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How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Hardwood Floors?

In this article, we would like to tell you how to choose the right rug for your hardwood floors. Because hardwood floors are one of the floorings that should be given great attention to its maintenance, cleaning and use.

The most distinctive feature of a hardwood floor is its genuine polishing. Because it is polished in this way, it is very sensitive to hard impacts, scratches and pressures. In addition, wood is not a very hard flooring material. However, wood flooring still provides the most stylish and elegant looking home decoration. It’s one of the most important elements of interior decoration for homes or offices, even outdoor areas.

In this article, we will give tips on how to use area rugs that facilitate the maintenance and protection of this special and sensitive flooring, and which area rugs should be used for this.

Types of Flooring

Basically, there are many different types of flooring available for different areas of your home or office, including outdoor spaces. From wall-to-wall carpeting to vinyl or hardwood flooring.

Each flooring type has different advantages and disadvantages, and taking these into account, making the right choice is a serious process. Because, there are many things to consider. At the beginning of these, besides the general home design, for example, the purpose of use and decoration style of living rooms or dining rooms come. Also, flooring is purely a matter of budget.

It would be correct to say the following about flooring types in general: features such as durability, aesthetic features, range of usage area increase or decrease the price of a flooring type.

Today, more affordable alternatives to more expensive flooring types have also been developed. It is entirely up to you to choose the expensive or the cheap one. Or, by making the right combination of flooring types, you can get a general flooring look that is both affordable and stylish. Other factors that will affect your choices include the weight of your furniture, whether the areas are in high traffic areas, style and level of resistance to moisture.

· Hardwood Flooring: Although we mentioned above that it is a delicate type of flooring, what we want to point out is that wood flooring offers you enough flexibility to last for centuries with the right and regular cleaning and maintenance. It is a really great interior design element in regards to appearance. For contemporary, traditional, bohemian, you name it, it's perfect for any home design style and is hard-wood like its name. It can be lacquered or oiled to suit your preferred hardwood look. These features make it stand out as the most loved flooring.

Engineered Wood Flooring: To define this type of flooring simply, it is the coating of the inner material with wood with the help of heat. In some cases, a supportive laminate is applied underneath. This lamination prevents shrinkage. Engineered wood flooring is especially suitable for living spaces where there is a floor heating system, if the maintenance and cleaning rules are followed. In addition, it is much more practical than solid one in terms of application to the floor.

Since wooden plates are used in the production of this flooring, they are more advantages in terms of size and their shrinkage or expansion levels are minimal. However, since the wood part is thin, it does not absorb the varnish well, so it cannot be polished at a very good level. However, if the wood veneer quality level is high, its durability will be long-term.

· Laminate: This type of flooring is actually made of a material that has been given the appearance of wood. This is usually a timber view. Beneath this top view, there are layers of fiberboard and these layers of fiberboard are high in density. Laminate flooring is a type of flooring that is highly resistant to abrasion.

It's super easy to assemble for convenience and sold at affordable prices. The scratch hardness is high. However, it is not as resistant to moisture as hardwood flooring. Therefore, it should not be preferred for humid areas. Depending on the quality of the flooring, there may be noise when walking on it.

· Real Stone: Real stone is a type of flooring that is generally used in high humidity and high traffic areas such as bathrooms, entrances or kitchens and is extremely comfortable in terms of maintenance and cleaning.

For this flooring type, marble, limestone or earthen tiles can be preferred as stone. It can also be used for a room such as a dining room to have a unique ambiance. A real stone flooring can be used comfortably for decades. However, it all depends on the solidity of the ground under the actual stones and the proper installation of the flooring.

· Tile: The tile is an indispensable part of modern and contemporary home designs. Tiles stand out with their durability and enriching the environment with a simple elegance. Although it seems to be suitable for use in the bathroom and kitchen mostly, in some cases (in cottages or summerhouses), they are also preferred for living spaces as they provide convenience in terms of cleaning. When we look at the diversity they offer, they are presented to us with countless colors, patterns and textures.

How do you match a rug to hardwood floors?

A hardwood floor alone can make an entire room look fabulous, even without the rug. But with an area rug, you can make this floor more attractive and warm.

First of all, after choosing the types of area rugs with the appropriate material and backing, you need to find out which of them will be the perfect area rug for your floor color.

Remember, the first task of an area rug is to protect the floor. Thus, it provides you more comfort. To create a balanced decor, you should choose an area rug that matches the wood floor color. In addition, wood grain and rug pattern and texture should be in harmony.

Should the rug be lighter or darker than the floor?

For dark wood, you should choose muted tones like, light blue, light green or light brown tones. If the floor is a light color then you should choose one with multiple but balanced colors. 

 Light-colored hardwood flooring generally makes your living spaces seem emptier. It gives the feeling of having less furniture. In order to balance this feeling of emptiness, you can be relatively free about the patterns of your area rug.

 How big should a rug be on hardwood floors?

 Wood flooring is a showy and assertive house floor cover on its own. It would be very wrong to choose an area rug with dimensions that will leave its beauty, aesthetics and elegance in the background. In order to choose a natural fiber area rug in suitable sizes, the layout of the furniture and the general size of the room should be taken into account. If it is a too large rug, it will leave the beauty of hardwood in the background, while an area rug that is too small will cause a feeling of emptiness and deficiency in the living area.

 At this point, the length and width of furniture such as sofas in living areas can be taken into account in choosing the right size.

What kind of rug is best for hardwood floors?

Your best area rug will be to choose an area rug that has a material, style, and size that matches your home decor preferences. 

 If you want to cover your hardwood floor with the most popular one then wool rugs will be the best for you. You can find different colors and sizes of these rug types, which are easy to maintain and have a long life here at Mark&Day.

If you like a natural fiber such as seagrass, then you can easily choose these rugs together with natural rubber pads to add a modern atmosphere to your spaces. 

You can use cotton rugs in your spaces to create a rustic and bohemian feel. 

Should you put something under the rugs on hardwood floors? 

 To protect your hardwood flooring and prevent it from being damaged, it is ideal to use rug pads, even if the rug's material is suitable for wood. Or you can choose a pad made of natural rubber. But, please avoid plastic pads.

How to choose the right rug for your hardwood floors?

 Area rugs with different properties should be preferred for each different flooring type, some of which we have mentioned above. The type of flooring requires that many features of an area rug to be chosen, its colors, patterns, yarns and texture should be appropriate.

In addition, one of the biggest reasons why area rugs are used for floor covering is the protection of the floor covering. We'll also give you tips on how to choose an area rug if you have a space with hardwood flooring.  

So, which features of which area rugs should be considered? 

First of all, a natural fiber rug like wool would be a good choice for a wood floor. That's why wool rugs are one of the good choices in terms of quality, durability and the right material. But this alone is not enough. The side of the rug that contacts the floor is also important.  

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