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Gift a Rug to Your Lover This Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day closing in, choosing the perfect gift for your significant other is not always an easy job. Your search for various listed items with help of various web pages such as Amazon may help you find and add unique designs to your cart easily. With advertising, complicated lists, stock counts with an upcoming special occasion, prices it is not always that easy to find. Let's take a look at the history of Valentine's Day and things you should consider when choosing a Valentine's Day gift. Finally, let's see the wonderful Mark & Day rugs you can gift your loved one on Valentine's Day! 

History of Valentine's Day

Named after St. Valentine, who was executed with the orders of Claudius after he continued to marry young people in Rome after a decree that banned all marriages and engagements.

He wanted to sort out this unfair decision that would serve the purpose of strengthening the military by sacrificing the happiness of youth, showing great kindness for those in need to find bliss through his sacrifice.

Valentine's Day celebrations date back to AD 496, established by Pope Gelasius 1 in honor of Saint Valentine, replacing the Roman Festival of Fertility. In the 17th Century, people started to give various items as gifts to each other, and Valentine's Day started to be sorted out as we know it today. 

What's the Meaning of Valentine’s Day?

The meaning of Valentine’s Day may vary from person to person but it is to emphasize the importance of your significant other to you, appreciate their existence, and show your happiness that they are in life with a gift. 

Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts showed a great evolution in years, starting with products chocolates and flower bouquets in the 17th Century to Plushies, various custom made items and machines coming in all sorts, colors, and shapes in various stores both as physical or online stores, advertising great choices. A lot of lists can be found online for different gift ideas showing unique perspectives to be added to your shopping cart with discount deals for this special day.

Choosing Valentine's Day Gifts

When searching for an item for your lover in online shopping lists, many criteria come to mind. Especially when browsing through stores, looking at different items, deals, prices things tend to get overly complicated and you can find yourself with lots of items to choose from in your cart.

List of Things to Take into Account When Choosing a Valentines Gift for Your Lover

When making your list, consider below points:

  • Delivery Time: Make sure to put your order with your account in the right time to make sure that you receive the listed item in time for Valentine's Day .
  • Stock: When you find the perfect item for your significant other, it is always best to check stock count for the item to make sure it is available.
  • Price: Different prices are given various different platforms such az Amazon. Also it is always better to see if a website offers discounts in carts.
  • Deals: Sometimes it is better to mark an item, look for various deals and coupons to get a better price in your shopping cart!
  • Purpose of item: What is your purpose when buying the Valentines Gift? Should this item be a fine reminder hanged in a wall in your valentine’s home? Will it be a useful home tool or will it be something personal?

These are some of the points to take into account when you are doing your shopping list for Valentine's Day !

Why Choose a Rug as a Gift Item?

With ever-changing trends, conventional gifts such as chocolates and flowers seem to be way outdated. Traditional items may be seen as a safe harbor when choosing a gift but why stop there?

A Rug lasts for years when it is used correctly. So It is way better than traditional gifts listed as favorites in terms of enduring time!

Which Rug To Choose?

With many available listed rug types coming in any size, shape, and features it might be hard to choose. Considering the points listed in this article and considering your needs, you will be able to choose the correct one!

Rug Types

Rugs come in many shapes in colors and can be great additions to your or your valentine’s home.

Rugs come in different sizes, materials, and styles such as Traditional, Shag Rugs, Modern, Outdoor and Bohemian.

Different Materials

Rugs can be made from many materials such as wool, leather, acrylic, cotton, linen, and many more materials.

Different Sizes

Rugs can be found in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes in stock. Different sizes help you style any space you fit in your home.

Rug Features

Rugs can be crafted in many styles such as handcrafted, hand-hooked, hand-knotted, hand-loomed hang woven, and machine-woven.

Machine Washable

Depending on the build and material, there are also machine washable rugs available!

Valentine’s Day Rug Collection

There are many rugs to be used for various purposes. They can be used in all parts of your home.

Valentine's Day Kitchen Rugs

A lovely gift for the kitchen! can be put to the entrance or middle of the kitchen with various messages! You can find all kinds of designs in many listed items in the stock.


Valentine's Day Outdoor Rugs

Can be used in any outdoor setting as an item resistant to weather conditions. Different types can be found on the list!


Valentine's Day Doormats

Different kinds of designs can be found to be put in the entrance of your home to give your heartfelt messages!

Valentine's Day Bedroom Rugs

Such an item can spark a light in your bedroom that can warm the ambiance.

Valentine's Day Bathroom Rugs

The bathroom is not the place to stop when thinking of presents! A well-chosen item for the bathroom may be the correct gift. It would be worth your while to look at the various listed designs in the stock.


The Durability of Valentine's Day Rugs

All listed products are made with the highest quality materials and every item is checked before being sent to you.

Valentine's Day Rugs can be used in many parts of your home and can be used to create a loving setting and a reminder of yourself to your sweetheart. We wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!  

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