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Basic Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

Basic Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

“By your own efforts. Waken yourself, watch yourself. And live joyfully. You are the master.”

                                                                                       – Buddha


Chic living room with open kitchen

As clearly stated in the quote above from Buddha, it’s not wrong to say that Feng Shui isn’t exactly a topic related to home design. The Feng Shui is a philosophy, and a part of Taoism, a belief system with ancient roots. Balance and harmony make up the main principles of Feng Shui.  Sadly, it’s not conceivable to fully adopt this philosophy into our homes because of the average apartments of modern cities. However, with these simple yet effective tips you can summon the Chi into your home, which will at least, to some extent, let you omit the city’s chaos and daily stress.

Harmony calls for simplicity.

You must get rid of your unimportant objects as a first move before even beginning to decorate your home in Feng Shui order. Aside from throwing away things that you haven’t used for a long time, you must also remove items that you think is giving you negative energy. The next stage would be to completely scrub your house off dirt and dust.

Doors that introduce balance.

It is the entrance of our homes which will serve as an opening to the outside world, both in reality and abstruse dimensions. The entrance is what defines how much trust and peace the house will provide to guests and to the house owners. Lighter and brighter colored doors will serve these feelings better for your home. Conjointly, your entrance area should be always kept as wide as possible. Avoid reflective objects, such as mirrors and windows, so that potential negative energy will not enter in from the outside.

Cactus next to a window


The natural source of sunlight is crucial for us and other beings. It is important to avoid glass and windows in front of your furniture since they can prevent light from entering inside. Presumably, there will be rooms that cannot receive sunlight. Placing warm-toned lamps and candles in these rooms will serve the purpose.

Elegant lamp


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Food to the soul, kitchen.

The kitchen is where intense emotions like health, fertility and abundance are felt. Our sole existence is tied with what we eat. This makes the kitchen an important area. Unnecessary food shouldn’t be stacked inside the kitchen. For symbolizing purposes, foods like pomegranate, quince or dried nuts can sit on tables.

Feng Shui’s most important factors in the kitchen is separating ‘’Fire’’ and ‘’Water’’. Objects related to fire such as the oven should be set apart in distance with items like the sink which represents water. In rare cases where the position of the items cannot be moved, a divider board made from wood plank can be placed in between.

Chic Kitchen

Live long and prosper.

One design adaptation of the Feng Shui philosophy is that commonly used sections and areas time spent with family are the places where the  spirit of the house remains. Your sitting group should look like a square to attract and retain the energy inside. As for the furniture, large choices should be avoided strictly since it can block the circulation of chi energy. Just like every other space, excessive items should not be placed in the living room.

Fire pit with a television on top of it

Resting the soul, Bedroom.

The form this philosophy requires for the bedroom is that it should only contain a bed for nightstand. In today’s conditions arranging a separate room for studying and dressing is difficult for many people. If this is the case for you, being careful to not placing the wardrobe and studying desk directly to the opposite side of the bed is important. Apart from that the location where the headboard of your bed inhabits is important. It shouldn’t stand in the middle without resting anywhere. The wall is where it should lean on. As for the room’s decor, pastel colors should coat your furniture. We should not skip how the furniture must have very round lines too.

Beautiful bedroom

The bathroom.

It is important for the bathroom to not be seen from the entrance or other rooms. In case it does, it’s better to prevent this image by a folding screen or a basic curtain. To create the aura of Feng Shui in the bathroom, you should choose colors of white or lighter shades. Fire is a non-wanted symbol inside the bathroom so avoiding red colors is a good idea. However, the opposite element water, which represents wealth, should be taken good care of. Avoid all type of dripping, broken or leaky faucets, pipes or taps in the bathroom. The main goal should be keeping the bathroom clean and the toilet seat closed.


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