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Timeless Home Design Elements That Will Always Be in Style

We love a good home makeover and home renovation. It’s great to keep up with the times and whatever trends may be in season. It keeps our interior design fresh and interesting. However, this is an activity we can and should do too often. Not only is it expensive, but it can also be wasteful and unsustainable. So, if you’re looking to give your space a little makeover, make sure you do it to last. Instead of following passing trends that will only last a few months or year, fill your home with items and decor that are timeless. 

Neutral Colors  

white chair and wall shelves
 Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash  

 Every year, we get an unofficial list of trending colors that everybody is into. We even have Pantone’s Color of the Year. It’s great because it inspires people’s creative side. People get the sudden desire to repaint their walls and buy some items in those trending colors. Although this isn’t inherently a bad thing, we could agree that some colors are just passing trends and we eventually get bored of them. The colors could get especially tiresome when they are used over and over again. So, if you want to avoid the hassle of having to keep recoloring your home, why not just stick to colors that will stand the test of time. Neutral color palettes will always be in style because they are staples instead of trends. These are the earthy colors like brown, beige, green, cream, as well as other muted colors. You can also always include your very favorite colors to add a pop of brightness to your room. Opt for the more muted version of your favorite colors if you want to maintain a neutral palette. When shopping for particular home objects, you will notice that things made of natural materials are already neutral, so you don't really have to look that hard to find items that fit this description. 

Simple Flooring and Traditional Area Rugs  

white bathroom with red traditional area rug

When deciding on flooring, it might be tempting to look for really trendy, fun tiles or even wall-to-wall carpeting. Flooring trends tend to change fairly slower than other design trends. But we do see differences from decade to decade. Something that never really goes out of style is hardwood floors or tiles that are quite simple. Again, aim for a more neutral color choice. Stay away from things that are far stylistic and loud because it could clash with a lot of your other design ideas. Printed flooring could distract from other prints in your home. It's also very easy to get tired of a certain kind of print and when it comes to flooring you can't change it as easily as you can change sheets or curtains. So, you want to choose something that you're sure you will not get tired of and you’re sure will not go out of style. 

When it comes to choosing rugs, you don’t have to confine yourself to one style forever because they are easy to replace. However, some styles are more timeless than others. Traditional area rugs, for example, has stood test of time. They still look incredibly chic despite being around for a very long time. One great thing about this is although it's a classic piece of interior design, it can easily be made modern based on the furniture you pair it with. 


potted plants lined up in a row
 Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash  

Lots of people have only gotten into taking care of houseplants during the start of the pandemic although indoor plants have long been a staple in interior design. They have a way of making a home appear much more friendly looking. Having something in your home that is alive also brings life to it. Plants do not only provide an aesthetically pleasing environment, but they also have a practical function. Plants help purify the air so that you’re always breathing fresh oxygen. Certain plants also provide pleasant scents.  As long as you know how to take care of your plants, they can last you years and years. 

Natural Lighting  

bedroom with large windows looking over a body of water
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash  

 Like every other home design element, styled light fixtures go in and out of style. Some years, pendant lightnings made of metallic material might be in style. Other times, more traditional looking chandeliers are what’s in fashion. It's best not to follow the trends and just go for what you like best. However, something that will stand the test of time is good natural lighting. If you're in the market for a new home or if you're building your own house, be aware of how much natural light each room gets. Take note that each room has adequate natural lighting for its purpose. 

Knowing this information will help you make your floor plan and arrange your furniture. The activities done in those rooms should be compatible with the amount of sunlight you get. Natural sunlight can also help you save on electricity, and it can give your home a sense of openness and make a space feel happier. 

Personal Photos  

picture frame of elderly man with a young boy in sports attire
 Photo by Lindy Baker on Unsplash  

 Even if we live in a digital age when we can easily just post our photos on Instagram, getting our very best pictures printed and framed is still worthwhile today. It’s something tangible that you can always look at. It gives a home more of a personal touch. Filling your home with personal art, photographs, and memorabilia will surely never go out of style.  

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