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Decoration Tips for Families with Children

While decorating your home, you may only have made choices that suit your taste and budget. However, when small individuals get in the picture, you may not be so free when making your decoration choices because your children who smile around and bring utmost joy and vitality to your home are vulnerable to dangers and can be easily affected with an icky selection or implementation around them. So, to balance the way to adjust your home environment with your little ones, follow our tips and tiny hints on the matter, and we assure you that it will all fall in place!


When decorating your home, you should choose furniture that will not cause dangerous home accidents to protect your children. Also, one of the biggest problems for families with children is clutter. Tidying up your home can become a hassle as the children grow as the number of toys and childcare products increases. You can complete your decoration with accessories that will help you keep your home organized. Finally, you must pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness at home for children whose immune system is not yet developed. Viruses and bacteria which are not problems for adults can cause illness in children. Therefore, furniture and accessories selected for home decoration must be child-friendly materials. Decoration recommendations for families with children include five criteria: safety, order, hygiene, comfort and aesthetics. Increasing the quality of life depends on the ability of both children and adults to enjoy the home they live in. For this reason, the home of families with children should have a comfortable and stylish decoration. 

Safety First: Soft Textured Furniture That Doesn't Shake  

Providing security is first among the decoration suggestions for families with children. Especially children who are just learning to walk or who can't stop running can hit the sharp corners of coffee tables and armchairs. You can prevent injuries caused by impact with sofa sets whose edges are covered with soft textured fabrics. You can opt for poufs as a center table. You can put non-slip pads under your carpets or rugs.  


Lexington Ivory Pouf


 Lexington Ivory Pouf


Luxury Grip

Furniture in the homes of families with children should not sway and should be fixed to the wall. In addition, you should ensure that objects used for decoration on your bookshelves, mirrors, TV units will not fall on your child. For lighting, you can use adjustable wall sconces instead of standing lamps.

In addition, it is challenging to raise children in homes where there are many accessories. Therefore, removing expensive trinkets and decorative accessories is especially useful before breaking them. 


Erlauf Modern Wall Sconces



Eckartsau Modern Wall Sconces


A Tidy Home for Families with Children 

 It may sound strange to you, but a regular home is possible for families with children. Or at least a house that can be quickly tidied up is likely. But how? With lots of boxes and storage space. Spreading toys, your child's clothes, books, painting materials, and belongings makes your house look messy. You can buy decorative boxes where you can put all these materials and create separate storage areas for them. You can avoid confusion by sticking labels on the baskets. The vivid color of the boxes you will use will attract your child's attention. Thus, you can ensure that he spends time in his room with pleasure and love. You can choose Ottoman-style poufs for storage or wicker baskets to complete your decoration in the common living areas of your home. Playgrounds are essential for a tidy home. Even though children have their rooms, they prefer to spend time with adults in common areas. Therefore, you can create a playground for your child in your common areas, such as setting up a tent. Also, children who have fun with their families and have a garden where they can move freely will be more creative.

Simple Solution for Hygiene: Wipeable or Washable Products 

 Even the cleanest houses have viruses and germs. For this reason, the materials used in the homes of families with children should be easily wiped or washed. Your belongings can often get dirty while feeding the children or your child is painting. Even if we can't prevent these from happening, we can choose products that we can easily clean. We don't have to live with a stained sofa or a wall drawn with crayons. You can select furniture covered with fabrics with erasable properties. With the rapid development of technology, you can find erasable wallpapers in the style you want. Non-porous materials such as leather are easily wiped.

On the other hand, Wool is hygienic as it does not absorb liquid. You can choose dark colors that do not show the stain in your furniture selections—glass, metal, and laminate show fingerprints. If you want to buy durable and easy-to-clean furniture, you can use decoration products made of natural wood


Hochfilzen Natural Furniture Piece


Children spend most of their day in contact with the carpet. However, carpets are where most viruses and bacteria are found in the house. You can protect your child's health by using washable rugs instead of carpets. You can attract your child's attention with the rugs with fun motifs specially produced for children's rooms.  


Matt Modern Sky Blue Area Rug


Use Your Child's Masterpieces to Decorate 

The pictures made by children and the designs in which they use their hand skills are masterpieces. You can display these masterpieces your child makes in the corner of your home. You can put them in colorful frames and hang them on the wall or stick them on the refrigerator door. Exhibiting your children's works of art in this way will increase their interest in art even more.

If you want to make your home decoration more enjoyable, you can buy a chalkboard on which you can draw colorful pictures while playing with your child. You can put the blackboard in the hallway or wherever you find suitable. 

Since families with children need to be careful about home accidents, you can add liveliness to your decoration by using plenty of decorative pillows on your seats. Or you can use wallpaper that will balance your dark furniture. The beanbag benches, which attract attention with their color instead of chairs at your dining table, will change the atmosphere of your room. 

As you can see, making your home livable both for yourself and your children isn't rocket science. All you need are some good hints to start with and the right tools; then, your work is a piece of cake!  

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