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10 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Entryway Rug For Your Home

“Every detail count: A functional object can become a beautiful moment.”
Sarah Bartholomew

It's essential to make your entryway inviting and stylish, as it's the first space guests see whenever they walk into your home. While choosing the right rug for the entryway is the simplest way to achieve this, finding the perfect rug can be daunting, especially if you need help knowing where to start. Luckily, there is nothing to worry about, as this post has various ideas about choosing a rug for the entrway!

Whether you have a small or large entryway, these tips will guide you in finding an entryway rug that complements your decor. So, read on to discover more!

1. Consider a Luxurious Rug for the Entryway

Adding a shaggy and soft rug for the entryway can make a bold and attractive statement. While luxurious carpeting is famous for its plush and elegant feel, a soft rug for the entryway can create the same effect without overpowering the floor details. Rather than using a carpet to cover the entire entryway, a rug for the entryway can be an eye-catching accessory that complements the space.

2. Read the Entryway Rug Size Guide

Remember that selecting the right-sized rug for the entryway is essential, just like any other area rug in your home. Since you want an entryway rug that is washable and enough for your entryway, measure your entryway's length and width and choose a rug that's proportional to the space. If you have a narrow entryway, consider an entryway rug runner. A 4x6 rug for the entryway or an entryway runner rug is perfect for standard-sized entryways. It's crucial to take accurate measurements before shopping for the best entryway rug to match the rug's size to that of your entranceway.

3. Consider the Purpose of a Rug for the Entryway

Consider your space's purpose before choosing a rug for the entryway. Do you want durable and functional entryway rugs that are washable or ones that add style to your décor? Consider an entryway rug with rubber backing if you have a high-traffic entryway. You can include a rug pad to prevent slips and falls. It will also provide extra cushioning.

Bright hallway with round wood table and colorful flowers in glass vase. Perfect entryway accent.
Aaden Traditional Cream

4. Use a Jute Rug for the Entryway

A jute rug for the entryway  is dependable thanks to its durability and low-maintenance cleaning. Since it's designed with natural fibers, this rug is easy to clean, and you can easily eliminate dirt and debris. However, its natural fibers tend to absorb moisture, so it is necessary to dry a jute rug thoroughly before putting it back in place to avoid the risk of mold growth.

5. Consider the Shape of the Rug for the Entryway

To select the perfect rug for the entryway, you can consider its shape based on where you intend to place it. While a long and narrow entryway can benefit from a runner rug, a small rug for the entryway with 4x6 dimensions and bold designs works well in shallow and wide entryways.

If you have a large room with grand entryways, an oval or round rug for the entryway that is washable adds visual appeal and complements the furnishings. On the other hand, square rugs for the entryway or unusual shapes can also match your front door and house decor. A round rug in a vibrant print can create an unexpected statement and attract more attention.

A round rug on hardwood floor in hallway with chandelier.
Le Havre Cottage Dark Brown Area Rug

6. Choose a Washable Rug for the Entryway

Choosing a washable rug for the entryway is a practical and convenient solution for keeping your home clean and inviting. With the constant foot traffic and outdoor exposure, your rug for the entryway is bound to accumulate dirt, dust, and other debris. But with a washable rug, you can easily keep it looking fresh and new. One of the benefits of a washable entryway area rug is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Instead of spending time and money on professional cleaning services or struggling to clean stubborn stains on your rug, toss it in the washing machine.

In addition to being practical, a washable rug for the entryway also comes in various stylish designs to fit any home decor. From classic solid colors to bold patterns, there is a washable rug for most tastes and preferences.

Modern brown washable rug adds warmth and style to a wooden floor entryway decor.
Macy Traditional Camel Washable Area Rug

7. Choose a Matching Doormat and Entryway Area Rug

Most people confuse a rug for the entryway with a doormat since they appear similar. However, an entryway rug for an indoor area is slightly broader than a doormat you place indoors/outdoors. Also, it is common to place a doormat right by the entrance to clean shoes. Thus, if you want to attain a uniform and cohesive appearance in your hallway, ensure your doormat matches the entryway mat for the indoor section. 

A doormat on "Hello" lettering on a black and white striped outdoor rug to welcome guests.
Jolie Indoor / Outdoor Black Area Rug

8. Consider the Entryway Rug’s Material

An entryway mat for the indoor hallway is likely to experience massive traffic. Thus, the rug's ability to endure heavy traffic, dirt, dust, stains, and moisture largely depends on its materials. When choosing a rug for entryway, it is helpful to choose sturdy, durable, easy-to-clean, and stain-resistant materials like wool, nylon, bamboo, seagrass, polypropylene, jute, and other synthetic fabric materials. 

Black and white striped runner leads to a bright bathroom.
Aroma Park Global Charcoal Area Rug

9. Check the Rug’s Design

When choosing a rug for the entryway that is washable, ensure it aligns with your style and complements your home's overall décor. Don't settle for a rug for the sake of having one. Instead, the rug for the entryway should impress your guests and enhance the room's ambiance and mood. It helps if an entryway rug reflects your style and taste. And if you're looking for a rug for the entryway that stands out and becomes the entrance's focal point, don't be afraid to choose a unique and attention-grabbing option. 

10. Keep the Style in Season

The versatility of a rug for the entryway is one of its best features. It allows you to update your style with the changing seasons. Depending on your preference, add a burst of colors to go with the festive mood or keep it simple with more subdued colors. 

A modern abstract runner on a hardwood floor
Leah Modern Navy/Aqua Area Rug

The Final Say

In summary, rug for the entryway that is washable and durable is an essential element in your home decor. With these entryway rug ideas, you can find the perfect rug that adds style to your space and functions well. It's crucial to consider the room size and the rug's material, shape, and design to find the ideal rug for the entryway that combines style and function.

Whether you're looking for a small or cozy rug for the entryway or a large one for a grand foyer, this guide has everything you need to know to make the right choice. So why wait? Explore our Bestsellers Collection for a dream rug for your entryway today!

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