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What There Is to Know About Right Lighting in the 7 Most Crucial Space

Mark & DayMark & DayLighting is one of the most important and ingenious inventions of mankind. Not only can a lamp break the darkness so we can see what is around us, but it can also create magical auras and scenes. It is like a piece of statement jewelry to a house. 

The times of gas lamps are long gone, and we have thousands of options to choose from today – from LED recessed lights, modern chandeliers, pendant lights, wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps, to wall sconces. The selection of light sources and luminous colors are really massive. We're going to give you some lighting ideas on how to match the design of the lights with the overall decor in the room. 

Been Dying to Create the Most Impressive Lighting in Your Home?

Some lights are so simple and minimalistic, they may even need extra lighting to accompany the original one! Other ones, however, look better in groups, such as pendant lights above the kitchen counter or the dining table. It's like a competition of artistry – a contest of which design is the most spectacular? Which lamp will impress your guests the most and make them a tad jealous even? Or where is it better to use indirect lighting and accent lighting? Where should the large pendant lights be placed and how many light sources should there be in a room? To learn all of this, check out our fascinating lighting ideas. 

Living Room Lighting Ideas. 


When designing the lighting in a living room, it is worthwhile to use several light sources in different tones. Lighting can be provided in this area, for example, with a large ceiling light. You can also use floor lamps or table lamps, depending on the size of the room. Usually, daylight-white lights are highly recommended for office use, whereas yellow lights deliver such a warm color temperature that makes them ideal for a living room. If you're hosting a birthday party with a cool dinner table, it's always nice to have all lights on, as well as to dim all the lights after a long day at work. But as said, if you merge multiple lighting sources and tones, you can have the best of both worlds.  

Kitchen Lighting Ideas. 

Fischamend Modern Ceiling Lighting

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Most households have more than one living room. Yes, the kitchen can be counted as a second living room where families cook and eat together or friends chat over coffee and wine. 

Kitchen lighting should be well thought out because we visit this room at many different times during the day. Usually, breakfast is served in the morning, cooking is done at noon, and dinner or celebrations are held at night. As a rule of thumb, the housing of the lamp should have an open shape so that the whole room is illuminated.  

Especially in the work and kitchen areas, lighting should not be so bright that it casts shadows or dazzles, but it should be bright and cool, ideally be placed above the work surface. When lighting a small dining table, a round pendant lamp is ideal. For a long rectangular table, an elongated pendant lamp or a collection of pendant lamps is perfect. 

Bedroom Lighting Ideas. 

Eschenau Modern Wall Sconces

A large ceiling lamp combined with two bedside lamps at the head of the bed or wall sconces on each side. It's probably the most classic lighting concept to think about how we layout our lamps in the bedroom, isn't it? Over the decades, this distribution has simply proven itself, so why change it? In addition to luxurious settings, country house bedrooms can also implement this concept wonderfully. All you have to do is, turn off each light on every page you read so you are ready to sleep like a baby. 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas. 

Will Modern Ceiling Lighting 


The importance of lighting a bathroom is often overlooked compared to the importance of lighting other rooms in the house. Particularly in the morning, we require mirror lights to shave and put on makeup. The mirror is well illuminated by two lights: one on the left and one on the right. A horizontal light mounted above the mirror may be sufficient, depending on its size. It is also possible to illuminate the mirror from all sides with, for example, LED strips which are very suitable for this.  

A combination of basic lighting, mirror lighting, and decorative lighting is ideal for creating the right lighting conditions in the bathroom. Pendulums can also be used, depending on the height of the room. The majority of today's lights are dimmable; thus, you can adjust the mood of a room as desired before enjoying a bathtub for example. 

Indirect Lighting Ideas. 

Lavanttal Modern Floor Lamp
Krensdorf Modern Floor Lamp

Even a boring room comes alive with indirect lighting because moody, atmospheric light doesn't come from the ceiling alone. It takes a mix of functional and general lighting, a variety of sources, and a play of shadows to create a cozy lighting mood in a room. The light that arrives gently from the background creates an atmosphere that is particularly homey.

Indirect Lighting is the light that is reflected off ceilings, walls, floors and is diffused through the room. Architectural features or furniture can be highlighted by indirect lighting. A light strip, LED stick, wall light or ceiling washer can be used to implement the technique quickly. 

Outdoor Lighting Ideas. 

Guttaring Traditional Wall Sconces

When the garden lighting is magical and fairytale-like, it's time to enjoy the lawn, porch, and terrace. The light element can be found in almost every outdoor area due to its specific characteristics. A tree, a single plant, or a sculpture can represent these characteristics. There is something theatrical about the overall impact of a light falling from above in nature. Dark surroundings intensify this effect. From below, garden lighting illustrates every detail - such as branches or leaves - while from eye level, it creates a play of reflections and volumes. If you light plants or trees from the side, your living room walls will have a cozy shadow play when it's windy outside. 

Home-Office Lighting Ideas

Neudauberg Modern Table Lamp 

Avoid using dark, windowless rooms as a home office, as the natural study room lighting is a key factor in how we work. The reason for this is the human biorhythm. While sufficient sunlight ensures effective work, we become sleepy and sluggish in dark workrooms. The desk lamp is probably the most important direct light source in your study. It is therefore the ideal reading aid and facilitates concentrated work. However, beware; a high contrast may strain your eyes, which may be a drain on your energy in the long run. So, when setting up a home office, make sure that the lights are distributed evenly. 

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