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The most neglected areas in your home are probably light switch plates, ceiling fan blades or windowsills. These are the ones we can think of for now. Do you want to hear the most essential one of all? They are, without a doubt, your blinds. There you are thinking that you regularly take care of your home, cleaning with a precise attention to detail and then one day you unfold those blinds hoping for some sunlight and bam! You are face to face with a burst of dust leaving you appalled. You are not to blame because cleaning blinds is an oft-forgotten, time consuming task. However, if you are strategic enough and willing to go through with this article until the end, this dreadful task can be turned into a cakewalk! And sure, you can thank us later. 

Image by Simon Kadula from Pixabay 

I am almost 100% sure that everyone is familiar with the fact that blinds don’t come in a single material and style. There are varied number of blind types and each may require a slightly different cleaning approach or knowledge.  

Let’s go over the most used blind materials: 


Unquestionably the most durable of all are metal blinds. Metal blinds are made of aluminum and have a strong resistance to sunlight or other exterior attacks. To clean your metal blinds, take a microfiber cloth or a sock, dip it in cold water and white soap and gently rub off the dirt. Don’t leave your blinds moist or wet as this may cause damage. Make sure to dry them with an extra piece of cloth or dry them with a hairdryer, if going over each slat twice is too much work.  


 Known for their comparatively higher price, wooden blinds bring in a sophisticated natural feel which can be tempting. They do, however, come with the need of extra care when cleaning. If you wipe or wash your wooden blinds with water, this may cause warping or a deformation in color. Another thing to stay away from, when cleaning your wooden blinds, are chemicals such as strong detergents or bleach-included solutions. Grab a dry feather duster or a soft cloth and gently dust away.


Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 

Faux wood. 

Wood blinds are fun and games until your wallet says otherwise. There is a less priced alternative to wood and that is faux wood. You can earn that natural appeal without paying a fortune. Faux wood blinds are also easier to clean because water is not an issue when it comes to this material type as they are resistant to moisture. Just like with aluminum blinds, you can use a piece of cloth/sock, soak it in water and soap and delicately rub off the dirt on your blinds.  



 Made of vinyl or PVC, plastic blinds are most probably the most popular type due to their affordable price tags. Plastic blinds are bendable, washable, and less expected to break.

 Simply put, clean them with a dry or wet cloth soaked in detergent, soap, or vinegar.

 P.S: Vinegar is a natural solution to a deep sterile anywhere in your home if you are okay with the slightly unpleasant smell it leaves behind.


 We now have briefly covered the types of blinds and how they should be cleaned and it’s no rocket science! Except for metal and wood, blinds can be cleaned using a soft cloth, water, and soap. So far, so good. However, there are a few more tips we have for you that embrace all blind types and should be taken into high consideration when cleaning them.

Important cleaning tips for ALL blind types: 

  • Make sure to open/unfold your blinds when cleaning them. 
  • Make sure to dust with a non-abrasive cloth or a duster. 
  • Use a vacuum to suck the dust before going in for a wipe or rub. This will help you avoid the dust spreading around in your home. 
  • When wiping your blinds, start from the top and go downwards. Don’t be a lazy bum and make sure to go one slat at a time. 
  • Don’t ignore the pull strings of your blinds! They are just as important as your blinds. Clean them thoroughly. 
  • If you think your blinds are way out of control dirt wise, you can remove them from your window and lay them in your bath for some time off. Fill your bath with warm water and dish soap, lay your blinds in and leave them there for an hour or two. After that, rinse and hang them somewhere outdoors or your patio to dry.  


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