Known for bringing luxury and comfort to one’s rug scenes, rug pads provide a sturdy and stable foundation in your spaces. In addition to this, rug pads also protect your floors that under your feet and lessen slippage and displacement. They soften your floors & make cleaning easier too!

What is a Rug Pad?

A rug pad is a covering piece of material that is designed and produced for the purpose to serve as a buffer between your rug and the floor.


What is a Rug Pad used for?

A rug pad is used to protect your rug and your flooring. It also allows your rug to stay still and prevents it from slipping or bunching, thus offering its user a safe environment from unexpected accidents such as tripping or sliding.


What Size Should an Ideal Rug Pad be?

If your rug size is 5’x7'6, then the ideal rug pad size should be 5’x8’, and if your rug pad size is too big or visible under your rug you can trim a few inches for a perfect fit. Rug pads can be cut at home to custom fit any rug. Ideally, the rug pad should be cut approximately 1-2" short of the rug perimeter.

Can a Rug Pad be Used Outdoors?

Our Outdoor Pads are specifically designed for outdoor use. They aremold and mildew resistant & help outdoor rugs dry faster.We do not recommend regular rug pads for outdoor use.


Luxury Grip Rug Pads

Luxury Grip Rug Pads are 0.16 inches thick and they prevent displacement or slipping of your rug. They provide utmost protection and extra cushioning of the floor underneath. Facilitates air circulation between the rug and the floor while lessening deterioration. The Luxury Grip rug pad is made of 100% PVC.


Premium Felted Rug Pads

Offering an authentic experience, The Premium Felted rug pad is made of 100% felt from recycled virgin waste materials. The thickness of Premium Felted Rug Pads is 0.22 inches. Known for bringing luxury and comfort to one’s rug scenes, Premium Felted Rug Pads provide a sturdy and stable foundation in your spaces.


Outdoor Pads

The Outdoor rug pad is designed specifically for outdoor use. Prevent injuries by keeping your rug from sliding and add protection to your floors from scratches. The open weave construction provides support and structure, and allows air to move under the rug to prevent mold growth. Our Outdoor Rug Pads are 0.12 inches thick and are made of 100% Polymer Coated Polyester.


More on Rug Pads:

Unlike many other flooring options, rug pads do not require you to wait many months to be delivered and commit to a considerable expense. They can be bought in more affordable sizes. You must also be careful about the quality of the pads. Some low-quality pads are woven with a loft that is left unmatted, allowing it to be easily torn.


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