug


Marne Indoor / Outdoor Teal Area Rug

We offer you special free shipping for your purchases on Independence Day. We ship your orders free of charge for all your purchases. Here we would like to tell you about our rugs that you can use in different areas of your home and complete your decorations with an elegant style.

Our baby kids’ best-selling rugs feature machine wash and superior strength and stain resistance because baby kids' rooms are living areas exposed to stains and frequent cleaning.


Hoisington Kids Beige Area Rug


Hoisington Kids Beige Area Rug

Now the use of rugs in our offices has increased. You can choose our line dry area rug for your cozy or more formal office decorations. Our rugs, which you prefer for your offices, have dependable durability. Our rugs have color and pattern features to match the style of your office furniture.

If you have made a style and furniture change in your dining room and want to create a new style, our dining room best sellers are for you. Our rugs are stain-resistant, easy to clean, and machine washable. So this is the right holiday to shop for the dining room.  Simply select the dining room from our categories to buy the rug you want.

These dining room rugs also provide the perfect ease of use and style elegance for the kitchen because the need for all the cleaning and durability features we mentioned above is also the same for kitchens.

We recommend you look at our discounted outdoor rugs for your garden and patio on this special day. Our brand offers dependable durability for all its products.

We don't forget your bathroom either. We have also prepared a sale collection among our best sellers that can be washed in a machine resistant to humidity and dirt. Moreover, these rugs have different size options to suit the size of your bathroom.

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