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What is Hamptons Style Interior Designing?

With summer in full swing and the heat getting stronger, we are now lifted by the joy that comes with this warm season. It gives us the energy and the motivation to change things or to trade our home interior for a cheery mood and a trendier feel. After all, who doesn’t like to spice things in his/her living room?

The foundation of Hamptons style refers to homes built by the rich and famous in a group of townships on Long Island, New York. The Hamptons style is defined by cool, classic and sophisticated designs that meet rustic, casual beach vibes.

The soothing allure of blues, greens, marble stone or sand tones are all parts of a fully Hamptons themed space. If you seek to shine bright like a diamond with your Hamptons home interior, focus on interiors that are American version of French styling (Baroque, Rococo, or Empire). Hamptons styling is an act of effortlessness and hassle-free changes.  

Coastal Meets Luxury

Deep blue brocade, paisley, or geometric prints are the key elements that make up a Hamptons style room. Also, include stripes in your list of essentials before you get to work. Think of the breeze that hit you when you are on the beach walking barefoot… Hamptons inspired home decoration should give you that same cozy feeling that comes from within this picture. When you observe it or relax in a Hamptons design room, you should feel the smooth breeze spread into your soul with minimum effort. To achieve this type of serenity, emphasize on stripes, blues, beige and grays, and other beachy elements. Create a refined edge with a formal appeal with your coastal/Hamptons style living room.  

Two couches and a striped carpet in the living room 

Begin With Paint 

Select soft whites and go for natural accent tones to go with it. Once you are almost certain of which color to apply to your space, test the tone by applying it on a wide section of your wall and keep it for 24 hours to see how it corresponds to different lighting throughout the day. By doing this, you will get the chance to test out your color and tick the doubtful thoughts about your paint selection off your head.  

Wall art


Move On to Side Accessories, e.g. A Rug

To portray the full beauty of your furnishing and paint, search for a fine looking, high-end area rug because a rug is like the last pinch of salt added to your cooked meal. It will determine whether your meal is a ravishingly tasty experience in your mouth or a disappointing moment for your taste buds.  

Blanca Coastal Cream Area Rug 

Hamptons style decoration, which is always on interior designers’ radar, are mostly preferred by those that crave a bright and refreshing aura with a smooth touch of adventure.  


Hamptons style collects its affection from the seaside feels and outdoor energy. Symmetry and balance are keys in Hamptons style driven furniture pieces. Natural touches in a high-end and artistic way will be the beautiful characteristics of this elite theme.  


Modern designed living room with white couchs

Small implementations like layers of pillows or a soft and comfy pouf in navy or beachy styles will add a dazzle to your space while completing the unfinished business of your furniture and paint combo. 

 Rohrenbach Dark Blue Pouf 0.0 star rating


Beringen Denim Pillow Cover

 Heenvliet Light Gray Pillow Cover

Final words to sum up our thoughts on Hamptons style home design is that it is easy to form, it spreads tranquility and gets you in the mood for a seaside visit. Whether near the sea feel or out-in-the-wild -nature look, this décor taste is an organic composition offering us everything mother nature promised this earth and more. Don’t wait another day to execute these easy tips and ideas because if accomplished with care, Hamptons themed displays in your home can redefine your overall reputation in home designing.  

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