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How To Choose The Right Area Rug?

Choosing the right area rug is important because it reflects your character and gives soul to any room. There are many benefits area rugs provide. In this article, we will go over different things to consider when choosing the right area rug and try to help you choose one with this complete guide.  

Different Types of Area Rug? 

There are many types of area rugs. Type usually refers to the technique the rugs are crafted with. Most standard methods used in making area rugs are: 

- Shag: A shag rug is an area rug with long piles rather than a crafting method. They are soft and keep you warm in the winter months. If you are fond of your comfort, they are excellent companions. They are usually woven or knotted.  

- Hooked: They are made by loops of yarn being pulled through a backing. The yarn is not cut and it leaves a looped pile.  

- Tufted: In the tufted hand technique, yarn pieces are punched over backing and then cut to create an excellent surface called a pile.  

- Knotted: They are made by tying yarns to fibers on a loom. This crafting type is the hardest.  

- Braided: Different lengths of material are braided and sewn together.  

- Flat-Woven: These are made on a loom. They are often machine-made. The most common advantage of this type over solid rugs is that they do not have rigid backing and are reversible. This technique is more common in small rugs.  

Common Styles of Area Rugs 

Area rugs come in so many styles that they make your head spin. Some of the more common types are: 


Authentic Vintage Rugs

Authentic Vintage Rugs

 - Vintage Rugs: They are second-hand rugs usually from around the 40s to 60s. They reflect the history and they had a previous life. If you are into antiques, they complement your rooms just fine. For example, they go well with antique living room furniture.  

- Layering Rugs: Layering means putting a more extensive area rug under a smaller rug. If you have an item of furniture, especially in the center, and want it to be the focal point of the room, layering rugs are excellent options. If you have a big coffee table among your living room furniture, layering rugs under it as square rugs may be a perfect way to decorate it.  

- Natural Fibers: Especially in high traffic areas, area rugs made of natural fibers shine. They can endure natural wear and tear and last for a long time when maintained correctly. Natural rugs can vary from jute, bamboo rugs to wool, cotton rugs. Each has its advantages. They go well in larger rooms such as dining room and living room floors.  


Geometric Plush Shag Area Rug

Geometric Plush Shag Area Rug

 - Shag Rugs: Shag Area Rugs are the pinnacle of comfort for resting places; their high pile of plushy fibers feels great under your toes. They are excellent insulators and keep heat in as well as reduce sounds. Especially if you like lying on the floor and reading books, they can be great for you. They are also great in large living rooms if you like watching television while sitting on the ground, snuggling a blanket.  

- Oriental Rugs: Oriental area rugs is the name given to rugs made in countries in the Asian region such as Russia, Turkey, China, Tibet, Iran. Each part has its styles and benefits. There are not many things you can decorate your room with as good as a luxurious Persian Area Rug. Hand-knotted rugs are a really good way to highlight a living room space. Their value usually increases with knot count per square inch. 

Choosing an Area Rug Carefully 


Color-matched eye-catching rug

Color-matched eye-catching rug

 Area rugs should be chosen carefully because they last for a long time. Since they will be in your home for long years, researching them is good. You can always ask various vendors online to get more information on the rugs to choose the right area rug for your room spaces!  

Choosing the best-looking rug might not always be the best course of action. Therefore, one should consider all aspects of area rugs before purchasing. With many rug shapes, sizes, colors, and pad options, it is always nice to choose carefully.  

For example, while a shag area rug is comfortable, it might not be the best option for a kitchen space due to spills. Since it will also be a protective layer on bare floor, a more stain and water resistant rug will be better in this area. 

Different Colors and Colors to Avoid 


Different colored rugs

Different colored rugs

When choosing an area rug, it is always good to match your furniture because they complement furniture to make the room feel cozier when you put an area rug in it. But if you are unsure of getting one that will suit your furniture, neutral tones and solid colors are always suitable for your room spaces. You can also think of oriental patterned rugs or tribal patterned rugs.   

When choosing rugs, it is best to avoid bright colors such as pink and light green because they are harder to maintain with dust and stains. Also, picking an area rug with the color of your pet will be better.  

Choosing the Right Rug for Your Style 


large rug in soft color

large rug in soft color 

Choosing the right rug is always a meticulous process. It would help to get in touch with your soul to extract your taste in area rugs.  

When choosing a rug, you have to consider your home's furniture and interior design style to select the perfect rug for your floor spaces. Once you determine the rug style, you should evaluate its function. Should it give a luxurious message when someone enters the room, or is your sole purpose comfort? Do you want to brighten the room, or do you need a fine neutral area rug to anchor furniture with a cohesive look? Would you like to fill a space or highlight a specific area? Do you need a rug pad for additional comfort? Will you use it in a standard room as a dining room or living room rug or a room space used more minor, such as a bedroom?  

After answering these questions, it will be easier to find your rug.  

 Choosing the Right Rug for Your Space


floral colorful rug

floral colorful rug

 After choosing your style, you should consider if it fits your home. You might want to get an excellent %100 wool area rug for your kitchen, but if you have minor children and spills happen, it might be better to get something more resistant and won't absorb stains. You can even get rugs with rug pads for further comfort.  

Also, you should consider the shape of your home and get rugs accordingly. It is always better to measure beforehand and get the rugs later to fit perfectly into room space. For example, if you are getting a living room rug, you should always consider furniture, your ability to move rugs under furniture, front legs to clean, etc., when choosing a rug. If you are getting a dining room rug, it should be a little bigger than the dining table and chairs so that when you sit, the rug is under the seating area. It is also better to get a rug in the same shape as the dining table and chairs; rectangular rugs for rectangular tables, square rugs for square tables are better. Round rugs can be considered if you are getting rugs for your restroom or kitchen. Round rugs are usually in exciting designs, and they can change the mood of the room they are placed.  

Finding the Right Rug Size  


large antique red rug

large antique red rug

 Rug size is essential when choosing the right rug. A bit rug suffocates your room, but a too-small rug would seem uneasy on the eyes. There are many guides for finding the best rug size, but general rules to stick to are: 

- Always let there be space between your rugs and walls 

 - Consider furniture distances; if they go under the sofa's front legs, it might not be easy to clean them since you will need to lift the couch. If you choose an area rug that will go under all furniture, be mindful that its edges should not press against the furniture's front legs. You might think that wall-to-wall carpets would be easier to maintain, but they cannot be cleaned as easily as area rugs.

- If you are buying rugs for kitchen floors, consider their distance from the kitchen sink not to let them get wet.  

- If you are buying a dining room rug, it should be more significant than a dining table and chairs to allow you to rest your feet on it when you are eating.  

- It is not always best to buy a large rug as big as your room; sometimes, smaller rugs can be the right choice.  

 - If you get a rug beside your bed or under your bed, it is better to get a rug a little larger than your bed. For example, if you are getting an area rug beside the bed in your bedroom, a patterned rug that will match most bed sheets would be an excellent way to go.

Getting the Rug in the Right Pile 


colorful striped soft rug

colorful striped soft rug

 It is possible to get low pile or high pile area rugs, and each holds its advantages. Soft pile rugs usually have lower allergens. Thus, they do not release any allergens into the air when you walk over them and can be used in all areas of your house, such as bedroom, living room, kitchen or hallways, etc.  

It is the same with dirt; it is easier to maintain and vacuum low pile area rugs. On the other hand, high pile rugs are much more comfortable; they keep warmer and reduce sound better. High piles are the right choice for you if you are fond of softness under your feet while resting on your chair after a long day at work.  

Finding the Right Rug Price 

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We also provide free shipping in order to assist our customers.  

Tips for Making an Impression on the Rug 


traditional antique rug

traditional antique rug

 While their function might be different in every house, area rugs are appealing and aesthetic pieces of textiles. They can even be framed and hung from walls. So if you want to make an impression with your area rug on people who enter the room it is in, it might be better to consider higher-end rugs.  

Nothing makes a statement as good as a well-woven Persian Area Rug with high Knot Count. Made traditionally by tribes in Iran, these rugs have a past dating back to 2500 before.  

Finding the Right Material to Suit You 


rugs in different colors and textures

rugs in different colors and textures

When choosing the best rug, it is always important to consider the material that suits you. The material should feel natural to you and comfortable with it. Some of the most common materials:  

Wool: %100 Wool area rugs are a bit expensive, but they are worth it. They are soft, stain-resistant, and insulate heat and sound well. High piles are more comfortable, but low mounds hold lower amounts of dust and allergens. They are good area rugs that can be used in large living rooms, hallways, guest rooms, and bedrooms under the bed.  

Cotton: Cotton area rugs are similar to wool rugs in many ways, and they are a cheaper alternative. You can also choose rugs with mixed cotton/wool materials for your floors. Same as wool, they go well In bedrooms when you match the color and pattern with your bed.  

Leather: Leather is classy; they do not go well with high foot traffic areas. It is better to put them in places with leather furniture. If you feel adventurous, you can also prefer a hide patterned rug. They also go well on the foot side of the bed in bedrooms. 

Bamboo: Bamboo rugs are incredible in that they can be both used as indoor and outdoor rugs. They are outstanding on porches under chairs. They are easy to clean, stain-resistant, and environmentally friendly. In addition, they can endure direct sunlight and protect floors.  

What Area Rugs are Good for High Foot Traffic?  


patterned navy blue rugs

patterned navy blue rugs

Some rugs are much more suitable to be used in high traffic areas:

Wool: Wool is a resilient material. It is stain and water-resistant. As long as you do not put them in damp or humid rooms, they last long and can be used in high foot traffic areas like children's bedrooms.  

Cotton: Same as wool, it is a durable rug material. They can be cleaned quickly, and depending on the rug size, they can even be washed with a washing machine. 

Jute: Jute rugs are known for being solid and affordable. They can handle heavy foot traffic and are excellent when used as layers in layered rugs.  

 Synthetic: Synthetic rugs are made from synthetic fibers such as nylon or polypropylene and are pretty standard. They are made to be endurable against heavy foot traffic; they are cleaned easily and do not get stained quickly. If in the kitchen, you can get a rug with rug pads to help you when standing. They are commonly used as dining room rug under dining table seating areas and in living rooms.

What Area Rugs are Good for Pets 


green patterned rug and dog

green patterned rug and dog

 Pets are great! We all agree on that. But as you know, they might get messy, especially when it comes to rugs. Mud, nails, plays, accidents may wreak havoc on your area rugs. So if you have pets, it does not necessarily mean that you need to give up on your dreams to get a rug. It just means you need to get the right style! 

When you choose a rug for a home with pets, you need to get one that is easy to clean and durable. The most common ones suitable for this purpose are wool rugs and cotton area rugs.  

When purchasing rugs in homes with pets, it might be worth buying rugs that are easily cleaned, especially in the living room. Synthetic area rugs are good in this regard too.  

Do Not Forget Kids!  


Blue Green Car Traffic Light Printed Boy Room Rug

Blue Green Car Traffic Light Printed Boy Room Rug

 If you are decorating your kids' rooms, you can always get area rugs suitable for them. A nice shag area rug may be a good base for them to play on. You can even find area rugs with different settings specifically for kids, such as city designs and roads to play on using their imagination! You can match colors with children's beds in their bedrooms. 

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