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How to Clean an Outdoor Rug?

        We are sure that you do not clean your outdoor rug very often. There are many reasons for this. An outdoor living space is open to dirt, dust and humidity and are got dirt very often and heavily. If you want to make your outdoor living space stylish in an affordable and low-maintenance way, you can choose outdoor rugs from outdoor elements because outdoor rugs are like a bit ofa touch of home style that makes a big difference. However, if you don't maintain and clean an outdoor rug regularly, it does more harm than good in terms of both health and appearance, and you may throw your outdoor rug in the trash.

       Usually, when people talk about outdoor elements, they clean their tables, chairs, and armchairs in their gardens and patios. Therefore, they come to mind first as outdoor items that need to be clean. Outdoor rugs need to be cleaned at least as regularly as they need to be. Because they get dirty more often than sofas and tables, and if they are not cleaned regularly, their cleaning can become a nightmare.

       If you use outdoor rugs, you should know that these items are passing into the interior of your home. As a result, all the dirt, bugs, bacteria, and allergens can quickly enter your home. From this perspective, if they are on your patio or garden, you should consider them a shield. So, the cleaner they are, the better.

       Thankfully, outdoor rugs are made to be easy to clean and maintain. This way, you can quickly get rid of dirt, dust, and excess moisture. Of course, the techniques and methods of cleaning outdoor rugs differ from those of indoor rugs. But, if you have an indoor or outdoor rug, you can apply the same cleaning processes.

1. How do you clean outdoor rugs?

       First of all, you should start with the following stage: if you haven't cleaned your outdoor rug for a long time, the first thing you should do is a deep clean.

The materials and cleaning tools you will need at this point are:

  • Hose
  • Broom
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Vacuum
  • Soft-bristle brush

          Vinegar, baking soda, or club soda

                 The first thing you need to cleanoutdoor rugs as deep cleaning is to put on a dust mask and gloves. It will protect you from dust when swinging and shaking your outdoor rug upright in an open area. In the meantime, keep the windows and doors of your home closed. For more oversized rugs that it is hard to carry for you, then you can shake them off by placing them on a clothesline or a fence. You can then use a scrubbrush to sweep away any debris on rug fibers.

                 The second rug cleaning step is vacuum cleaning. Even if you shake your rug, as we mentioned above, there will still be a layer of dust on your area rug. If it is made of synthetic fibers, it will keep the dust. The best way to clean it is vacuum cleaning. The biggest mistake made while cleaning is vacuuming only one side of the rug. However, dust accumulates under your rug, so you should clean both sides of it with this vacuum cleaning method. At this stage, it is recommended to use one of the vacuum cleaners with the highest suction power to get the best results. At this point, if the material your rug is made of is suitable (for example, synthetics rugs), you can use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. For stubborn hairs such as pet hair, you can use hand brushes that are specially produced for this and compatible with your vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner you use for your indoor rug will work.

                 If it is stated in the instructions for the use of your outdoor rug that it is made of washable material, then you can rinse it quickly.

                 Most synthetic rugs can be washed and rinsed. You can use a hose when rinsing them; the hose will not damage them. Moreover, it is a practical and fast method that does not tire you. The ground on which you will wash them should not be soil or grass. Instead, choose a concrete or stone floor, such as a driveway or courtyard. Thus, dirt and grass are not damaged by soap. If these stone or concrete floors have a sloped surface, the water will be drawn in more easily and quickly.

                 If outdoor rugs are washable, they can be gently brushed. It is a very effective method for cleaning them. All the soap types are generally suitable for this wet brushing phase. However, we recommend that you consider the washing instructions and use mild soap, mild detergent, or soap mixture. If you can't find the washing instructions, you can get information online from its manufacturer's website.

                 Afterward, we recommend dish soap as the right cleaning solution. You have to dilute this soap. You can get better cleaning results if you add white vinegar, baking soda, or club soda while cutting. This solution will likely work well in warm or cold water for stubborn stains or red wine stains. Using this mixture, that is the solution, will also provide very beneficial results for mildew and resist mold caused by humid environments. The most crucial point you should pay attention to at this point is to pay attention to the amount of its use. Because if you use it excessively, the color of the outdoor rug will fade, or the outdoor rug will be discolored.

                 The most significant benefit of using club soda is that it effectively absorbs acidic stains (such as red wine). For food stains, acidic stains, and other stains, you can use a paste mixed with this. It is an entirely natural and handmade cleaning solution. If you do not want to deal with preparing these mixtures, you can use a rug shampoo specially produced for outdoor cleaning. These shampoos are also relatively safe for rug cleaning.

                 For tough spot cleaning, you can lather and brush the bristles with a soft bristle deck brush in the final stage of this soaping.

                 The final cleaning step of your rug is rinsing and drying. Again, it is vital to rinse it thoroughly and effectively. Otherwise, it will become dull and rigid. If it is suitable for washing, you should rinse it thoroughly with the hose. You can then lay it on a clothesline as a first choice to let the water drain and drythoroughly. If you do not have such an opportunity, you can dry it by laying it on a flat surface. This second drying method will only result in a slightly longer drying time.

                 Finally, after cleaning your rug, you should pay attention to its storage and storage location to keep it clean. In winter and rainy seasons such as autumn, prefer to store your rug in a suitable place inside your home. If you do not have such a storage area in your interior, then you can keep your rug in a convenient place outside by wrapping it airtight with a plastic bag. You can roll it up so that it takes up little space and has no folds, and you can tie it with strings to keep the roll stable.

                 You will clean your rug and then use it immediately; don't forget to clean the floor you use it on. Otherwise, all the effort you put into cleaning it may go to waste. It would help if you washed this patio or deck area with non-soapy water to avoid damaging the grass. If you do this cleaning with a pressurewasher, that is, with a hose, it will be both practical and fast.

                 After the summer season, of course, you will store your rug. However, when summer comes again, it may be helpful to clean it traditionally. Because even if you keep it dry and clean, it may become slightly moldy due to moisture build-up in winter and autumn. Remember, mold causes rot over time. That's why it's helpful to clean it again when the summer season comes.

          2. How do you clean a large outdoor rug?

                 Cleaning a large outdoor rug is challenging. Therefore, if you do regular maintenance and cleaning very often, the deep cleaning we mentioned above will not be necessary. Immediate cleaning of the affected area from sticky stains, greasy messes, and tough spots will not only prevent permanent staining but also will not require strenuous cleaning afterward. It would help if you vacuumed your entire rug regularly with a vacuum cleaner. You can wipe it with a clean towel without getting too wet with warm water. Despite your immediate intervention, you can clean the remaining dirt with rug stain cleaners produced for this purpose.

          3. Can outdoor rugs be washed?

          It depends on the material that they are made of. You should check their care instructions.

          4. What happens when outdoor rugs get wet?

          It should be washed and dried immediately.  

          5. How do you deep clean a rug by hand?

          You can deep clean by hand with a gentle brush.  

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