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Your Ultimate Guide to Rug Care

After days spent searching for the right rug for your precisely decorated living room, you have finally found the one and now you have positioned it in the center of your room so earnestly. You feel refreshed, proud, and satisfied with the comfort and warmth it escalates in the room. To maintain this investment profiting though, one thing is vital and that is a regular rug care! As an experienced area rug selling brand, we find it our duty to inform our readers about the few essential rules to keep your rug hygienic and good as new. 

Lady cleaning a rug with brush

There are numerous reasons to why one should prefer area rugs rather than wall-to-wall carpets especially in a living room or a dining room. Floors and what is on your floor says plenty about the character of your room. You can check out our post, ‘’How to Choose the Right Type of Flooring for Different Rooms’’ for tips on the flooring alternatives and what suits your space best. Especially your living room is an important part of your house, where all the traffic mostly takes place and therefore, deserves an area rug that will build the frame for your furnishing in the most ravishing way possible. Read our post ‘’How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Living Room’’ for further hints on living room area rugs. Now let’s get to work and proceed on Rug Cleaning 101! 

Rug pad or no rug pad? Yes to rug pads!

Acting as a protective shelter between your hardwood or tile floor and your rug, a rug pad will enhance the lifespan of your rug and will keep you and your loved ones safe because your rug will not slip with a rug pad under it.  

 Premium Felted Pad

 Premium Felted Pad

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Keep it moving!

Moving your rug around and repositioning it once or twice a year will shift the traffic position, giving your rug a long-lasting durability.


One of the understated things that leave a damage on a rug is high powered vacuums. Their high suction power pulls out of the back of rugs and wears out the rugs texture day by day, eventually leaving your stunning rug looking awfully run down. To avoid this from happening, set your vacuums engine level to low and the elevation level to high, place your vacuum starting at the edge of the rug and try to make good use of handheld parts provided to you along with the vacuum cleaner. In the long term, it will be inevitable to avoid your rug getting any sort of damage however these instructions will lengthen the life period of your rug. In time, once the yarn starts to pull out from the edges of your rug, do not pull the yarn out but instead, get scissors and cut the little fiber bits to preserve the exquisite quality of your piece. As for the frequency of vacuuming, it should be once or twice a week. Vacuuming your rug on both sides once or twice a week will stop dust or pet hair from settling into the fibers of your rug.


Vacuuming a shag rug



All wool products are prone to shed. Higher quality wools shed less; but shedding should dissipate over time. If you want to avoid shedding completely, purchase non-wool products. 



All wool products are prone to shed. Higher quality wools shed less; but shedding should dissipate over time. As a result of being rolled for a period of time, bulges or creases may exist. You can get rid of them by vacuuming and reverse rolling the rug. 



Rugs with a latex/canvas backing may have an odor when first unrolled – this is due to the bonding chemicals used in production. This smell should dissipate over time. 

Spills and stains, life-long complains.

As far as spills and stains, the most essential thing to keep in mind is that a spill should be attended to instantly. Firstly, blot it with a towel to dry that area so that the speck is not settled. After that, act on the stain with a cloth or a sponge soaked in some white soap or detergent (decide upon this accordingly with the material of your rug as different fabrics will require different cleaning products). If your rug is a washable rug, you might use a washer to clean your rug. If the stain is still there and hard to remove, then you may consider professional rug cleaning.. 

Coffee spilled on a rug

‘’An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care.’’.

For final note, instead of focusing on rug care we suggest that you first start by using your rugs in a cautious way from when they are brand new all the way to when they need intervention. This will minimize your hardship in maintaining your rug’s endurance after a specific time of use.

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