An elegant living room with white couch and home plants.

Springing into Style: Home Decor Ideas for Spring 2023

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”

A famous quote by Leo Tolstoy goes “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” Indeed, after a long, cold period of winter, this is the time for family and friends to start catching up again. This means you will want to impress if the get-together is to happen at your place. Of course, the easiest way to pleasantly surprise your friends and family is to decorate your home in a way never seen before.

7 Stunning Home Decor Ideas for Spring 2023

From spring kitchen decor ideas to neutral spring decor, we have it all in this article. Furthermore, we have recommended lots of amazing products that you can buy now at Mark & Day to give your home a new vibe when spring 2023 comes.

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1. Improve the Aesthetics of Your Bedroom Décor

Everything comes to life during spring. This is the time to give your home a new, exciting look. And while at it, do not be too preoccupied with your living room and the outdoor space to the extent that you forget to give your bedroom a new pimp. Yes, the living room matters since it is one of the first places your guests interact with.

A bright and airy bedroom decor with a floral bedding set.
                                               ​​ShijakTraditional Table Lamp

However, you also need to make your bedroom as eye-catching as possible. That is because a gorgeous bedroom plays a huge role in enhancing mood and keeping you motivated. So, in this year’s spring home decor, enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom by shopping for bedding with unique yet simple colors.

You can consider the Trilj Rose Bedding for a bold look in the bedroom. One good thing about this bedding is that it blends beautifully with other colors. It matches nicely with white finishes for a simpler yet outstanding look in the bedroom. Also, you should try the Kastav Violet Bedding. It too blends with white finishes, plus it features violet prints of trees that make it a perfect spring home decorating item.

2. Try Pillow Covers with Bold Colors

It is okay for your sofa to look pretty plain during winter. But this is almost an abomination during spring. Therefore, make sure you get pillow covers that will instantly change the look of your piece of furniture. Home decor for spring does not necessarily mean you go for a complete overhaul. Sometimes such simple things as changing your pillow covers can have a massive impact.

A modern living room with dark decorative pillows and dark ottoman bench.
                                              ​​Seraing Teal Pillow Cover 

With that said, try something out of the ordinary this spring. To do this, visit Mark & Day and buy pillow covers of different colors. For example, you can match the Verlaine Navy Pillow Cover with the Merchtem Sea Foam Pillow Cover to improve aesthetics and comfort. Another pillow cover you cannot go wrong with is the Vuilpan Black Pillow Cover, which is also available at Mark & Day. Featuring simple patterns, the Vuilpan Black Pillow Cover matches easily with all kinds of sofas.

What’s more, you should try the Thuin Bright Pink Pillow Cover, especially if you have a white couch. The vibrant color of this pillow cover will instantly improve the mood of anyone who sets foot in your living room. Additionally, this pillow cover matches effortlessly with other covers such as the Lenthe Beige Pillow Cover and Beldert Beige Pillow Cover.

3. Add Decorative Accents to Your Living Space

Decorative accents were such a hit in spring home decor 2022. They are still trendy and should be on top of the list of items you plan to buy for home decoration this spring. At Mark & Day, you will find all kinds of decorative accents. One that we particularly find amazing is the Loznitsa Decorative Accent. It features a rough finish that gives it a somewhat ancient look.

A modern decorative accent full of flowers in a modern living room decorated for spring.
                                             ​​Slivnitsa Decorative Accent

Decorative accents are not just perfect for spring but also are worth considering for fall home decor ideas. Another good thing about them is that they do not need to match your decorating style. The more they stand out, the better. So, whether you prefer a traditionally-decorated room or a modern-styled room, these bad boys are the real deal.

What’s even better, its finish is white and ivory; meaning you can place it virtually anywhere. If you are not into vintage, then you should try Solin Green Decorative Accent. It is a modern vase that is black and green. Besides, it has a shine that makes it stand out regardless of where it is placed. The decorative accent’s finish will remind you of nature. And this, in return, will encourage you to step out and enjoy the warm weather.

4. Never Forget Furniture Accents

Spring home decor ideas range widely. And the addition of furniture accents to your living room is definitely one of them. Furniture accents will bring a wowing factor to your living room; thanks to their striking look. What’s even better about them is that they are eye-catching and, at the same time, incredibly functional.

Take, for example, the Frohnleiten Gold Furniture Piece. You can set it up in the hallway to hold some of your decorative accents while, at the same time, adding taste to the hallway. The gold furniture piece is handmade and its finish is a symbol of modernism. It has a glass surface and gold metal legs that give it a sophisticated look.

Modern furniture accents in a hallway.

Another furniture accent to consider in spring 2023 is the Pondorf Silver Furniture Piece. The best place to set it up is in the corners of a room. Simply put, this furniture accent makes corners super functional. Made of 100% ceramic, the Pondorf Silver Furniture Piece will quickly become the centerpiece in your living room. Besides, its black finish creates a stunning contrast with a white background.

5. Ottoman and Poufs Make Rooms Cozier

The functionality of poufs has improved over time. They no longer just provide an extra seating area. Also, they improve the décor of the rooms they are in. And that is why they should be at the very top of your spring home decorating ideas. At Mark & Day, you will find all kinds of poufs to add to your living room, bedroom, or home office.

Furthermore, poufs come in all kinds of shapes including rectangles, cubes, cylinders, and round. Cube and round poufs are a perfect purchase for when space is invaluable at your place. Cylindrical poufs, on the other hand, are ideal for making corners functional. You can place them in the corner of your balcony to create a cozy feel while working as a table or as an additional seating area.

A modern living room with ottoman poufs.
                                                  ​​Hardegg Ivory Pouf 

Another thing to note is that poufs at Mark & Day have a soft texture that completely takes away the stress after a daunting day at work. Once you are done with the day’s hassles, you can rest your legs on one for a relaxing evening during spring. The fact that poufs come in different colors means finding one that blends with your spring decorative style will not be a tedious task.

6. Change the Vibe of Your Home with Super Gorgeous Lighting

Spring is a time of joy, and that should be reflected in the atmosphere of your living space. Of course, one easy way to do this is to introduce exceptional lighting to your living space. Lighting is a living room spring home decor that people have always turned to over the years. It is still very much relevant today.

A cozy corner with wall sconce.
                                            ​​Durnstein Global Wall Sconces

In spring 2023, you are not just going for any piece of lighting. Since the aim is to improve the aesthetics of your living room and other places in your home, consider stylish and trendy lighting pieces. One of these is a wall sconce that you should put next to your wall painting to magnify its beauty. A good example of a wall sconce to buy this spring is the Mark & Day’s Eggendorf Global Wall Sconce. It is made of a rattan structure that gives it an ethnic look.

Ideally, you can add the Dellach Global Floor Lamp to your lighting collection this spring. It is also available at Mark & Day. Besides, this floor lamp creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that you and your visitors will really appreciate. This explains why it was one of the best spring home decor trends 2022 and still rocks today. Another reason to consider floor lamps for spring decoration in 2023 is that they do not take up much space.

7. Add Meaning to Your Indoor Space with Stylish Mirrors

The bar has been raised in spring home decor 2023. Now, mirrors play a key role in giving your living space a stunning look. Throughout the years, home designers have meticulously added mirrors to make rooms appear larger. However, this spring, you should want more from your mirrors.

And that means going for beautiful mirrors that take the aesthetics of your living space to a whole new level. The mirrors we are talking about here are available at Mark & Day; meaning, you can get them now. One of them is the Dunsborg Modern Wall Mirror whose intricate look will massively transform your living room. What’s more, this wall mirror is round, which makes it the best bet for small spaces.

A modern wall decor with a modern mirror.
                                          ​​Yumi Modern Gold Wall Mirror

Another mirror to buy this spring is the Mark & Day’s Elspeet Global Wall Mirror. It features a geometric pattern that gives it a modern appearance. Plus, its brown finish means it will not only blend easily with other fixtures in the room but also add warmth. The spring sunlight has to be spread throughout the room, and mirrors offer an unparalleled way to achieve that.

Final Thoughts

If you are wondering when to decorate for spring, well that time starts now. And with the above ideas, it is almost impossible to go wrong. All you need to do is visit Mark & Day today and get the items listed above. Once you have them, it is time to give your home a new, inviting look that will leave all your guests super inspired.

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