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How to Make Your Own Personalized Door Mat for a Creative and Dazzling Welcome to Your Guests

You probably, quite often, come across overrated home products in stores, leaving you stunned with their flying price tags and not-so-worth-it quality or durability. Door mats are only one of these items that are high priced despite of a low-cost production process. Buying a stylish and vibrant door mat can burn out your wallet leaving you in a dilemma of whether to give up an impressive welcome on your doorstep or abandoning your budget plans for the week or even the month. It is put under your guest’s foot, small in size; and it usually requires minimum material and workload, so why pay a fortune? Not if you give DIY door mats a go! Here are some delightful ideas on how you can custom make your own door mat. Read our article thoroughly and decide for yourself whether you should buy a readymade one or grab your tools and get to it with your bare hands.

 If you browse the web, you will come across various video tutorials on how to decorate your door mat using a Cricut machine. A Cricut machine is a printer that gives you the ability to cut all types of materials. You design your logo or sample, and it prints off your work on a piece of vinyl. In addition to this, it cuts out your work for you to stencil on a blank door mat. If you are willing to go an extra mile for this door mat and are okay with buying a Cricut machine, then great! You got the easy way out.


Pastel tone craft paper and Cricut machine

If you are, however, not keen to spend money on a Cricut machine and would rather take a cheaper and a craftier road then stay with us. We got the tips on how to fully DIY your playful door mat without breaking the bank or getting too technical!  

 First off, you will need to hit the store and get the below essentials to start making your personal door mat:

  •  A blank coir mat (You can easily buy one from IKEA or Target.)
  •  Black multisurface acrylic paint
  •  Oracal for the stencil
  •  Water
  • Stiff paint brushes 
  •  Fine point applicator


Handmade door mat making stencil use

Here below is our step-by-step guide to a complete DIY door mat: 

  1.  Add some water to your acrylic to thin your paint. (Thinning your paint will make the squeezing process easier.)
  2.  With this paint, write your desired text or design onto your mat. (Either do this with a stencil or use your bare hands, the choice is completely left to your crafting skills. Do at least two traces on the written or drawn design to guarantee enough paint laid down.)
    Handmade doormat
  3. Grab your stiff paint brush and apply pressure on your paint strokes to push the paint off the surface and down into the coir fibers. (By doing this, you will increase the endurance of your design and will obtain a more stylish look.)


Coir door mat with funny text design.

Voila, it’s a cakewalk! You got yourself a fully personalized door mat welcoming your lovely guests into your home.  

If you seek a little bit more of color and festivity at your doorstep, we do have more than just text design. Here is a whimsical sponge paint duo you can implement on your door mat.  

All you have to do is cut out your sponge in the shape of your desires, dip your sponge into paint and apply blotting on your door mat. Make sure to apply a certain amount of pressure to make sure your stains are durable and visible enough.

Pinterest DIY door mat crafting sponge and scissors

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